The Red Moon Kingdom

Elisa Konomi August 12, 2017
Magic, Mystery, Romance
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Have you ever heard about the Red Moon Kingdom? I suppose not.

Once upon a time, far away in the universe, in a full red star galaxy, reigned the kingdom of Red Moon. From space it looked like a precious dazzling ruby, spreading strong energy to other three red planets of the same solar system. Never have you seen such a deep red stunning radiance. The whole red galaxy knew about the most beautiful kingdom inside it, whose fame spread from one star to another. Before landing on the Red Moon you never lost view of the red soft veil which covered the special moon-like atmosphere of our earth. Move kindly until you land on the Red Moon`s smooth surface. Ah, I almost forgot! It is worth mentioning that autumn was the only season, that’s the reason why all trees had different red nuances and remember, a year lasted one thousand days. At first you would be impressed by the natural resources around Red Moon’s surface, pink rivers covered with petals of roses, releasing a scent which welcomes you to discover deeper and deeper into Red Moon. The woods were softly red lighted by lightning bugs, wolves had red fur and pink eyes, the lions had very long pink and white fur, pink and red snakes could be found on trees searching for food, a few meters away from the red deer, red nuanced butterflies sat on flowers and apple trees. Apple was the only fruit growing on Red Moon. Red apple! This special fruit had magic power in it, which was the source of the most beautiful red in the galaxy transforming the moon and all its inhabitants in magnificent creatures. A particular fact to mention is that Red Moon`s inhabitants were witches, not like the ones described in tales. They were young, incomparably beautiful, soft red skinned, long shining, black and pink hair, yellow marvelous eyes to which no one could resist. An important detail that should be mentioned is that they wore only red tulle dresses to cover their perfect two-meter bodies.

As you go deep into the forest, you could hear the sound of the river`s waters kissing the pink rocks, white birds flying over your head, pink ghosts lead you to discover the greatest castle ever seen. Four enormous pink waterfalls, emitting different magical scents, surrounded an enormous marble castle. Large white columns accompanied by small marble statues of little witches, covered the front of the castle while on the back, three great towers, with many small pink windows covered with red roses in front, reflected flying and dancing shadows. There, lived Queen Redyssa surrounded by faithful servant witches. She was so beautiful that anyone would remain stunned or fall in love with Redyssa the moment they saw her. Long red hair, unique marbled body, and lovely unseen brilliant green eyes. Inhabitants loved their queen and were very proud of her magical powers, her intelligence, kindness, and her prudence in leading the kingdom. Redyssa`s parents died when she was sixteen years old during the War of Red Planets, so she was very young when she had to reign alone on the throne. Her father was the King of Red Knights Planet, but during the war, the planet was conquered by the Black Knights that rule now the Red Planet. The Black Knights’ King`s dark powers were a real menace for the Red Planets’ system. He was cruel, violent, very ambitious and determined to conquer the whole Red System. That was why everyone was frightened about his future plans. The notorious, dangerous king had two sons, Oscar and Illyrian. The two brothers were very different from each other. Oscar was ambitious and a liar with strong black magical powers that everyone was scared of. Illyrian was the opposite. Kind, handsome, generous, strong body with special powers which made Oscar jealous since they were kids. A sensitive relationship characterized the brothers, both grew up quarreling, destroying anything, fighting for the different powers they had. Illyrian was the first and favourite son and the next successor of the throne. King Damian loved his son’s magic powers, deep inside Illyrian felt it was the future of the Red Planets System. Although the black cloud of jealousy never stopped moving in Oscar`s head.

Few loyal knights knew about the king`s Damian plans. The Red Moon Kingdom was the main obstacle to conquer the Red Planet System. Red Moon spreads a special energy, if anyone from other planets approached, immediately lost their powers and was turned into a slave of Queen Redyssa. The weakness of that energy was unknown from the black knights because Redyssa`s father kept the secret after promising his wife never saying a word about it. In this way, Redyssa reigned protected in her kingdom, but with regret about the absence of her parents and the Red Knights Kingdom. King Damian spent all day thinking plan after plan on how to land on Red Moon, and discover the secret of the wonderful powers it had, then conquer it.

After a long time, finally a brilliant idea came to our Black Knight`s King. He would send his favorite son, Illyrian to land for a while in Red Moon, peeking the witches, animals, red apple trees in the woods. Surely inhabitants knew well, the magic power of the Red Moon. After discovering the secret, if he succeeded, Illyrian would fly back immediately with his unicorn to the Black Knight Kingdom. King Damian would give Illyrian a protective magical powder that protected anyone for three minutes from other planets powers. Wise, strong, full of faith the prince would bring the key to the future to his hands.

Damian went downstairs, directed towards the imperial rooms to find Illyrian. The brothers were training in the swords room, combating and facing their powers. The swords room had a rare collection of silver swords, carved out of precious stones from the three Red Planets. The swords hung on the walls, surrounded by the ten red marble columns, which stood in front of the main door.

“My lovely son,” said the king, “I have a new mission for you to complete,” raised the hand to stop the training. Illyrian dropped his sword on the red carpet, settled the black uniform on the red floor then humbled to the king.
“Tomorrow you will land at Red Moon with Arthios, your black unicorn. Within three minutes you have to discover the secret of Queen Redyssa`s moon, then immediately leave and fly with Arthios back to our planet,” said the king while holding the vial with magic powder. “This vial has a magic powder to protect you from foreign powers. Remember, just three minutes, then the effect vanishes. After discovering the secret you have to leave Red Moon as soon as possible unless you want to become the Queen’s slave.”

Illyrian had deep knowledge about the powers of the Red Moon Kingdom and the risks they would run if anyone attempted to land on it. He knew what would happen if three minutes passed, the consequences of this action would destroy his powers, his kingdom`s future.

