The dark queen and the bounty hunter

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once upon a time there was a twelve years old girl named Amanda who lived very happily (with her family and her best friend and first and only love eliot) in a village in northern New Zealand.

one day their happiness ended because their good king (king dalmiro), who was a very just king, died at the hands of his worst enemy chron . during the war many people fought and died; there the relatives of amanda passed and many more. eliot and family managed to escape across the sea to another country , eliot wanted to come back for amanda but they were just children, besides his parents did not allow him, out of fear they told him : she is dead!

chron took possession of dalmiro’s kingdom, it was a very dark time. Amanda who was very attractive was very abused because of it . chorn’s men made the survivors of the village work hard, if they did not submit, they would die.

After 12 years of suffering, Amanda refused to continue being abused, mistreated and humiliated by chron’s men , therefore she was severely beaten, and left for dead in the forest.

the next day, a very mysterious woman named Oreana went out to glean some strawberries and herbs for her remedies , potions , and other illicit things, and soon realized that Amanda was alive ; coming closer to her she tried to awake her and help her .

Amanda began to come to , and soon she told oreana her story while orena bound up her wounds and fed her … oreana: would you like to get even? I know how, with your beauty and my potions we can defeat or say…seduce any kingdom my Beloved!

my name is amanda…and i wasn’t raised that way but….i do want to have my revenge!~ they took everything I had from me!, oreana said: I also want chron dead but ….my main goal is the queen’s head!.

oreana taught amanda how to take a stand and also taught her the dark side of her chemistry.

When the time came a year later, chron decided to celebrate his birthday. every year he invited all of his friends and his friends in turn invited more friends, so they had a lot of strangers in the custom party.

Amanda and oreana blended in with the people, looking beautifully!,and nobody could recognize them…. Amanda drew near the king and kissing his hand she said to him : will you dance with my lORD!…chron couldn’t resist her beauty and at this the queen got really upset and walked away…

amanda seduced the king with her great beauty, and made him take the potion that would end his life~ amanda: come my Lord, drink with me for I’m your birthday present … chron: quiet , i can’t have the queen know that i’m doing this…. amanda answered: certainly my king!.

and the king drank and died. oreana followed the queen and confronted her: since you achieved what you wanted, you trashed me my lady, and forgot your promise(the queen asked orena to help her become queen and promised her in exchange a place of honor in her kindgom, but she didn’t deliver)!.. so grabbing a dagger oreana ran her through and she bled to death.

chron and his queen had no children, nor close relatives… so amanda made herself queen by saying in a loud voice: your king has died at the hands of my sorceress, who dares challenge me… surrender and you will live!.

One of the knights said: I do not believe in sorceresses! … and immediately Oreana took her potion and spilled it on the floor~ this potion ran up to this man’s body , got into his bloodstream and suffocated him, she did it with ten of them , until Amanda said: enough oreana, we need an army!

oreana: you are right queen, i got carried away ha, ha ,ha, ha; immediately everybody feared them.

her kingdom the kingdom of darkness was recognized by many and she gave the sorceress a place of honor in it~ but chron’s enemies believed that chron was hiding behind her, that they were relatives or that she was his servant, so many went back to attack her, claiming what chron owed them, to one of them he owed land that he lost in a bet; to another one gold that chron’s late brother stole and chron promised to restore, and to the others his word(he promised them to support them in battle with his army because they did the same for him in earlier years ).

Oreana and Amanda defeated them one after the other one, until they got to King Edward, whose brother King Diego out of sorrow demanded revenge saying: find me the best bounty hunter you know, and pay him Very well, I want it here today!

seeing the gold in the bag the bounty hunter showed up and said: king, here I am at your feet, your wish is my command !~king diego said : I want the head of the queen of darkness like everybody calls her … and her sorceress … she killed my brother and destroyed his kingdom; as soon as possible go and crush her… What is your name son..?

the bounty hunter answered: I have no name, and consider those two sorceresses. ..dead!

