When I met my bestie pt 4

Kelani McClendon December 28, 2018
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    (Annie woke up bc she has a private gymnastics practice early, so she has to wake up around 7, hayden left for football and Annie was waiting on Jayden bc Jayden is riding with annie)

    (Annies gymanstics outift:
    Shirt: black tang top
    Pants: Pink shorts
    Hair: Messy bun
    Shoes: Black vans

    (Annie went downstairs and ate her pancakes her mom made her)

    Mommy: Moring sleepy head!
    Annie: Morin, where’s hayden?
    Mommy: Your dad took him and Caleb to Football!
    Annie: Oh, ok, what time are we picking Jayden up?
    Mommy: Her mom is droppin her off, why.
    Annie: Bc, I rlly wanna text hayden….
    Mommy: Ik you do, but he’s busy rn.
    Annie: Ok, anyways, where is kenzie?
    Mommy: Um, Johnny’s mom picked her up!
    Annie: Aww!
    Mommy: Or I think it is ruby…
    Annie: Ew!
    Mommy: Oh annie, what’s wrong with ruby??
    Annie: She is soooo mean!
    Mommy: You 2 have been in school now, and why is she sooo mean?
    Annie: Bc, last time, she put RICE on my Hair and laughed!
    Mommy: Ok, your point annie, but Mackenzie doesn’t rlly like, ruby…
    Annie: Oh plz, no one does!
    Mommy: Txt hayden and wait for Jayden!
    Annie: Fine!

    (Annie txts hayden and Hayden Is off practice)

    Princess: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Hey Baby girl.
    Princess: Wyd?
    Hay: Im coming to see you in gymnastics!
    Princess: Aww!, Yay!
    Hay: R you there yet?
    Princess: No..
    Hay: Whyyyy?!
    Princess: Bc, Jayden is actually here.
    Hay: Lol Baby.
    Princess: When are you going to be there?
    Hay: In about 4 mins, are you there yet?
    Princess: Yes, me and Hayden are getting ready to practice!
    Hay: K, me and connor and caleb are on our way!
    Princess: K, byeeee Love you babe!
    Hay: I love you toooo!

    (Annie does her floor routine and Jayden does bars and beems and flips)

    Hayden: Hi Katie!
    Katie: Aww!, Hi hayden!(hugs)
    Caleb: Hey Mom!
    Mom: Hi Caleb, I cant hug you and connor, or hayden.(Lets go)
    Connor: Hey Katie!
    Katie: Hi!, where’s billy?
    Billy: Im right here katie!
    Hayden: What is annie and Jayden doing now?
    Katie: Um, annie is working on her floor routine and Jayden is doing her missed things before HER floor routine.

    (20 mins later annie, Jayden, Kamy, and stacy comes out)

    Annie: Oh my gosh, that was a fun!
    Jayden: Ikr!, I missed the gym.
    Kamy: Same, but Im not gonna be here tmr…
    Stacy: Aww, why?
    Kamy: Idk, my mom just said so..
    Annie: Maybe it’s important or something.
    Jayden: Yeah, you may never know!
    Stacy: (gasp)
    Kamy: Um, stac, whats wrong?
    Annie: Stacy..
    Jayden: ?
    Stacy: Camren!!!!!!, my boyfriend is here!
    Annie: (giggles) Ok, ok, run to him!
    Stacy: Thanks!, see you girls tomorrow!!!!!(Hugs her bf tight)

    (Annie and Jayden saw Hayden and Connor standing there)

    Annie: HAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!(runs and hugs)
    Hayden: Hey Baby girllll!(Hugs tightly)
    Annie: Awe!, I missed you!(Doesnt let go)
    Hayden: I missed you too!
    Annie: Aww!
    Hayden: I was wondering….
    Annie: (giggles) You always wonder!
    Hayden: I know, but, I ask katie and billy, if its ok if u miss Gymnastics tmr.
    Annie: Oh, what did they say?
    Hayden: Well, they wanna talk to the coach first, but, they said yes…
    Annie: So…Im not going to gym tmr?
    Hayden: Nope.
    Annie: (Whines) Then what am i gonna do all dayyyy?!
    Hayden: Relax!
    Annie: But, I have a meet next next week, in orlando, i think, and a dance meet!
    Hayden: Baby, Your dad and mom agrees that you need a break!
    Annie: I do, Aww, thanks for caring about me!
    Hayden: I will always care about you Baby Girl!
    Annie: Promise that we will never split apart?
    Hayden: I promise, wanna sit down…
    Annie: Yes, I am kinda sleepy..

    (hayden and annie sat down and annie layed her head onto his shoulder and went to sleep, Jayden slept on connors shoulders and Caleb played on his phone)

    Mrs.Katie: Hi Coach Mary!
    Coach Mary: Hi!, whats up?
    Mr. Billy: Um, annie and Jayden aren’t gonna make it tmr..
    Coach Mary: Its ok, I know, they need a break!
    Mrs. Katie: Thank you Coach Mary!
    Coach Mary: Anytime!, bye!
    Both: Bye!

    (At home annie and Hayden sunngled up in annie’s bed and annie feel asleep while hayden watched t.v, Jayden and connor did the same thing on the couch)

    Katie: Billy..
    Billy: Yes honey?
    Katie: I just got a call..
    Billy: From who?
    Katie: Katylen orlando.
    Billy: Is everything ok?
    Katie: No…
    Billy: Whats not ok?!
    Katie: Mackenzie, shes sick and oh, they are coming home.
    Billy: Ok, good, isnt annie supposed to be sic-(Heard annie cough and sneeze)
    Katie: Oh, no!, The twins are sick!
    Billy: (sgins) I mean, you can take care of them while I head to work?
    Katie: Tomorrow I’ll be at work AND a Conference!
    Billy: I already ask hayden’s Parents, and Johnny’s to!
    Katie: What did they say?
    Billy: They said yes, and the 2 boys can sleep over!
    Katie: Ok.

    (Hayden woke annie up at 10pm)

    Hay: Babe…(Shakes annie lightly)
    Anns: Hmm?
    Hay: Babe…Come on its 10pm!
    Anns: (wakes up a little) Ok…
    Hay: How do you feel?
    Anns: My throat hurts, tummy and head.(Coughs)
    Hay: Aww, want some dinner?
    Anns: (shakes head yes) Yes.
    Hay: Come on lets go!
    Anns: K..(Steps out of bed) Its cold!
    Hay: Aww, here is your confy blanket!(puts it on)
    Anns: Thanks Bae!

    (Annie and hayden heads downstairs and eats soup, kenzi and Johnny heads downstairs and eats to then everyone headed upstairs)

    Anns: Bae..(cuddles with Hayden)
    Hay: Yes Baby girl?(wraps arms around annie)
    Anns: Can you turn the t.v on…
    Hay: Ok. (turns on the remote)
    Anns: (yawns) Thanks…(sleeps in haydens arms)
    Hay: Aww, night Baby girl..(kissed annies forhead and slept)

    (Everyone went to sleep, except for hayley who stayed up)

    (Talkin to Chris)

    Hayley: Hello? (tired voice)
    Chris: Hey Hayley!
    Hayley: Hi.
    Chris: Srry for calling at 11pm…
    Hayley: Its fine, whats up?
    Chris: I just wanted to say that I like you Hayley Noelle LeBlanc.
    Hayley: Aw, I feel the same way chris!
    Chris: So, wanna be my girlfriend?
    Hayley: Yes (Drifts to sleep)
    Chris: I love you Hayley!
    Hayley: Uhm!

    (Chris hangs up and now everyone falls asleep)

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