The queen and the janitor.

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once upon a time in the ancient Paris, there was a queen called aurora who lived very happy next to her husband king Santiago.
but like everything in this life her joy would soon be snatched away. even though they could never have children they were very happy.

King James was a honorable man, proud, a warrior, who never let his army leave the castle without the king. they always returned victorious and had a great party in which everyone both the rich and poor could participate. wonderful were the years of the kingdom of king santiago and aurora;( and of course after the party the young janitor koda had to take over and make the floor shine again, what a task! ..koda smiling said: at least food is good and there is peace, and we won the war so let’s go to work!…(having said that he started to polish the floors like he had done for several years, thinking there would be another victory to celebrate).

but one morning king santiago had to stand up to a foe who was much greater than him w, this king was very dangerous, he only wanted power and he did not care about the inhabitants of the land or any kingdom surrounding him, he only oppressed the people and his only goal was : silver and fame, parties and praise. King Santiago did not know that in his last victory he had won such a powerful enemy, Claudio.

King Claudio: Knights it’s time to bring terror upon the kingdom of Santiago, it is expanding and becoming very powerful, and not happy with that he has killed my son (Prince Felipe), who was supporting my great friend in war King Miguel, That same day, this is … unforgivable, I will go after his head!.

and so it was, the kings fought, and their knights fought among themselves too, the very frightened queen prayed for divine protection, but sometimes things have to happen for a greater purpose …

King James died pierced by claudio’s sword(he ran his sword through james heart); queen aurora looked out the window saying: NOOO, my santiago nooo!

soon everyone in the village began to flee, the queen sat on the hallway as if she was lost in time, unable to cry or talk anymore ..koda the young janitor saw her and immediately grabbed her by her arm and said to her: no time to waste queen aurora, let’s go quickly..we have lost, they have already killed the king and now they are coming after you, follow me, I can take you to a safe place, soon!

they got on a horse and rode all night,even for several days, they had water from the river and ate fruits they found on the ground … until they came to an independent village where koda was born and raised. it was a native village without a king (koda was a native Indian , but one day he decided to leave his land and go to another ,seeking a better future).

Queen Aurora: What is your name? Koda answered: My name is Koda, and I have polished your floors for several years. this is my village, you are welcome here. Aurora said: Koda, do not call me queen, I’ve lost everything today, you do not owe me loyalty… nothing, you do not have to help me … Koda replied: King Santiago gave me room and board and a decent job, I owe him a lot.

he also said : my queen, you need time to get over this . aurora : please call me aurora, I’m not queen, I’m just like you … thank you for your loyalty, please show me how to plow the field, I can help you to draw water from the well, to fish, to grind the corn … whatever, I do not want to think any more, really .. I would like to … die.. ~and she cried bitterly falling on her knees~. Koda knelt down and holding her hands said: it’s ok aurora, I help you.

aurora: do not tell the village that I am the queen please!…it is a cause of shame to me!

koda said : you can trust me, aurora.

they lived peacefully for two years in the land of the natives, he taught her the routine of the village among other things,he taught her how to hunt with the bow and defend herself ~heavy task for a queen ~.., but they were at peace.

Koda told her as they plowed the field: Aurora, according to the royal tradition, you could marry the closest relative of King Santiago, his cousin Eduardo, and thus recover your dignity, why have not you done it? … Aurora: i would rather die than marry someone I do not love! …besides, Eduardo never supported his cousin Santigo in anything, he is a coward,and .. it does not matter, it’s best if they think i’m dead … you know, I believe that living here and working the land is very honorable ..

one night in the midst of a native celebration and a bonfire he aksed aurora, you want to dance ?: and she said laughing, it’s okay, I do not know how to dance your dances, koda said: just follow me … and they had a good time, he was fascinated by her beauty and she felt very comfortable with his simplicity and warmth… that same night during the party some evil workers of king Claudio plundered the land of the natives (they did it for fun,a bad king generates bad servants) , they burned some houses and soon the village could no longer defend themselves so they fled because they did not want to die in the fight, they were very peaceful …

the next day they went back to their homes looking for what was left from the looting, and they cried … Aurora said: King Claudio is behind all of this, he killed Santiago, he took everything away from me once and once again he has done it!~ ~I’m tired of hiding and seeing him getting away with it! ~no more ,no more! … we have to fight!