king Diego: Go with the priest and my army… I do not have sorcerers, we do not believe in that, we are Christians…go quickly, The evil must be destroyed soon!

after working on their plan for days, they went to amanda’s kingdom to attack and kill her , one night when the whole kingdom slept, and only a few guards were awake.

the priest of the kingdom of king diego a very wise man who also know chemistry and many languages , went room by room until he found the room of oreana~and taking her own potion he poured it on her bed~ priest: good night, I hope you enjoy the benefits of your own potion…. oreana replied scared: who are you? ah ah, something burns me aaah,aa ah, I can not breathe! help meeee!

the priest thought to himself: you are as human as I am …you were just a bit more intelligent, until today, you see how karma comes back to you ?…

Meanwhile the bounty hunter, and the rest of the army with their swords fought and fought and destroyed as they were commanded by diego. everyone began to wake up and fight in the kingdom of the dark queen, one of them warned the queen of darkness: Queen Amanda, we are being attacked and we are losing~, queen amanda answered: look for the sorceress!,the knight replied: she has died, that’s why we lose! .. and a bounty hunter has come to kill you!.

queen amanda very frightened said: dead ?, the day has come… so soon.

Taking her sword she went down stairs to fight and fought sharply for she was very good at it(like oreana taught her)…then the outlook worsened so she got out of there and went back to her room~ the bounty hunter followed saying: where are you heading? I have come for your head by orders of king Diego whose brother and kingdom you destroyed!

queen amanda said: you have come for my head ah !…(she paused for a second trying to catch her breath and said):you will have to fight for it ~and turning around her eyes met the bounty hunter’s, who to her surprise was the only man she had ever loved…. this face, i know this man?, she thought to herself .

the hunter had the same feeling; he stopped and thought to himself : i know you?,nooo….she doubted herself for a moment but then she saw that silver chain (that she gave him twelve years ago) hanging from his neck..that represented the best years of her life~ Amanda: who gave you that silver chain?….. answers ~shouting she said!

astonished and horrified the hunter said: the only woman I have loved in my entire life..gave it, my beloved amanda?

queen amanda almost speechless said: beloved?.. that’s why you left her in the hands of chron and ran away with your family eliot ..!

eliot the bounty hunter said to her : amanda ?, no, noo, no, this cant be true..NOOO!~ my parents told me you were dead, I tried to go back for you but i was only a child..amanda…. I have always loved you ..what..what have you become?.

Queen Amanda said full of anger: Shut up! Take my head as you promised! aaah, grabbing her sword she cut him several times, for he refused to fight back, indeed he loved her.

eliot the bounty hunter fell on his knees crying, she held her sword ready to finish up, but deep in the core she still loved eliot ,that strong feeling made her assassin hand shake….with tears rolling down her cheeks,she stopped and right there one of the knights of king diego saw her winning the battle and shot an arrow at her leaving her almost dead,she fell into eliot’s arm who said: amanda… AMANDA!..the knight yelled as he walked away saying: the dark queen is dead!…

Carrying her in his arms, he took her out of that room , putting her on his horse he confirmed everybody that she was dead and that he would disposed of the body. he covered her with his cloak and secretly took her to a far away place he used to go to . he healed her wound and three days later she came to.

amanda: what are you doing here eliot? why did you save me, do not you see what I’ve become? I’ve killed, I’ve lied, I’ve played so dirty, I’ve oppressed so many people,just like…. they did with me ; vengeance is my food , the air i breath… eliot the hunter said: you know what bounty hunters do?.. we take other people’s head in exchange for gold; I have also done unforgivable things…this is what the pain and suffering of the past did to us…!

now ,make up you mind amanda, what do you want now?, you have lost the kingdom and your sorceress, and everyone thinks that you are dead, this may be a second chance for you, for me ?.

amanda remained silent and said: I do not want anything else, I do not want more darkness in my life , i do not want to destroy any more lives, I got you back, take my hand and…. let’s start …over? .eliot held her hand and kissed her and together went to another land where nobody knew them and they started over again and were never separated again.

The rival twins, the knight and the jailer …

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