“I will be careful to fulfill this mission and bring the secret of the Red Moon in your hands.” Illyrian smiled, determined to accomplish the wish of his father.
Oscar after listening to the conversation, angry with the king for not involving him in important issues, asked Damian to follow the brother in the mission.

“Oscar my son, I have other plans for you in the future. Be patient, brave, confident until the moment arrives.” said the king before leaving the historical room of swords.

The brothers standing face-to-face measured the words Damian said, thought about the mysteries of the Red Moon Kingdom, but most importantly, they were eager to meet at least once the beautiful Queen Redyssa.

The next day Illyrian got ready to fly with his black unicorn on Red Moon’s surface. He put the little magic bottle under his knight uniform and started his mission in space. Red stars shined in the way while he flew, which protected him from darkness and displayed the way to the Red Moon. When Illyrian approached, by mistake he did not land in the woods to peek the inhabitants, as king Damian had suggested, but very close to the Queen`s castle. Illyrian quickly opened the little vial, spread the powder on himself and dropped the vial on the red grass. He was impressed so much by the nature of Red Moon, the magnificent pink color of the waterfalls, the wonderful butterflies flying on the pink and red flowers that could not move further. In front of him, surrounded him stunning witches. The most beautiful creature he had ever seen was walking in the magical gardens. Queen Redyssa`s beauty astonished the young knight, and he forgot about the three minutes, his mission, and fell deeply in love with the Queen.

When Redyssa saw the unknown knight in the corner of the gardens, surprised by the visit, immediately walked towards his direction to reach the first black knight she had ever seen. Love at first sight.

The young couple loved each other intensely, truly, happily. Illyrian forgot about the three minutes and became a slave of the Queen and lost his knight powers, while Redyssa loved him sincerely and invited Illyrian to live ever after in the magical castle. They forgot about the animosity the Red Planets and the Red Moon had, forgot the past, forgot about their powers, the threats of the king Damian.

When Damian heard about the love of the couple and the failure of the mission, became furious and decided to begin a war between the Black Knights Kingdom and Red Moon, then take his son back home to obtain the lost powers once had.
Every day the witches prepared different dishes from apple recipes for the Queen and Black Knight. Don`t forget that this was the only fruit that grew in the Red Moon, and the source of energy for the wonderful witches, the secret Illyrian had to discover but never reached. One day he was sitting on the table, thinking about the strange powers Queen Redyssa had. They never talked about this, but deep inside he was curious to know the sacred secret of Red Moon.

Illyrian asked one of the servant witches he liked the most, to tell more about the moon inhabitants` lives, the tasks they did, their magical powers, how did they use them. The youngest and most innocent of witches approached to him smiling, radiant with happiness, started telling stories about the Red Moon’s magical secrets.

“The magnificent red you see in our moon comes from the special fruit that grows. The apple. It is the source of energy for the kingdom, the protection from other planets threats, the magical secret to survive in our galaxy. Once an alien eats it, loses the powers during the time he lives in the Red Moon, becomes a slave, but regains the powers he had, once he stops loving our Queen.

When heard about this, he felt entrapped by his own feelings. How could he command such a strong love for Redyssa? Illyrian believed in her, in their love.

“No, no, it can`t be like this,” said desperately looking the red apple soup. “I miss my powers, but I also love Redyssa. I want to be the future king of the Black Knight Kingdom but I also want to conquer the Red Moon. Redyssa would never forgive me if I turn back to my planet and end the mission,” said hopeless the Black Knight.

Meanwhile, the army of Damian was approaching to Red Moon. The Black Knights planned not to land before warning the Queen to let Illyrian return to his kingdom. They would send a flying message written on a black leaf to Redyssa. As soon as she opened the leaf she would have to let Illyrian be part of the army otherwise the Black Knights would start attacking the Red Moon from space with their black powers.

A witch brought the message to the beautiful queen, opened it and read it with a loud voice. The Queen, anxious felt for the first time a real danger on her moon.

“Prepare the inhabitants for the war, soon it will begin.” Those were the last words of harmony between the young couple. Illyrian was standing next to her when she read the flying message. He recognized his father signals, he knew all the plans about the war, but this time he supported the Red Moon Queen and its inhabitants.

Redyssa and Illyrian looked deeply into each other. They had the same thoughts. Touching their hands, Redyssa approached him, gave her knight a magical apple to obtain the red moon powers and protect their kingdom ever after.

Everyone was thinking about the war because Illyrian didn`t accept his father`s proposal. He had a better plan. When Damian heard about his son’s decision, started attacking from space, but all the powers they used to vanish on the red veil of the moon and turned into dust that fed the animals. King Damian became very angry, so decided to let Oscar and half of his army land on the red moon for three minutes, covered with the magic powder. Oscar, full of happiness landed on the red moon with the black knights. Suddenly, the most unexpected fact happened. All the knights fell in love at first sight with the magnificent witches and forgot to use the magic powder. They wandered into the woods and became slaves. Oscar did the same. No more war, but simply love. This was the Illyrian`s plan. King Damian could not believe he had lost his army, both sons, in the mysterious moon. He was very determined and still did not accept his lost. Damian was furious, warned the half left of the army to land on the moon carefully, spreading the magic powder hopeless. When approached, they starred the beautiful witches and forgot about the three minutes left. They all fell in love and disappeared with the witches. The king started crying for his loss when on the red grass a pink snake bit him and died poisoned.

Since then Redyssa and Illyrian lived happily ever after in the Red Moon surrounded by true love, red nature, red apples, red powers. They were officially the descendants of the Red Planets System.

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