The Swedish Maid

Brooks Gantt December 17, 2020
Action/Adventure, Kids
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Long ago, in the town of Stockholm, Sweden, there was maid named Astrid. She was the most famous maid in Stockholm. Astrid had just been hired by this man named Lars. Lars was an celebrity businessman.

One time, in the forest on her way to Lars’ house, Astrid was on her way, until the US Government came up, in helicopters and took Astrid inside the helicopter and then they took her to Washington DC. Lars on the other hand, was really confused why Astrid was not there, but was fine with it.

While they were riding to DC in the helicopter, Astrid smacked one of the secret service agent in the face and he got knocked out, and then the other secret service agent had fainted because the first one had gotten knocked out, and then Astrid had taken over the helicopter and flew back to Stockholm.


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