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    This is story of two friends Ampong and Kwadwo; they were best friends till one day something bad happened in their village.
    Ampong was 16 and Kwadwo was 17 years of aged from the same village called Boaho .They were student at he junior high school but after they finished they couldn’t get help to senior high school a year later Ampong made it to the senior high school both were graders.
    Kwadwo was from a from a poor family life was difficult for them even to get a spoon for a day and there were on jobs in the village for him ,there he met another friend Marcus he was also jobless but was younger than Kwadow.Kwadows mother auntie Mansa have been sick after the death of his husband and the doctor told her she cant work anymore so she stayed home day and night .One day Kwadwo came to her and told her that he’s is leaving to find work , his mother wasn’t happy about his decision but that was the only for them to survive .On the next morning Kwadwo and Marcus left to find work and the work to got was Galamesey not a good work because they destroyed the river of the country lakes and dam . He work there till the new government came and said NO TO GALAMESY but there wasn’t help coming from the north or south. Ampong vacate from High School and came home to met Kwadwo and his new friend Marcus they shared times together enjoyed ,Kwadwo uses all the he has from the work on his mothers drugs , After some weeks he went back again to work this time the Chinese men have been taken control because the sold the land to them.
    Kwadwo worked there day and night raining or drought he came home for weekends to see how the mother is doing and decided to go back later this time his friends decided to go with him and help him get money for his school fees.
    The government sent military forced to go there and stop them from destroying the countries properties ,the three got there and when they were working they heard some gunshots they became afraid ,nobody saw where the gunshots came from but when they came to their sense they saw the whole place been surrounded by the military force ,they told them to stop working and put their hands in the air but the Chinese men were having guns so they attacked and the soldiers attacked back ,gunshots everywhere and soldiers used bombs to close wholes made by them many of the workers were died .The three was outside waiting for Kwadwo to come out from the whole but the hole got blast and Ampong were gunshot when he tried to run to the hole to pull Kwadwo out Marcus run into the forest and got home safely with his been cut off by a blast .

    Three weeks the government went to the village and gave them support and Marcus were sent to the city to study and free education was giving to the people ,free medication ,and industries were built but Kwadwo and Ampong were not back. Their mothers were giving better treatment by the government.

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