When I met my besties pt3

Kelani McClendon December 26, 2018
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    (Annie woke up and got a text from ” pitty Girl”)

    Pity Girl: Hey Petty!
    Petty: What do you want?
    Pity Girl: Caleb wants you to appolozige
    Petty: Ha!, no way!
    Pity Girl: Ok, whatevs bye!

    (Annie got dressed and her and her sbilings headed to the park except for caleb bc he has football practice with hayden, johnny, connor and carson)

    Annie: Hey Kenz.
    Kenz: Yeah?
    Annie: Can we talk.
    Kenzie: Sure!, whats up?
    Annie: Its Caleb new girlfriend…
    Kenzi: What about her?
    Annie: She texted me and claimed that caleb wanted ME to say sorry.
    Kenzi: Oh, I mean she is a bad person…
    Annie: No duhhh!.
    Kenzi: Uhm, well dont give in that quickly, I mean if she is really nice then She will have to give in and say sorry to you!
    Annie: And what if she doesn’t?
    Kenzi: Your not giving in that easily annie, and you BETTER not!
    Annie: Ok, ugh!, here she comes.
    Kenzi: Well, we have 1 besties here anyways, whos not a football.
    Annie: (looks and sees Jayden) Yay!

    (Mads and her 3 besties comes up to annie and her besties)

    Mads: Hey Brat!
    Annie: Oh heyy! Petty Lousie!
    Dylan: Watch it Little girl, I mean ofc your 7!
    Annie: Aww!, My feelings are sooo hurt!.
    Rylie: Good.
    Kenzi: Listen, why dont you and your dumb friends leave!
    Mads: Why do We have to leave?
    Jayden: Bc your sooo annoying!
    Dylan: How are we annoying?
    Annie: bc you 3 talk awayyy to much! and tbh your kinda a brat.
    Rylie: We are older than you!
    Kenzi: So?, and that matters bc…
    Mads: Bc, we get to mess with you 3!
    Jayden: Ha!, that wish is NEVER gonna come true anyways.
    Dylan: (rolls eyes) It will.
    Annie: Nope!, never in your 3 LIFES!
    Rylie: And how so?
    Kenzi: ok, 1, you whatever your name is, sounds like a 3 year old.
    Mads: She does not!
    Annie: Oh, yes she does.
    Dylan: Whatever!

    (They leave and the girls sees Hayden, Johnny, Carson, connor, and Caleb and Hayley come)

    Hayden: Hey Girls!
    Annie: Hey!
    Kenzi: Hey!
    Jayden: Hola!
    Johnny: Hey!
    Annie: Hi, eww you 5 smells sooo bad!(Pushes hayden away)
    Caleb: I mean we were playing football anns.
    Kenzi: Can you go home and shower?
    Johnny: Yeah, but my mom brought me straight here.
    Jayden: Did ALL of your moms do the same thing?
    Boys: Yep.
    Annie: Ugh, well your not hugging me unless you shower.
    Hayden: Aww, plz?
    Jayden: Thats annie’s rule for you.
    Connor: What about me?
    Jayden: Same thing.
    Johnny: What about me kenzi kenzi?
    Kenzi: I mean, I miss you and all, but no.
    Caleb: Wow, even my sbilings wouldnt say no.
    A+K+H: No!
    Carson: Ha!, Jayden mom wanted to know if you were eating?
    Jayden: Yeah, but dad took me here and he went to go get me buger king.
    Caleb: Mom wanna know if you were hungry 2 annie and kenzi?
    Annie: Daddy took me and kenz, but he went with Jayden and Carson’s dad.
    Hayden: Let me guess all of our parents did the same thing?
    Annie: Not excatly.
    Johnny: Then what did they do?
    Kenzi: They went to football practice with you 5.
    Connor: I mean, my mom went home before the pratcice.
    Jayden: Yeah, Thats why not all of your parents did the same thing!
    Hayden: I still can’t belevive that MY dad wasn’t there..
    Annie: Where was he?
    Johnny: He went to work early to try to come to the practice.
    Kenzi: Did it work?
    Carson: No, he texted hayden before the practice and told him they wouldnt let him go.
    Hayley: I mean if he went there early then they should have said go!
    Connor: Yea, but haydens dad is a business man so he gets a whole lot of money.
    Annie: Our parents has jobs that costs a lot, but they wouldn’t let them go bc of some things they need to take care of, but that doesnt mean that they stopped loving me, Kenzi, Hayley, and caleb.
    Jayden: Yeah, and even tho it is hard for you hayden bc you dont really get to see your dad, mom, or brothers everyday, doesn’t mean that they stopped loving you and caring about the things you do, like this football, your mom showed up to support you for your dad.
    Kenzi: Even if it is hard, and we all know that feeling, but even if it is hard, just remember you have a great Girlfriend, Great besties, and Family who will always love and support you.
    Hayden: Thx guys, and anns anns.
    Everyone: Np.

