When I met my besties pt 2

Kelani McClendon December 24, 2018
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    (Annie woke up and got ready for the dentsi)

    Mrs.Katie: Good Moring guys, so today annie has a denstis appointment! and it ends around 3 so billy is taking Mackenzie and Caleb to the park to play with Hayden, Jayden, Johnny, Connor and Carson and me, annie and Hayley are takin a girls trip to the dentis for annie’s braces to come in, so as you guys may not seen the video last time, annie and I went to the dentis and they said that annie’s teeth bottom and Top teeth are croket and messed up, so annie has to get braces and I think that it’s funny because Caleb Got braces when he was younger and Kenzi did also so now it is annie’s turn, idk I just think it’s funny, anyways I am headed to Hayley’s room first and I think I hear the shower water running so Hayley maybe in the shower but I am just gonna check. I know annie is still sleeping or texting hayden or her besties. Billy is letting Mackenzie and Caleb sleep a little while longer while he is watching some televison in our room, (Knocks on hayleys door)
    Hayley: YES?
    Mom: R u in the shower?
    Hayley: Yeas!
    Mom: Ok!
    Mrs.Katie: Ok, so we are heading to annie’s room and wake her up so that she can get ready to head to the dentis and then I am gonna get ready and do my make up bc I am a mess right now, then fix the girls some breakfast for them and then we can leave after they are done, so anyways see you guys in the car with the girls! byeee! (Turns off thr camare).

    (Annie’s mom walks in)

    Mommy: Moring annie!
    Annie: Hi. (Rubs eyes)
    Mommy: Time to wake up..
    Annie: K, wait are we going to the dentis?
    Mommy: Yes we are annie!
    Annie: Okie…
    Mommy: Text your friends , listen to music and take a shower.
    Annie: Ok, and Im only 7 mommy
    Mommy: Aww I know honey. (Kissed head a closed the door)


    Anns: Hey Hay
    Hay:~Unseen message~
    Anns: I am going to the dentis, but I will see you at the park, Love you and Hope you read this when you wake up, Bye xoxoxo annie.
    Hay: ~unseen message~

    (Annie went on her music app and played music and picked out her clothes and went to the bathroom)

    (With Hayden)

    (Hayden’s 7 year old thoughts)

    I didn’t wake up because I was too tired from yesterday so I layed down and slept, I heard my phone ping 2 times, I thought it was my dad or my brothers or my mom trying to text me and wake me up so I didnt answer, I was still sleep and then I finally got up and checked my phone, it was annie, oh man!, She has a dentis appointment and I forgot and she’s getting braces! and I am meeting her at the park with friends, I decided to text her and hope she answers

    (Hayden texts annie)

    Hay: Hey anns, srry for not replying earlier Ik you have to go to the dentis appointment to get some braces, I will see you at the park later on this afternoon ok?, I Love you see you at the park XOXO Hay
    Anns: -unseen message-

    (Annie gets out and wears this:
    Shirt: Long pink sleeve mosicinio shrit
    Pants: Black skinny jeans
    Shoes: Lace pink ankle boots
    Hair: Braid messy bun
    make up: Natural
    Acessories: blush Fake glasses & blush phone case
    Jacket: Pink Gap Hoodie)

    (After annie was done she went to the night stand grabbed her phone and saw a text from hayden and Jayden)

    (Answered Haydens)

    ANns: Hey Hay, thx for your support, See u at the park at 3 byeee XOXO

    (Annie went downstairs and saw hayley eatting and mrs. katie getting a bowl of ceral)

    Mommy: Hey!
    Annie: Hey!
    Hayley: Moring annie!
    Annie: Moring hay Hay!
    Mommy: Are you excited?
    Annie: Yeah, I have Hayden who supports me.
    Hayley: Aww!
    Mommy: Ok, well hurry and finish and lets go to the car!

    (Annie Vlogs in the car)

    Annie: Hey guys!, so as you may know we are going to the dentis to get braces and yeah, then I got to go to the park with my besties, so we have Hayley in the car and mommy in the car and yeah ok byee

    (Stops Vloging and txts Hayden)

    Anns: Hey!
    Hay: Hey anns, are you there yet?
    Anns: No
    Hay: K, wyd?
    Anns: In the car with h$ and my mom, you?
    Hay: Getting ready to see the group.
    Anns: Ik, wishing that i was there!
    hay: It’s fine, were just gonna wait untill ya’ll come.

    (Annie, Hayley and Mrs.Katie was done with the dentis and headed to the car)

    (Annie slept and Mrs. katie pulled into the park)

    Everyone: YayyY!