Koda said: Aurora is right !, how much longer are we going to tolerate this abuse?, they steal and destroy the work of our hands!…

Yahto who was one of the elders of the community said : what should we do ?, what do you suggest?, we are all fed up … aurora: listen to me… I am queen aurora, wife of King Santiago, who was killed by Claudio, the same King Claudio who had your villages plundered … let’s go together like an army and fight him, we’re going to die anyway so we die fighting for what belongs to us! … the thirst for revenge got into everyone and they joined her …

Koda who used to polish floors in the castle also used to watched the knights planning and practicing regularly, so he introduced tactics of the white man he saw that proved very effective, such as the use of swords, all of the men in the castle had to know how to use the sword in case of an attack, so he learned and instructed others (he made wooden swords to practice) …

before aurora attacked claudio she needed a moment with koda… drawing near koda and looking into his eyes and holding his hands she said: thank you for your support koda, you saved me!, thanks for crying, laughing, dancing and fighting by my side … koda getting even closer , all the more fascinated by her beauty and lost in her beautiful eyes) said to her: i would do it again.

Suddenly both of them remained silent and aurora got closer and closer, but he evaded her ,remembering his place (when this is over, she will be the queen and I will be the janitor, no, I’m not going to be seized by this feeling, she is royalty and I am not, what can I offer her ?). Koda looked down, and walked away …

the day of the attack arrived and koda was leading the way … they went to the castle of Claudio and silently began to attack, destroy, shoot arrows and steal the swords to use them against the knights, they began to hunt them as if they were hunting hares in the forest for dinner .. in the meantime aurora was focus on claudio, she wanted his head, they drew their swords and fought to death and she won… this time her prayer was answered ….

After this fight Aurora recovered the kingdom, and she was the queen again, people loved her because she was humble and had a good heart.she helped the villagers who were oppressed by claudio recover their possessions, and she also helped the natives to rebuild their village, and gave them even more gold and possessions and lands.

she had a great party and invited everyone and she was very happy … koda meanwhile said in his heart: I’m sure he will not remember me anymore, I’ve lost her forever … today everything goes back to normal: the queen and the janitor… and he left as she enjoyed her victory.

but aurora did not forget him, after the party he went to the corridor looking for koda..and she saw him there getting ready to polish the floor … aurora: koda, where have you been all night? … koda: here, beholding your victory queen aurora ..

Aurora answered: Koda, call me Aurora please, are we not t friends? … Koda: I assume that now you will have to marry King Eduardo?

Aurora: No, no, no … not only is he a coward and dont love him but ……tell me koda, who would want to marry a barren woman like me? that’s not good for any kigdom, no heir ? …

Aurora got even closer and was very sure of what she wanted, koda molten and captivated by her beauty ,froze, letting her touch his hair and cheeks , completely lost in her blue eyes … she was about to kiss him but his reason made him wake up once again ~ he reacted and said: aurara, do not break my heart like this, I know my place … you are royalty, tell me … what can I offer you?

… Aurora drew near , looking into his eyes , held his hands once more, saying: you have given me everything koda, peace, you have cried with me, you have made me laugh … you have made me dance and you supported me to the point of putting your own life in danger … if I have to choose someone that would be you, and who can keep me from it if I am the queen!? ..

coming closer , she kissed him, (a long and passionate kiss), he hugged her with all his might and kissed her with much more intensity … finally!

So the janitor became the first native king of that time next to his aurora .. and to their surprise they had two beautiful children (. the barren one was the king santiago but aurora) … and they lived happily for ever after! ..

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