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Once upon a time in a far away land lived a fat girl with tanned skin. Her name was Emma. This girl loved eating and was fat so people around her started calling her Fatemma and you would have already recognized its meaning. The girl got used to her new name. This girl had a skinny friend Azray,who also loved eating but she didnt became fat at all. It was when she became 13 that her friends started avoiding her and told her that she was not pretty but an ugly fatso. Fatemma was heartbroken but she still ignored her fake friends. “Everyone wants to look pretty and skinny and no one likes fat people like me.”said the poor girl to her mother and her mother also tired of her daughter being called fat and being said as the mother of a fat and ugly girl told her daughter to lose some weight. The daughter stopped eating and started exercising. The fat girl hardly ate anything and worked most of the time after 5 days she started to lose her sight and her complexion beame pale. When she asked her mother to stop the diet her mother scold her mercilessly. Fatemma whose heart was in pain went out of the house after walking a few mile a she fainted. No one was around to pick her up and it was at night when it started raining. A car came and stopped in front of the lying body of the girl. The driver of this car was a handsome blonde guy who at first glance thought that the girl has died then he got out of the car with an umberella to see if the girl was alive. He tried to wake up the girl and Fatemma opened up her eyes.
He asked the ugly girl if she was alright and the girl replied that she was ok the girl was sad and the boy asked her that why she was lying on the ground and also asked her if she was trying to suicide. The girl said that she never thought of killing herself. The girl thanked the boy and started walking. Then the boy walked towards the girl and said to her that it was late night so he could drop her but the girl denied and on further denying the boy told her that she was ugly and he was not attraxted to her a bit so he would do nothing to the girl. When he said that the girl had her eyes filled with tears of sadness. The boy saw the girl in pain and told her to sit in the car. The girl sadly smiled and looked at the boy and said”i dont even know what i was thinking ,for a moment i forgot that i was ugly.” The stayes quiet and asked her where she lived but the girl was not answering then he stopped the car to look why she wasnt answering she saw her trembling with cold. The boy immediately drove the car towards his house and called out servants to ask them to carry the fat girl. The girl was taken to the guest room of the house. The blonde boy called a his sister who was a doctor and told her to check the freezing girl.

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