    (They run up to them)

    Annie: (Sleeping)
    Mom: Annie.. Hayley…time to wake upp.
    Hayley: 3 more mins mommy, plz?
    Mom: We are at the park.
    Annie: Ok, just 3 more mins.
    Mom: aww, come on and get up.
    Annie: Fine!(Wake up and rubs eyes)
    Mom: I promise you will sleep tonight.
    Annie: Ok(Get out of the car and goes to the group)

    Annie: Hey Guys.
    Hayden: Hey!, how did it go?
    Annie: Good!
    Kenzi: Can I see your braces?
    Annie: Sure! (opens mouth)
    Jayden: What color is that?
    Annie: (closes) Its pink with sparkles.
    Johnny: Cool!
    Annie: Ik!
    Carson: Where’s Hayley?
    Annie: She’s still sleeping.
    Caleb: Wanna play?
    Annie: Um, im kinda tired…
    Connor: Oh its fine!.
    Annie: I’ll be at the swings if anyone needs me.
    Everyone: Ok!

    (Annie sits on the swings and texts Brennan(Her cousin)

    Baby Cous: Hey Bren!
    Big Cousin: Hey anns!
    Baby cousin: How is stella?
    Big Cous: Good, did you get it yet?
    Baby Cous: Yeah.
    Big Cousin: Whats wrong?
    Baby Cous: Im tired, and I didnt wanna play with my friends or bf!
    Big Cousin: Oh, im srry!, who’s your bf?
    Baby Cous: Np, it’s hayden one of my best frineds/ bf now
    Big Cousin: Oh hayden, ok, anyways gtg byee love you!

    (Annie falls asleep on the swings)

    Kenzi: (Laughs) Wow thats just cold caleb.
    Caleb: (Laughs) I said the truth!
    Kenzi: Not cool! (pouts)
    Johnny: (Bby voice) Is wittle kenz kenz mad?
    Kenzi: No! (lays head on johnnys shoulder)
    Jayden: Hey has anyone seen annie?
    Hayden: She’s over there sleeping!
    hayley: COME ON!

    (They all headed to annie and hayden carried her to katie)

    (Annie woke up and joined the group)

    Annie: Hey guys!
    Hayden: Hey Anns anns!
    Annie: (laughs) So, wyd?
    Kenzi: We were playing hiding go seek, until caleb saw someone over there.
    Annie: Who?
    Johnny: Idk, he just saw her and ran straght to her.
    Annie: Uhm, thats werid, Caleb NEVER does this…..EVER!
    Carson: True, so whats making him act like this?
    Annie: Id, But I am going over there to talk to him and that girl.
    Connor: ANNIE!
    Annie: (stops walking) What?!
    Johnny: Dont go over there!
    Annie: Pft..(Walks back)
    Hayden: Anns anns dont!, she might be a stranger!
    Annie: Hayden, relaxe I know her.
    Kenzi: How?, and where’s Jayden?
    Annie: From the day before today, and she’s at dance.
    Carson: How did you meet her the day before today?, and is she nice?
    Annie: Bc, caleb went over there when he saw her alone, I was paying attention to every move she made on Caleb, until she blushed, so I faked something, i forgot what it was, but Then she got mad at me for taking Caleb away.
    Johnny: So, what are you gonna do now?
    Annie: Go up to her and talk, like um, Twin to twin!
    Kenzi: But she’s not your twin.
    Annie: Ik!
    Jayden: What if she starts a fight with you?
    Annie: (Chuckles) I know how to fight her. and btw it wouldnt be my fault!
    Everyone: True, good luck!(Watches annie walk over)

    (With Mads and Caleb)

    Mads: Your soo funny Caleb!
    Annie: Um, hello!, miss me?
    Caleb: Hey anns, whats up?
    Annie: Nun really, Everyone is worried….
    Mads: (rolls eyes at her pettyness) Worried about what?, they seem fine to me!
    Annie: (faces mads with a stank face) Ohh, Who r you mrs. I decide.?
    Caleb: This is Madison Lewis, and I know that you met her!
    Annie: Uhm, I did, but I wanna talk to her some more!
    Caleb: Ok..
    Mads: So do I.
    Caleb: Ok, annie I will be over there bye guys!

    (Caleb walks away and they start talkin)

    Mads: (mutters) Pitty Little girl.
    Annie: Excuse me?
    Mads: What. Your nasty!
    Annie: Not that kind of….whatever, did u just call me pitty?
    Mads: Yes, have a problem?
    Annie: Yes!
    Mads: Whats up then?
    Annie: I’m soooo mot pitty, your annoying and selfish!
    Mads: Me?!, Ha!, you are sooo anoxius!
    Annie: Ok, whatever, your just that 10 year old right next to my bf Hayden!
    Mads: Oh, so u think I am a nosie picker?!
    Annie: Yes!, If the shoe fits then…….OF COURSE!
    Mads: Calebb!
    Annie: (laughs and roll eyes) Ha!, like I am scared of my own big brother.

