The Way to Hermit Dungeon

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On a diverged path in the mountains, there was a sign built by the friends and families of those who either returned didn’t make their return:

“Left – the continuation of the hike; Right – a path covered in the blood of the killed and the eaten. If you are to go right – proceed with caution, as no one but yourself shall be responsible for the consequences of your actions”.

Those who go left are gifted with safety and a higher possibility of not dying; those who go right are to encounter a probability to meet their doom by the Hermit King and his minions.

The path that is set right high in the mountains, gradually descends further down and down until a field of trees and fog is revealed; the Hermit King’s hunting ground, where his minions kill for him and serve the corpses of the dead as either new members of his army, or as food, as the Hermit King’s great hunger can only be fulfilled by the flesh, which is his only delight in an extremely extensive existence of severe asceticism; a way of life that had given him the possibility of self-resurrection while the rest of his race have gone extinct for reasons only he knowns.

The sign that has been placed by Hermit’s minions reads this: “The Center of Nutrition and Recruitment”. Those who have went on the right-direction path and are hungry and are in poverty, may want to go there, without the mental power required for them to reveal to themselves that they are the source of nutrition, and that they shall be recruited only as undead. Sophistication.

Those who somehow have made it past the misty forest where Hermit’s minions lurk in the fog and behind the trees, are to be met with a concrete bridge lightly above a stream of water. The sign to the bridge reads: “A source of water for the thirsty”. For those who are unaware: that water, while be healthy, is filled with special type of earth golems: huge hands that grab those who approach to drink, and are choked by their enormous strength until they are dead. Sophistication.

Those who somehow yet managed to cross the concrete bridge are met with the final destination that the right-directed path leads them; the Hermit Dungeon, the lair of the Hermit King, a gargantuan underground complex, heavily defended by Hermit’s skeletons, zombies, worms and earth/mud/sand golems, all are of his own creation.

However, the final sign reads: “A place of rest”, and the entrance to the Hermit Dungeon is a warm, harmless-appearing cave, shaped like a mother’s womb, with a smell of a warm cabin in the woods. There are even lanterns in the entrance that allegedly reveal the cave.

Those who succumb to their desire to rest and not to escape the consequences of their mistakes, by going to the cave – when they step on the earth of the cave – it is merely a trap that has been designed to make them fall, and the first room of the cave is a long hall of stairs that go deeply down.

And so they fall of the stairs for around half an hour, and land on the ground when they are too much injured to move even the basic of their muscles, as their bones across their bodies are broken by hitting the sharp ends of each stair. There they are mercifully killed by the guards.

Thus is the way to Hermit Dungeon, but not the Hermit Dungeon Itself.

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