The Princess and the Bear

Giovanni Cirillo August 14, 2017
Animals, Fable, Kids
5 min read
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    In the deepest of deep forests. In a most comfortable cave. Stands a four post bed that was purposefully made.
    For the furriest of creatures. Brown fur from head to toe. Lives a big old grizzly bear and his name is Ojoe.
    Now Ojoe is not your ordinary bear. He is kind and caring with manners to spare.
    On one fine day a big hill he fell down. Then landed on his back and on his back stuck a crown.
    The crown struck a nerve the roar nerve to be precise. And for a bear who cannot roar well that’s not very nice.
    Now whenever OJoe opens his mouth to roar. Not a sound comes out. Nothing at all.

    In the tallest of tall towers. In the most royalist of rooms. Stands a four post bed that’s embedded with jewels.
    For the prettiest of girls with golden hair to her toes. Lives a fair young princess and her name is Rose.
    Now Rose is just like all the other princesses. She wears silver slippers and beautiful dresses.
    She attends fancy balls to meet mister right. And unlike Cinderella she can dance all night.
    But when she went to go put her crown on. Her crown was not there. Her crown was gone!
    So she ran into the forest. To the last place she was. When she still had her crown. Before it was lost.

    Now OJoe has tried but try as he might. He can’t free the crown. It’s stuck. It’s too tight.
    He’s tried shaking and rattling and rolling on the ground. He’s spun himself dizzy spinning around.
    His arms are too short he can’t use his claw. So with a silent moan he sat down on the floor.

    Now Rose has searched both far and wide. She has searched the forest from side to side.
    She has looked behind every tree and stone. And even thought she heard a silent moan.
    All day she looked but no crown she found. Then collapsed in a heap crying on the ground.

    Now Ojoe heard the strangest of sounds. And behind a bush a crying princess he found.
    So he walked straight over without her seeing and stood beside her with a very sad feeling.
    Rose had cried so much she had cried a big puddle. So Ojoe picked her up to give her a cuddle.
    The princess looked at the big grizzly bear as he lifted her high up into the air.
    She was too sad to have time to be scared. “My crown has gone missing!” Through her tears she said.
    At once Ojoe flipped her upside down and hung her over his back to see the crown.
    As tears ran up her face but down to the ground Rose giggled with joy. “My crown I have found!”

    Rose pulled on her crown and then pulled some more. And as she pulled it free she heard a great roar!
    Ojoe flipped the princess the right way around and licked her cheek before putting her down.
    Rose placed the crown on top of her head. “Thank you kindly, kind sir.” She said.
    Remembering his manners Ojoe took Rose by the hand and kissed it ever so gently like a gentleman.
    After that day, every day after day Rose would come to the forest and with Ojoe she’d play.
    The two of them made the most unlikely of friends. Best friends in fact. Best friends to…

    The end.

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