The Shanthamma

Thrupthi Shetty July 2, 2022
5 min read
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The Shanthamma
There was one humble and the kind-hearted lady living in a small village. The village was surrounded by dark dangerous forests.
The lady used to prepare dosas and sell those in the village town for her bread and milk.
The lady had one and only daughter and son-in-law who were killed by a beast tiger in the dark forest. So their one and only son was looked after by this lady.
The people getting killed by tigers were ordinary in that small village. People of that village return to their homes from work before the sun sets to save their lives from the beast tiger.
One day like every day Shanthamma started to prepare dosa, suddenly a man who stays next to Shanthammas house appeared in front of Shanthamma with a frightened face. And said to Shanthamma by taking a heavy breath that the beast tiger with its babies started to wander in the village and that his brother has been missing since morning.
Shanthamma rather than showing fear encouraged the man to calm down. Immediately Shanthamma called everyone to come and gather in front of her house and said that no one should come out of their house until the tiger returns to the forest, till then for food all of you can rely on me. The kind-hearted Shanthamma took responsibility for her small village.
The clever Shanthamma told the people to put fire on both sides of their house so that they can keep the tiger away from the house. This trick worked and after 3 days the tiger without getting the food disappointedly went back to the forest. The whole village thanked Shanthamma for saving their life and for feeding them.

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