    (Caleb walks over)

    Caleb: Whats wrong Babe?
    Mads: Your sister is being sooo mean to me!
    Annie: What the! Now your just a pitty little girl yourself!
    Caleb: ANNIE!?
    Mads: See!, she called me pitty. I was trying to be her friend and all!
    Annie: I really Like to see that happen without me putting 2 fist up.
    Caleb: Annie!, your are annoying and a whole lot of things, I Hate you for life!
    Annie: (Angry tears) Fine!, if you really Hate me that much, then….(Walks off to the swings)

    (Annie sits on the swings and cryes and looks at some pics of her and Him and then gets a text from sydeny)

    Syd: Hey!
    Anns: Hi..
    Syd: Whats wrong?
    Anns: I dont wanna talk about it.
    Syd: oh, ok, well I wanted to say that we all miss you.
    Anns: I only came to Maryland bc of My grand sister, idk, its confusing..
    Syd: Ik you only came for that, but I mean like, You know brenann?
    Anns: Duh, he’s my cousin, why?
    Syd: He told me that he likes me, and he wanted to ask me out.
    Anns: Awesome!
    Syd: He wanted to ask you if you approve or not?
    Anns: Yeah!, I do, thx for texting me.
    Syd: Np, bye annie!
    Anns: Bye!

    (Annie still sat on the swings and looked thro somthing, then got a text from kenz)

    Kenz Kenz: Hey Anns.
    Anns Anns: Hey.
    Kenz Kenz: We heard all of the comotion…
    Anns anns: -unseen-

    (Annie cried and Hayden went over there)

    Hayden: Hey!
    Annie: Hi…
    Hayden: Whats wrong anns anns?
    Anns Anns: Its….just that…..um, Caleb has a girlfriend and she is super mean and rude to me, but caleb doesn’t see that in her.
    Hayden: Oh, maybe he thinks she is precious?
    Annie: Worst than that hay hay.
    Hayden: How can it get worst?
    Annie: Bc, he said that he hates me for life, and bc I made her cry!
    Hayden: Oh.
    Annie: All I wish for my 7 year old slef is to make caleb see what is with her!
    Hayden: I think my brother had one of these things.
    Annie: What did one of them do to slove it?
    Hayden: They fought, and i think Jimmy almost peed his pants.
    Annie: (gigggles) I wish me and caleb’s relationship was almost like that.
    Hayden: Im sorry…
    Annie: Its fine, I dont really care anyways.
    Hayden: wanna swing together?
    Annie: Actually……Its time for me to leave, im sorry hay hay.
    Hayden: Its ok, I have to leave also.

    (Everyone said bye and annie called sydeny and caleb heard them talk and knocked)

    (Syd answers)

    Syd: Hello?
    Anns anns: Hey syd!
    Syd: Oh hey anns anns!, Thank God! you called!
    Anns anns: (laughs) Why?
    Syd: Ok, so brennan and I and family are going to a mexican place.
    Anns anns: Oooh delious!
    Syd: Yeah, and I have nothing to wear or even how I SHOULD dress!
    Anns Anns: (laughs) Ok, relaxe, Our family likes to wear casual outfits to places.
    Syd: Ok, I looked into my closet and didnt find anything comfy!
    (Annie heard caleb knock but ignored)
    Anns Anns: Just ask your mom to buy some or at least steal from your sister.
    Syd: (laughs) I know, I have a twin, does she count?
    Anns Anns: Yeah she does count!
    Syd: Ok, I asked and she said that I can borrow it.
    anns anns: Ahh! amazing!
    Syd: Ok ok, I better head off bye girly.
    Anns anns: bye girl!

    (Annie does homework and hayden calls annie)

    Anns Anns: Hello?
    Hay Hay: Hey anns!
    Anns anns: Oh hey Hay!, whats up?
    Hay: Nothing, you?
    Anns anns: My mom made me do the last bit of my hw, before decorating tree.
    Hay: Ok!
    Anns anns: (yawns) I had a pretty long day, so Im gonna eat dinner and watch a movie on Nexflits.
    Hay: Bye!

    (Annie wore her pjs and ate dinner and then after that she watched nefilx)

    Caleb: (knocks) Annie.
    Annie: (sleeps)
    Caleb: Annie, mom wants you.
    Annie: (wakes up) Finnneeee!

    (Annie leaves her room and pushes past caleb)

    Annie: Hey Mommy?
    Mommy: Yes.
    Annie: Caleb said you needed me?
    Mommy: Uhm, no, I think daddy wants you downstairs.
    Annie: Ughh!, I am sooo tired.
    Mommy: Just go down and see if daddy wants you or not.
    Annie: Ok.

    (Annie saw daddy and talked)

    Annie: Hey Daddy?
    Daddy: Yes.
    Annie: Did you call me?
    Daddy: No, sorry.
    Annie: Ok, night daddy.
    Daddy: Night Annie anns anns.

    (Annie fell asleep

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