    (They all played and laughed)

    Annie: Ok, lets do a funny story time!
    Everyone: Yay!
    Annie: Who goes first?
    Jayden: ME!!!
    Annie: Ok, Jay you go.
    Jayden: Ok, so when me and Carson was 1 years old before we meet you guys, Carson was singin and song I forgot what it was, but he took off his diper and swung it in the air and was singing it.
    Carson: Hey!, you, mom, dad, and stacy promised to take that to the grave!
    Jayden: Srry…
    Hayden: Dude!(Laughs) I did that too, except I wasn’t singin!
    Annie: (laughs) Ok, who wanna go next?
    Kenzi: Me.
    annie: Ok.
    Kenzi: K, When me and annie was 2 and caleb was 4, annie took her blankie like everywhere and then one day she threw it out bc of vomit that she did.
    Annie: Oh wow, your just the one with the big mouth!(Roll eyes)

    (Annie walked away bc she got a call)

    Annie: Um, I gotta take this.
    Hayden: Ok, is everything ok?
    Annie: Um, yeah yeah, just that I have this call.
    Everyone: Ok.

    (Answered to Auntie Jill)

    Annie: Hello?
    Auntie Jill: Hey annie.(Tears up)
    Annie: Hey, whats wrong?
    Auntie Jill: Its brennan…
    Annie: What? what happened?
    Auntie Jill: Brennan got into a bad acciednet.
    Annie: (Tears up) Is he ok?
    Auntie Jill: We don’t know sweetie…
    Annie: (tears up) Can I speak to katie plz?
    Auntie Jill: Sure.
    Katie: Hello? (Teras up)
    Annie: Hi. (Tears up)
    Katie: Annie…(Tears up)
    Annie: Yes, (ABout to cry)
    Katie: I am so scared…(Tears)
    Annie: Me to, but we need to stay strong for him.(Tears)
    Katie: Ok, bye( Cries and hangs up)

    (Annie breaks down and cries and walks back to her group)

    Kenzi: ANNIE! (Runs up ) whats wrong?
    Annie: (tears) Family meeting/ friends meeting.
    Caleb: Is everything ok?
    Annie: )Shakes head) No, um, so brennan.
    Jayden: Is he ok?
    Annie: (tears) No, he got into a bad acciendent…
    Hayden: Oh..
    Annie: (tears and looks and kenz, Caleb and Hayley) Guys..
    Caleb: Is he gonna be ok?
    Annie: (tears) Idk. But i know that I need to be….(Cries and walks away)

    (Hayden runs up to annie)

    Hayden: Hey hey.
    Annie: (cries) This is all my fualt.
    Hayden: Its not annie.
    Annie: (looks at hayden) Yes it is.
    Hayden: How is it your fault?
    Annie: Bc, I didnt want him to be like this.
    Hayden: you did not do anything, it was just someone who did that to him.
    Annie: He’s gonna die and i wouldn’t be able to be there for him…
    Hayden: Anns, he’ll always be in your heart.
    Annie: …..(Cried on hayden)
    Hayden: We will be there for you every step of the way.
    Annie: Thanks hay.(Wipes tears)

    (Annie went home and got a bad news text from katie, and then got another txts from Kate(Annie’s worset bestie))

    (Answered Katie)

    Katie: Hey annie.
    Annie: Yes?
    Katie: Um, I have some bad news..
    Annie: Whats wrong?, is brennan ok?
    Katie: um, brennan died….
    Annie: Ok…
    Katie: We are having a funneral for him the day of his brithday.
    Annie: You mean tmr?
    Katie: Yes.
    Annie: That means that we have to fly all the way to Maryland.
    Katie: Not excatly.
    Annie: Wydm?
    Katie: Tmr we are planing on a way on telling Sydney.
    Annie: Oh man, syd is gonna be crushed..
    Katie: Ik, but I need you also to be there, so can you fly to Maryland Tmr?
    Annie: Idk, I kinda have a game to go to..
    Katie: Oh thats ok, who’s game is it?
    Annie: Um, Caleb, Hayden, Johnny, Connor and carson’s game.
    Katie: I hope they win!
    Annie: Smh, but Call me before the game, and both of us will tell her.
    Katie: Ok, what time do you have to be there?
    Annie: At 11am.
    Katie: Ok.
    Annie: I am so sorry for brennan’s lost…
    Katie: Me to, I know how much all 4 of us loved brennan.
    Annie: Ik.
    Katie: Were saying our last goodbyes, I’ll call you so that you can say your last goodbye.
    Annie: Thanks that means sooo much to me.
    Katie: Np, I’ll call now.
    Annie: Ok.

    (Annie answers Katie)

    Annie: Hey, thanks for calling.
    Katie: No problem annie.
    Annie: Are you guys going to his room?
    Katie: Yes, we are in the elavator.
    Annie: Ok.
    Katie: We are here, you can go first.
    Annie: Hey brennan, I know you can not here me but….I miss you, and I love you, your the best cousin ever.
    Katie: That was beautiful A.
    Annie: Ik, anyways i’ll txt you later.
    Katie: K, bye!

    (Annie txted Kate)

    Kaeta: Heyy!
    Annie: What do you want kaeta?
    Kaeta: I just wanted to say hey!
    Annie: I mean you just said that…
    Kaeta: Anyways, Byee loser!
    Annie: Bye!

