The Star-Song

Mia Tabib October 24, 2017
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When you were young,
Before you were two,
The fairies came together,
To discuss what to do.

“Let’s look into this child’s future,
Let’s peer into her past,
Let’s try to see what happens on this little human’s earthly path.”

So the fairies performed their fairy-dance,
They twinkled, sparkled, and made quite a display,
They danced, frolicked, and began to say:

“Whizzle and zizzle, zambracca shazam…
Where will this girl go? Who will she be?
Tell us, O stars, tell us what her life will mean!”

And with that the fairies touched their wands,
And clicked their heels,
As they finished their song.

But then something happened.
Something strange and bizarre!
The stars shouted back:

“Tappa, Rappa, Azizamarre!
Who are you to be asking such secrets from the stars?
No fairy, pixie, dragon, or fly,
Should ever ask to know the where’s or the why’s
Of anyone’s life,
Whether big or small,
Our lives are mysteries, for you and for all!

If you think it is worth it,
To know the someone else’s future,
Then you’ve lost sight of the beauty,
The value in not-knowing,

This child will be exactly who God wills her to be,
No magic, fairy, curse, nor spell,
No enchantment, song, nor sinister wishing well,
Will ever reveal this baby’s life to come,

So shame on you, fairies, for wanting to see,
All the hidden secrets,
That you want to set free.

Some things are best hidden,
Until just the right time,
How else does one mature?
How else to best go through time?

We stars know better,
We know what it’s like,
To wait, and wait, and wait,
Until we shine out so bright,

But too bright, too soon, we lose our steam,
Best to wait until things unfold,
As they will,
As they are deemed.”

Now the fairies felt offended,
For they wanted to see,
All the futures of all the children,
What their lives would be.

But the old stars were right…
It is foolish to rush through our lives,
To know everything about our future,
To know when we’ll laugh,
To know when we’ll cry.

So the fairies flew away,
Without their meddling tricks,
Their heads hung low,
Their wands were now sticks,

And the stars sang out triumphantly:
“No child’s future will ever be seen,
No baby’s path will ever be known,
God holds every little one in a loving embrace,
Every human is a seed to be sown,
And no fairy, pixie, dragon, or fly,
Will ever steal the secrets of our life,
Which is our own.”

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