The Sea Witch

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    I am old
    My magic is old
    Older than the sea
    Older than my home.

    I was once worshipped
    Among men.
    They feared me as they feared
    We were a hurricane
    He and I
    We ruled the sea
    I thought he loved me.

    He left me
    For someone less powerful
    A woman without
    A typhoon in
    Her veins.
    He gave my crown to her
    Set it in her auburn hair
    And left me with my magic.

    How fitting
    That it was his girl
    His flesh and blood to come
    For my help
    With love.

    I took her voice
    Took her power over him
    Her prince.
    He would fall in love with
    Her beauty
    Her youth
    But not her thoughts
    Her mind
    And she would be like me.

    She would see he
    Only fell in love
    With her beauty
    Until a prettier pearl
    Came along

    She would see the pain
    Of Loving
    Someone only made
    To hurt you
    How every step
    Towards them is
    Like a knife when
    They run to someone

    She would see
    And finally,
    See she
    Is just
    Like me.

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