Two friends

Pawel Markiewicz December 17, 2018
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A Winter Ghost is a former friend of Pavel, a simple farmer and gardener, until a discord came between them for a trifle. A peace to be established, was out of the question. With the Winter Ghost came a fairytale-like cold, unless Pavel kindled the fire…
A desperate mother of the Winter Ghost comes to this farmer. She asks that Pavel bring the Winter Ghost here, especially as a Winter Queen banned as well as kindnapped him. Pavel wants to help without excuse. He asks his neighbor, a crane of Ibycus, for a flight to a palace of the Winter Queen. The crane drives Pavel there and lands in front of a frozen lake on a beach full of stones. The crane could not come too close because of cold and spells.
Pavel looks through his binoculars toward the Ice Castle on an island of ice and notices that the Winter Ghost kisses the Winter Queen. He can safely assume that they are a couple. The memories of today make his blood freeze. Futhermore a heaven over the castle was shrouded in winter fog. The man is sneaking through the frozen lake.
He has to make sure that the ice does not burst. He meets an amphibian which says such words: >To get into the castle, you first have to cool your body in the lake. It breaks a spell. There’s a hole in the cracked ice<. Pavel dives into the lake and finds in the water a broken beautiful mirror of the Winter Ghost, a gift from Achilles, which the Winter Queen fell down.
Pavel arrives in the castle despite the curse and sneaks around a courtyard. He watches his friend, the Winter Ghost, on a balcony. Paweł hums her well-known friendship song, which was able to evoke a thousand winter stories. The mind of the Ghost is half disenchanted. He goes down to Pavel, however he is freezing cold. Pavel wants to take him home. The Winter Queen is sleeping. The Queen suddenly wakes up. The Ghost fools her, by saying that he wanted to go to the yard to a winter raven of the Winter Queen, which is resting there. The raven was a bad thing, a being, because it used to carry correspondence between the Queen and her evil sister witch into a forest. The spells of this Winter woman reached only the castle and the lake. In the dark forest the witch ruled, until Druids died. In that winter, the witch hunted for piglets, which drank a water at a karst spring with their mother, because the forest river was frozen. It was said that she must have cooked the magic decoction from piglets´ blood.
The farmer feels his cold touch in a sunset. Thanks to Pavel's warmth of friendship in the heart, the Ghost also becomes warm and completely disenchanted. Both want to flee home through the forest, having left the area of the lake. Because of an approaching herd of silverfoxes, the crane flew away from here. The queen sent the raven to the witch. The witch should capture the fugitives in the grove. According to the plans of the bad sisters an old wolf had to injure the two. Having seen the wolf, they get scared. Pavel remembered a druidic legend about an old man and a wolf. Its moral was
following. Look straight and deep into wolf's eyes,
an reflection of his winter soul, then he will become a
gentle dog. And Paul looks at them. The wolf goes away and they both return home safely. At home a springtide has come..

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