The Princess Who Brought Stories

Barbara Long June 13, 2018
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    Once upon a time long ago
    In a land far, far away
    There was a beautiful kingdom
    Where people craved stories

    Everyone became so bored, bored
    Had read all the books there were
    Told every story that they knew
    Twenty and ten times more

    The King had no answers either
    He scratched his regal, crowned head
    Consulted with his advisors
    But they found no more tales

    The Princess Bella now fourteen
    Wanted to help her people
    So did what a princess would do
    When she had a problem

    She went to her tower bedroom
    Put on her best dress and crown
    Sat prettily by the window
    And waited for a prince

    For her father used to always
    Come to her in her need
    Dried her tears and calmed her fears
    Isn’t that how it worked?

    Whenever there was some trouble
    A prince would come riding by
    Chase away the nasty monsters
    Isn’t that how it worked?

    So she waited in her tower
    With her cat-dragon nearby
    (A dragon with cat’s whiskers, paws
    As if you didn’t know)

    She waited and waited right there
    For her prince to come to her.

    Princess Bella waited there in
    Her high tower bedroom roost
    For a prince to come to her aid
    Put the kingdom to right

    Her cat-dragon stayed faithfully
    By her side morning and night
    Beating its wings to amuse her
    As she kept her vigil.

    “Why are we sitting her, Bella?”
    The little cat-dragon asked
    “Surely there are much better things
    For a princess to do.”

    “We must wait for a prince to come
    To rescue us from our plight
    He will have new stories to tell
    The people will know joy.”

    The cat-dragon shook his green head
    And shrugged his scaly shoulders
    Still the Princess always knew best
    So he stayed by her side

    Summer blew its soft warm kisses
    Fall donned a red and gold coat
    Winter draped the landscape in white
    Still a prince did not come

    One year passed by, then two and three
    Princess Bella sat steadfast
    Waiting, patient in her tower
    Still a prince did not come

    Then as Spring awakened the flowers
    From their months-long slumbering
    Princess Bella stirred from her place
    Gave her head a firm shake

    She knew that it was time at last
    To give up this waiting game.

    Princess Bella tapped her green friend
    “Come on, dear one, time to go.
    She climbed on his leathery back
    From the tower they flew

    A flight for miles through the sky
    Over forests and oceans
    Her kingdom needed new stories
    She would have to find them

    She visited every kingdom
    First she landed in a place
    Made of gold, shining like the sun
    On a bright July day

    Then she came to one of diamond
    Diamond castles and houses
    The people were sharp, faceted
    Like little moving gems

    Then a land where buildings floated
    Held by balloons in mid-air
    And one made of cotton candy
    Where small, pink people lived

    Princess Bella danced at the balls
    Met princes of all sizes, types
    One wooed her with jewels and riches
    Another with his charm

    One prince gave her his signet ring
    To stay and become his bride
    Go back to life in tower?
    That wasn’t how it worked

    She mounted on her cat-dragon
    To see more of the wide world
    Then one day realized at last
    It was time to go home

    The Princess and her cat-dragon
    Flew back to their own kingdom.

    Princess Bella landed upon
    The fertile royal courtyard
    That remained arid and woeful
    As a winter’s morning

    She headed for the great throne room
    Where her father the king sat
    Twisting his hands, pulling his hair
    His advisors frowning

    “Father, do not despair,” said she
    A bright smile on her face
    “Listen, I have found what you need
    To cheer the people up.”

    She proceeded to tell them all
    About her travels, and wove
    Tales of what she had seen and heard
    The places that she’d been

    The King sat stunned for a moment
    His little Princess Bella
    Had done what none of them could do
    She had solved their problem

    The King clapped his hands with glee
    “How wonderful, how unique!
    The people must hear these stories
    Heed my royal command.”

    The royal scribe wrote them down
    The royal guards dispersed them
    Soon everyone in the kingdom
    Knew Princess Bella’s tales

    In every corner of the land
    The people praised their princess
    Princess Bella became famous
    For bringing them stories

    The Princess had rescued them all
    Riding her pet cat-dragon.


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