The Smiling Doll

Tiffany Seng June 17, 2017
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Once there was a woman who lost her child and had no idea if they were alive or dead. She wept and wept, and the people around her gave her their condolences, but after a while they stopped talking to her as she wept so much. Seeing that everyone avoided her, the woman sewed a doll in her likeness and stature, except with a smile on its face. She stepped inside and sealed it, and from then on everyone could stand and converse with her while she wept inside.

One night, the woman was sitting alone at dawn when another woman came and sat next to her. The crying woman realized that her tears have finally leaked on the outside, and she turned to leave. But the other woman unsealed her own doll and asked, “Have you lost something precious too?”

Both women stepped out of the dolls they wore, and together watched the horizon.

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