Ursula's Side of the Story

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Now, Ursula’s hatred of Ariel goes back to the day Ariel was born. She was jealous because she knew Ariel would one day rule the seas. You see, Triton and Ursula are siblings. When Ursula and Triton’s father died, the pair were given equal share of the sea plus two magical items: Triton received the trident while Ursula received the magic Nautilus shell. Though the two were meant to rule the seas together, Ursula’s greed and use of dark magic to usurp Triton led to her being banished. Or at least that’s how it was told. Now, let’s go back to the day Ariel was born.

“WHAT!? He had another a child? That useless little brother, now I will never rule the seas. He’ll pass his crown on to that little wench, Ariel. Well, he’ll see, he’s going to regret ever having her! Everyone knows her six sisters are shallow and selfish, they’ll never get the crown, but her, her, who knows what she’ll be like!?” As she rages, Flotsam and Jetsam quiver in excitement, ready to do whatever their master desires. “And I NEVER deserved to be banished, that rat, Sebastian just wanted to be the kings little pet, he made it all up. I WILL get my revenge.” As she fumes the whole kingdom is rejoicing in Ariel’s birth.

“I must say, congratulations Triton, once again.” As Sebastian goes on yet again about the birth, Queen Athena sighs, knowing he was the cause of her husbands bad will. “Yes, we understand Sebastian, can you leave us now, we have some things to discuss.” Sebastian looks disgruntled but leaves with his usual “of course your majesty”. Triton walks over and gazes at the baby. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Queen Athena walks over and joins him and says, “Yes, she truly is.” She sighs and Triton asks, “Do you know what you want to name her?” She ponders it for a minute and replies with, “Yes, I’ll name her Ariel.” He looks confused so she explains, “Ariel means lioness of god and I know she’ll be kind and selfless.” As they stare at Ariel, another scene unfolds.

“Are you sure when he comes for his trip in around three years he’ll be able to do it?” Sebastian looks at the figure shrouded in darkness and tries to figure out who it is. “Of course, he will deal with any problem for that much gold. Are sure Triton wants this?” Sebastian chuckles and says, “Of course he doesn’t want her dead, but he wants to secure Ariel’s rule knowing when she chooses, she’ll choose Ariel as her successor.” They chuckle off into the night and finish planning for the queen to die. Now, let’s go to the day before the queen dies. She is sick from a few small doses of poison.

“Dear, you don’t look very well, you really should name your successor soon, just so the ruling of the kingdom stays secured in the family for if something happens.” For a second, everything is quiet, them she walks to the window and looks at Ariel swimming around, all innocent. “I really don’t want to place that much responsibility on her so young, but you are right, there are those out there who might seek to destroy the peace we have so carefully maintained.” So with that Ariel is signed as the successor to the queen should anything become of her. And so the weight of the world was set on poor Ariel’s shoulders, or at least their world.
After Ariel’s mom died, the weight truly settled with the realization she would one day rule. Triton knew this was his opportunity to groom her to hate the humans. He felt true sorrow at the death of his wife but knew it was necessary to protect his kingdom from humans, once and for all. As the days wore on, Ariel grew more beautiful with every passing second, and Ursula plotted her revenge. Ariel began to have a certain fascination with human things, not knowing what they are or where they came from. While her father had no clue, Ursula knew. And she knew the perfect way to get her revenge. Through the humans and Ariel’s fascination.

One day, Ariel met a bird that told her what the things were and about the humans. She became more curious and started watching the boats until one day, she found a wreck. “My, look at all of these beautiful things, Flounder, there’s so many.” Flounder didn’t know what to say so he just said, “There sure a lot of . . . things, that’s for sure.” So they explored wrecks and made a collection. King Triton could never figure out where she was going so he sent Sebastian after her. “Find out what my daughter is doing and where she is going. Then report back to me.” Sebastian smiled and said, “Of course your majesty, it’s probably nothing.” Now, Sebastian had heard small rumors among the sea life f what she was doing and knew the king wouldn’t be pleased so he set out to put a stop to it, hoping to make the king happy with him.

When Sebastian caught up with Ariel, she was placing new treasures in her cave. “Ariel, what are you doing? These are the . . . things of the ones who killed your mother.” Ariel turns around, sheepish. “Well . . . I don’t really know anything about these things, they’re like . . . little treasures. And they can’t all be bad, right?” Sebastian is shocked but quickly continues with, “Be realistic Ariel, you can’t possibly know anything about them.” They argue for a little but then Sebastian leaves to report back to the king. As predicted the king is furious. “WHAT, she’s collecting things of the HUMANS, even after what happened to her mother, how is this?” The king rages to Ariel’s cave and when he gets there, Ariel is shocked. “Father, what are you doing here?” He swims past her and says, “I’m putting a stop to this madness, these are the belongings of the foul and vile creatures that killed your mother!” Ariel looks but then she says, “No father, please, don’t!” But then he takes his trident and gets rid of it all as Ariel negs him not to. “Maybe know you’ve learned your lesson on humans.” As soon as a Triton left, Ariel started sobbing. “Oh Flounder, he just doesn’t understand! There are bad mer-people just as well as humans. We can’t condemn them because a few are bad. Father sunk the ship that killed mother so why won’t he let it go?” As Ariel tries to figure out her father’s motives, Ursula is plotting.

“So, darling little Ariel likes humans. Well, I can use that. Let’s see . . .” She stares into her ball to find the best looking human and finds Prince Eric. “He’ll do nicely, now how can I get them to meet . . . wait, I got it, he’s on a boat so I can bring it near her and crash it after a little! She’ll probably save him if he’s the only who falls off.” She turns to Flotsam and Jetsam. “What do you think about playing fairy godmother to my little niece?” They chuckle as Ariel is swimming around pondering her father’s actions. As she’s swimming, Ursula’s plan goes into motion. Ariel sees the ship and says, “Wow, that’s the biggest boat I’ve ever seen!” She goes closer to investigate and Flounder follows closely behind saying, “Wait Ariel, are you sure it’s safe?” She ignores him and continues to look at the boat. Her head breaks the surface and she says, “Wow”, because she sees Eric playing with his dog on the boat deck. “He’s so handsome, and how can a man be that nice to an animal and still be evil?” As Ariel watches Eric, the plan steps up to the plate and swings away until the ocean is filled with turmoil, tossing and turning until the prince is overboard, and the ship leaves without him not knowing he went over. “Oh no, he went over Flounder, we must help him!” And she swims off after the prince with Flounder hot on her heals. And so the plan plan went into action and it happens just as you know, with a happily ever after.

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