Twenty-Three Boys and The Magical Blue Flower

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Once upon a time, there lived twenty-three young men. They are a group of young men with faces like diamond powder who are handsome and charming. However, only twenty-two lived in the dormitory, the remaining one living in the palace, namely Mark Lee. Starting from Taeyong, a wise room leader, Taeil, a room member who is the oldest, Johnny, a nomad from the farthest country, Yuta, a Japanese who manages schedules and times, while Kun, Doyoung, Ten, to Jisung are ordinary room members. One night, they were relaxing while waiting for bedtime. Haechan sings a bedtime song that his parents used to sing when he was little. Haechan sings a lullaby called Moon, Stars, Sky, and Dreams which is sung in Greek. Jaehyun who heard it immediately asked Haechan, “Haechan, your voice is very good. You’re singing a Greek song, what song are you singing?” Haechan was silent, suddenly replied, “This is my lullaby. This song was inherited from my ancestors who are of Greek origin. This is a song from my father. My father is of Greek blood,” The entire dormitory was shocked to know the origin of the song lullaby sung by Haechan. “Is Haechan Greek?” Doyoung asked. “I am a Greek-Korean blood from birth. It could be, I am Korean and Greek. I am from two countries at once,” replied Haechan. They continued talking until they didn’t realize it was eleven o’clock at night. Taeyong reminded all the residents of the dormitory to sleep in the room. The whole dormitory one by one fell fast asleep.

However, as midnight came, a group of bodyguards with the prime minister of a kingdom came to the dormitory on their horses. The sound of horse racing footsteps was heard in the room so that it woke up the entire dormitory and out of the room. Taeyong saw a group of bodyguards with the prime minister in front of the dormitory. “Who are you, why did you come to my dorm?” The prime minister approached and approached Taeyong, replied, “I as the prime minister of Adrimaliana, inform all of you that Prince Mark is unconscious and has fallen ill. He has been unconscious since he came home from a neighboring island and he came home unwell. He currently need blue flowers for potions for healing. I beg you to help us to look for blue flowers in the forest for potions,” Hearing this news, the entire dormitory was shocked with sadness. “Oh my God, why did you suddenly tell us that Mark was sick and unconscious?” Winwin asked. “I hope he wakes up soon and gets well soon. We will visit him later after we look for blue flowers for the ingredients,” said Jisung.

Taeyong and his members join the guards to look for blue flowers in the forest. Kun and Yangyang saw the presence of the blue flower using an oil lamp. However, beside Kun and Yangyang who were struggling to see where the flower was, Chenle had already noticed the presence of several blue flowers on the left. “Yangyang, Kun! Look, this friend of yours has found three blue flowers on my left,” The guards also turned their heads to the left and there happened to be three blue flowers as Chenle said. Several bodyguards immediately targeted the three blue flowers and plucked all three of them. “Is this what you mean?” asked one of the guards. “Yes,” replied Chenle. After picking and putting the three blue flowers into the basket, Yangyang saw that there were eight blue flowers in front of him. “There are eight blue flowers in front of my eyes, aim for them and pick them carefully.” Yangyang said. The guards immediately targeted the flowers Yangyang was referring to and plucked them. “Is this what you mean, handsome boy?” asked the guard. “Yes,” replied Yangyang. The youths looked for the blue flowers, saw them, asked the guards to pick them, and put them in the basket. By the end, the basket was filled with lots of blue flowers and it was a relief.

The twenty-two young men with the guards and the prime minister went to the palace together, Johnny carrying the flower basket. They were very tired walking from the dormitory into the forest, and they decided to go with the guards to go to the palace. Taeyong joined the prime minister in calling on the others to hurry to the palace. “Your Majesty, we are very tired walking from our residence into the forest, and I and all my members must accompany your bodyguard to the palace. Mark is already waiting for the blue flower potion in his palace. Hurry up, I don’t want the unconscious Mark not to can be awakened and the disease is getting worse!” Taeyong said. The prime minister called on his bodyguards to run faster. Arriving at the palace, the guards dismounted and Johnny gave a basket of blue flowers to a healer. “Here are the flowers, madam, mix them up to make a potion for our friend Mark,” Johnny said. “Thank you, handsome boy.” The healer accepted the basket and began to mix the blue flowers. “Can we see him together?” Jisung asked. “Yes,” replied one of the servants in the palace.

Then, the twenty-two people entered a palace and in that palace, they passed through the palace halls and knocked on one of the doors between the halls. Someone opened the door from the inside and let them in. They saw a prince who was unconscious lying on his bed, namely Mark Lee. “Madam, he was unconscious and sick since when?” Renjun asked. “He’s been unconscious and sick since coming home from a neighboring island five days ago, and now he’s still unconscious even though he’s been given a potion,” replied the maid. “Geez, since five days ago. I’m afraid he’s permanently unconscious and can’t be woken up,” said Jeno and Jaemin. “The doctor said, Mark will be like Sleeping Beauty or become a sleepwalker, the chance of recovery is smaller, only a quarter percent chance of being conscious and recovering,” Jungwoo was very scared, and prayed, “Hopefully everything the healer said is a lie, I hope he gets well soon and wake up,”

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