The song that saved the day

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Once upon a time there lived a man named Albert Geisinham. He really loved to explore ever since he was a kid. He had dreamed of finding something that no one had ever found before. Albert lived in Zermatt, Switzerland. He could not do much exploring outside because there was snow everyday he always made jokes like “snow much snow and his parents laughed, but were also very sick because they were old and the weather was so bad. Albert could not move from Zermatt to somewhere else or else his parents lives would be at stake. After a few days, all the towns people were gathered around the big tree. Albert did not know what was going on, he went to look. There was a statue , it was all made of ice. Albert wanted to explore it. He took it to his house after the towns people left.The statue was very pretty he thought to himself, he went to find his magnifying glass. He finally found his magnifying glass. As he was walking back he turned into an ice statue slowly. He went back to the statue, but he could not find the statue, instead he saw a girl who he never met before. At that moment, Albert froze into ice. The girl was scared because Albert turned into ice. The girl said some kind words to Albert and he turned into human again. Albert thanked her and asked her what her name was she said Dahlia. A few days later, someone came to Albert’s house and Dahlia was worried, but Albert said that it was his friend. Dahlia spilled tea all over Albert’s friend, and he got mad at Dahlia. Dahlia became upset and suddenly turned into ice. Albert touched Dahlia and he became ice again. Albert’s friend Ruby came weeks later and saw the two ice statues. She said good things about Albert’s carved statue and, so she thought it was an ice statue but moments later, Albert turned back to human. Ruby said how did this happen and Albert said long story. Ruby told the townspeople and they came to see Albert and Dahlia they were touching Dahlia because she was so beautiful and they thought it was just a statue, but then everybody turned into ice except Albert and his parents because Albert went to the next door cabin to look at his parents. When Albert left and went back home he saw the town full of ice statues he was scared and surprised at the same time. Just then, someone came from the sky and tried to take Dahlia but Albert stopped him And then he unfroze Dahlia and she said oh no ! why did Gaxtam come he probably is going to take me, she stopped him along with Albert and then suddenly a blizzard came and Gaxtam left and then Dahlia sang a song that saved all the townspeople and made them human again. All of the people looked over Dahlia like god from then on. Finally Albert said, “isn’t the secret to turning you into human again complimenting you and you turn into an ice statue if someone is mean to you”. Dahlia laughed and said “smart guy” and they lived happily ever after. The End

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