The sandmans love

Daryll Smith March 22, 2018
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    sand mans love
    Once apon a time in a land far beyond the hills far beyond the trees there a family a family of royalty

    A queen called Eliza, A king called Harrold A princess called Ava and a young man called Edward, Edward is the kings jester

    One late afternoon the king calls edward to the knights table and he says Edward i want you to marry ava.

    Page 4
    “me sir?? me? “i cant do that she is pure and i am only but  jester..

    Page 6
    The king tells ava of his plan and she is delighted to be almost wed.

    The next day king Harrold saw ava and edward in the garden .are you ready to marry my daughter Edward ..” no” no way!! so the king is angered by this.

    Page 8
    So the king goes to the wizard that lives on the other side of the rolling hill… help me!!!!! the king exhales.
    Slow down your majesty  i need help for my daughter to marry the man i wish her too the wizard  strokes  his long grey beard and says I have just the thing .. he hands him a black  silk bag …But your majesty there are  risk ..

    Page 10
    Yeah yeah yeah says the king hurrying off he goes back to the castle. He arrives at the castle and runs to the kitchen when eliza is cooking. He pours the potion in to the stew and waits .

    Everybody joins the king and queen for dinner Edward ate his so fast you should see steam coming off his arms.

    later that night the king walks in to a room with the princess and jester in ad he say ..are you ready to marry my daughter …..NO… then there was a loud crash and  cloud of  smoke Edward was now a pile of  sand the king runs to the wizard what have you done ….
    I did and warn you sir ….if the person who drunk the serum fights the love then they will be banished as the sand man …. now what?

    Page 14
    every night when princesses called Ava cant sleep. The sand man will come and sprinkle sand in each eye to help them sleep.

    Written by Daryll Smith
    My children love this

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