When I met my besties pt 7

Kelani McClendon December 31, 2018
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    (Mrs. Katie opens annie’s door to wake annie up for the game today)

    Mommy: Annieee….(shakes annie lightly)
    Annie: Hmm?…(Rubs eyes)
    Mommy: Time to wake uppp!
    Annie: What time is it?
    Mommy: Its 11 pm..
    Annie: Ok, im gonna get ready now..
    Mommy: Ok honey, there is Breakfast, and Hayley and kenzie are down stairs.
    Annie: K.

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: White Off shoulder sleeve crop top
    Pants: Black shorts
    Shoes: Gladators white flat sandals
    Hair: Two hair buns and 2 baby hairs in front
    Make up: Natural
    Jacket: Black Jean Jacket
    Acessories: Golden Fake galsses, white purse and phone)

    (Annie went downstairs and ate some ceral and the Kenz, Hayley and annie went into the car and then they went to the game and watched the boys play, the the game was over the boys came up to the girls)

    (With Hannie)

    Annie: Hey Babe.
    Hayden: Hey! (goes in for a hug)
    Annie: No!, no, you need to shower!
    Hayden: Then can I get a huge?
    Annie: Yeah!
    Hayden: Fineeee!(Whines)
    Annie: (giggles) Stoooopppp it!
    Hayden: Stop what? (Confused)
    Annie: Making me giggle!
    Hayden: Hm, I never knew I cannn! (tickels annie)
    Annie: HayyyY!

    (Haydens stops and kissed Annie)

    Hay: I Love to here you giggle like that!(kissed annie)
    Cutie: Aww, thanks babe! (kissed back)
    Mr.Jimmy: HAYDEN!
    Hayden: Yeah dad?
    Mr. Jimmy: Come on lets go and get you showered!
    Hayden: Alright dad.(Rolls eyes)
    Cutie: Awww! do you HAVE to leave?!
    Hay: Yeahh…Im sorry…
    Cutie: Will I be able to see you at starbucks?
    Hay: Yes you will Baby Girl! (kissed cheek)
    Cutie: Ok, Im proud of you Babe!
    Hayden: Thanks! (Heads to the car)

    (Annie, Kenzie, Hayley, and Caleb goes home and Caleb heads into the shower and annie, kenzi, and Hayley watched some t.v and waited for Caleb)

    Annie: Oh, My, Gosh!!!(Angry)
    Kenzi: Anns, why are you mad?
    Annie: Jessica JUST broke up with CHAD!
    Hayley: I mean, why did she do that?
    Kenzi: Ugh!, bc Jessica Hates chad! (gets up and gets food)
    Annie: If Jessica hates chad that much, that she can date bryan!(Gets up to)
    Hayley: That would be totally wrong!
    Kenzi: Exctaly.!
    Annie: Well, If Jessica rlly hates chad, then she should choose!
    Hayley: Why would she choose Bryan?!
    Kenzi: Ya, I say Kevin!
    Annie: And why kevin?
    Hayley: I say Kevin to, bc he’s cuter than Hayden AND He has that brown eyes than my OWN boyfriend!
    Kenzi: I say that he has a really good taste in food, and an amazing cook to Jessica!
    Annie: I say Bryan bc he is a great listener!
    Hayley: She’s right….
    Kenzi: Ik….Ok fine Bryan!
    Annie: Yay!, oooh, the season fianlly is tmr!

    (Annie heard the door bell and answered)

    (opens door)

    Hay: Hey Baby!(hugs)
    Cutie: Hey Babe! (Hugs& lets go)
    Hay: Are you guys ready??
    Cutie: No, Not yet, Caleb is getting ready.
    Hay: Ok!
    Cutie: Come in!

