The Rooster in the Kingdom of Arrorn

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There was a rooster in the kingdom of Arrorn.
He would wake up the farm and the farmer every morning. The farmer was very kind to the rooster, but at the same time he didn’t pay very much attention to him when the rooster tried to speak, and his rooster really did have a lot to say. The farmer was content to just look at his crops and watch them as they grew. The rooster, bless his heart, he tried not to let that bother him too much. Most of the time, the rooster tried to keep to himself. After all, he was a free rooster and He didn’t really have to care for anyone. But the farmer’s loneliness touched him eventually, and he made the effort to interact with the farmer when he could.
Eventually, the rooster decided that it wasn’t good for the farmer to be lonely, and so, after thinking about it, the rooster decided to go out into the world and find him a wife.
the rooster made a big effort to find a wife for the farmer. After a long time of searching, He happened to come across a princess who is the complete opposite of Himself. She was elegant, graceful and well-educated. However, the rooster didn’t really think about that when looking for a wife for the farmer. Indeed he was so taken with her, that he sat outside of the princess’s windowsill upon that very night and wait for the morning. The morning came, the rooster crowed loudly enough so that the Princess could hear him: “Cock-a-doodle-doo! I have found true love for you!”
When the princess heard this, she was very surprised, and quickly went to the register to hear who was growing. When she pulled back the gossamer curtains that shielded her bedroom from some, and she looked out of the window, what else did you find that the register sitting on the windowsill, crowing loudly to get her attention.
“Cock-a-doodle-doo! I have found true love for you!” How the rooster crowed, again and again, until finally the Princess asked him “how could you find my true love, when I don’t even know who he is myself.” The rooster told the Princess all about the farmer, and how good of a husband he would be to her. It was all that the princess could do not to fall in love with the farmer as soon as the rooster explained him to her. After after the rooster was able to convince her to come back with him, he tried to take the princess back to the farm to find the farmer and marry him.
Both the rooster and the Princess managed to make it back to the farm in very good time. When the rooster made it to the farm, he crowed loudly to get the farmers attention.
“cock-a-doodle-doo! I have found true love for you!”
When the former, he noticed a beautiful Princess turning by the to his bed. He was so surprised to see her, that he didn’t even notice the rooster on top of his bed until after the rooster had crowed again.
He crowed “cock-a-doodle-doo! I have found true love for you!”
The princess giggled when she heard the rooster crow. She kissed He. Probably and said “thank you, dear rooster, for helping me to find true love.” then the Princess took the farmer by the hand Then and told the farmer she planned to marry him.
The farmer and the princess became the king and queen of Arrorn.
The rooster was very proud of himself after having managed to get his farmer married to the princess. He became the royal rooster of the kingdom of Arrorn. He would crow every morning to wake up everyone in the kingdom. As far as we know, he is still crowing today.

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