    (Hayden comes in and annie and the girls keeps talking about the fianlly)

    Annie: I think Bryan will end up with her!
    Kenzi: Ya, whatever!!
    Hayden: Hey Kenzi!, and Lil Hay Hay!
    Kenzi: Hey Hayden!
    Annie: (giggles) And you got mad at me?!
    Hayley: I mean, I am soooooo mad!!!!!, but hey Hayden!
    Hayden: Why are you girls mad?
    Annie: We were watchin American wolf in Paris and Kenzi and Hayley said that the other guy will date Jessica!
    Kenzi: I mean, yeah!!!!
    Hayden: Oh…

    (Caleb comes out and Kenzi, Hayden, and annie leaves)

    Kenzi: Ugh!, annie your sooo rude!
    Annie: They DID fall in love in Pairs!!
    Kenzi: Ok….So?, ppl fall in love in paris all the time!
    Annie: Your just Jealous bc of how Jessica and Chad met!
    Hayden: How long will that end?
    Caleb: Maybe 3 mins, and then annie will feel tired of this.
    Annie: You know what, your right..
    Kenzie: Aww!, and your right tooo!
    Caleb: See!
    Hayden: Hey Babe?
    Annie: Ya..
    Hayden: What are we doin today?
    Annie: Idk…Kenzie?
    Kenzi: Idk either, but Johnny texted me saying sorry I cant make it..
    Caleb: Ohh, how does he feel?
    Annie: I hope my brother is ok…..
    Hayden: Same..
    Kenzi: No, he’s fine!, He’s watching t.v!
    Annie: Oh my gosh thank goodness!
    Hayden: I thought that he was sick…
    Kenzi: Um, no, he’s fine!
    Annie: Then why can’t he hang today?
    Hayden: rlly babe….?
    Kenzi: Annie, Chad did NOT CHEAT!!!
    Annie: I never said THAT!
    Hayden: Caleb?
    Caleb: Ugh!, Just spereate them.., before ya know..
    Hayden: Okie, I’ll take annie to Ice Cream and just talk.
    Caleb: I’ll ask Johnny if he can go to starbucks and then I’ll go home!

    (Caleb txts Johnny and Hayden takes annie to the park first to sit down)

    (Caleb txts Johnny)

    Caleb: Hey Bro!
    Johnny: Hey!, wassup?
    Caleb: Annie and kenzie are having a twin fight.
    Johnny: Oh no!, how bad is it?
    Caleb: At stage 1 rn, but we are spereating them….can u come?
    Johnny: Yeah, be right there…

    (Johnny arrives and takes kenzie to starbucks)

    (With Hannie)

    Cutie: Ugh!!!!!!!(Sits)
    Hay: Babe, are you clamed?
    Cutie: Ya….I guess so…
    Hay: Babe, are u sure that your clamed?
    Cutie: Yah!
    Hay: So, when we go to starbucks, your not gonna yell at kenzie?
    Cutie: Ok…..maybe im not clamed enough to see her….yet….
    Hay: Wanna talk about it?
    Cutie: (sgins) Um…..sure..
    Hay: Ok, why are you so up tight with what kenz said?
    Cutie: Bc….she always thinks that she is right, but when I tell her no, she gets mad..
    Hay: So….what got you two mad at eachother?
    Cutie: She thinks that life should have a happy ending to things….
    Hay: Ok, what do you think life should have?
    Cutie: An exciting, Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful, Precious ending to the things that matters…!
    Hay: Babe, Ik, its hard 4 you, but it sounds like you and knzie wants the same thing..
    Cutie: Ya….we kinda do….
    Hay: You guys are twins, and you arent supposed to agree on everything!
    Cutie: Then what?
    Hay: Say your idea’s, or write them and give them to eachother!
    Cutie: Thx hay. (Hugs and cuddles)
    Hay: Np (hugs and wraps arm around her)

    (With Jenzie)

    John: Baby, you good now?
    Kenzi: Yah!, Im fine.
    John: Ok, so you wanna see annie?
    Kenzi: Yah, I think I need to apologize…
    John: R you sure?
    Kenzi: No……..I dont wanna see her, yet..
    John: You wanna talk about it?
    Kenzi: Sure.
    John: Why are u mad at her?
    Kenzi: Bc….we never talked about things…
    John: Oh…how do u feel?
    Kenzi: Sometimes mad, but I know that she’s my twin sister.
    John: Ik having a sister is hard, but you need to love her, and we arent gonna move apart…

    (Srry but skipping to when Everyone is 16 and Hayley is 13 (Its Almost Christmas break for them!(They are in the 9th grade)

    (Annie woke up to hayley jumping on annie)

    Hayley: ANNIEEEE!!!(Jumping up and down)
    Annie: Hm?(Sits up)
    Hayley: It’s time for school!!!!
    Annie: Ik, but why are you excited anyways?
    Hayley: Bc!, Today is Friday!!!
    Annie: Ik!

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