    (Annie went to her closet and picked out her outfit)

    (Annies outfit:
    Shirt: yellow thugger long sleeve
    Pants: Black Leggings
    Shoes: yellow vans high top
    Make up: Natural
    Hair: Curls braided and in a half up half down bun
    Jacket: Black Leather Jacket
    Ancessories: Fake glasses, purse and phone)

    (Annie headed downstairs and waited for her family)

    (Txts jayden)

    Anns: Hey Jay!
    Jay: Hey!, how are you holding up?
    Anns: Not well.
    Jay: I am so sorry anns.
    Anns: It’s fine
    Jay: Anyways are you excited?
    Anns: Oh my stars yes!
    Jay: I can’t wait for all of us to go to the thing!
    Anns: Do you even know where we are going??
    Jay: No.
    Anns: I know same.
    Jay: Anyways my parents are almost ready.
    Anns: Mine is taking soo long.
    Jay: Carson is soooo a girl.
    Anns: How?
    Jay: He is trying to comb his hair.
    Anns: Lol
    Jay: Anyways byeee!
    Anns: Bye!

    (Kenz, Caleb, Hayley, Mom and dad went down)

    Annie: Hey.
    Mom: Aww, I know pumpkin.
    Kenzi: We have something to make u feel awesome!
    Caleb: Yeah!
    Annie: Ok.
    Hayley: Anyways lets goooooo!

    (Everyone met eachother up and then they played before the song writin for annie)

    Song writer: Ok, Annie, you ready?
    Annie: Yeah.
    Song writer: Ok, what song do you wanna sing?
    Annie: World wide bye Big time rush.
    Song writer: Ok, put these head phones in and lets go!
    Annie: oh, wait a minute before you tell me anything how was your day?
    Annie: ’cause I have been missing you by my side.

    (when everyone is 12 and annie gets her braces taken off)

    Mom: Annie!
    Annie: Hmmm?!
    Mom: Time to get up!
    Annie: Whyyyy its soooo earlyy!?
    Mom: Juliannna Grace LeBlanc get up now!
    Annie: Finee!, whats up?
    Mom: Today you get your braces off!
    Annie: Yay!!!
    Mom: And!, we are having a party at our house later on!
    Annie: Ok!, whos coming?
    Mom: Um, Jayden, Carson, Connor, Johnny, Hayden, Mary Kate, daniel!
    Mom: Yep, and some of hayley’s best friends!
    Annie: Yay!
    Mom: Also Katie wanted me to give you this. (hands a card)
    Annie: Um….actually mom…
    Mom: Yes annie?
    Annie: I dont wanna talk to her rn…
    Mom: Why not?
    Annie: Bc, I know that she is my cousin and all, but she talks bout her bf way to much and never talks to me!
    Mom: Hm, well, she wanted me to give you a card from her.
    Annie: I’ll read it.
    Mom: Good girl, oh and Hayley isnt comin with like she said.
    Annie: Why?
    Mom: Bc she wanna set up with caleb and daddy, so kenzi is coming.
    Annie: Ok (Heard her phone go off)
    Mom: Who’s that?
    Annie: Hayden.
    Mom: Aww, how is hannie?
    Annie: Good.
    Mom: Ok, well answer and then get ready.
    Annie: Ok bye mom!
    Mom: Bye!

    (Annie txted hayden back)

    Hay: Moring Babe!
    Princess: Hey!
    Hay: Wyd?
    Princess: Um, getting ready for the dentis.
    Hay: Oh yeah!, you get your braces off!
    Princess: Yep, its today.
    Hay: So is the party!
    Princess: Ik, I am sooo excited!, I mean like no homeschooling!
    Hay: Baby?
    Princess: Yeah.
    Hay: We are in public school..
    Princess: Ohh yeah, what grade are we going to?
    Hay: 7th grade.
    Princess: Im gonna miss some of the ppl..
    Hay: Like?
    Princess: Case Walker and Jacob, but they are leaving anyways.
    Hay: Yeah..
    Princess: Whats wrong?
    Hay: Idk, something going on with me…
    Princess: uhm…Call me when I get out of the shower k?
    Hay: Ok.
    Princess: Byee Love you Babe!
    Hay: Bye love you 2 baby!

    (Annies outfit:
    Shirt: White crop top hoodie
    Pants: Black Leggings
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Half up Half down bun w/ lilttle hair
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: White sunglasses and phone)

    (Hayden called annie like annie said)

    Princess: Hello?
    Hay: Hey Babe
    Princess: Oh hey hay, ok so tell me whats wrong?
    Hay: Idk, everytime you hangout with some one i feel like your cheating on me..
    Princess: Uhm, when did you feel like that?
    Hay: In 6th grade when you hugged Case and Jacob goodbye..
    Princess: Oh, Im so sorry you felt like that.
    Hay: Its fine, i just ruin our realtionship..
    Princess: Your not hay, dont worry.
    Hay: R u sure?
    Princess: Positive.
    Hay: K, are you excited about your braces being off?
    Princess: I guess so..
    Hay: Why I guess so?
    Princess: Bc, I really like them.
    Hay: I mean they are cute on you..
    Princess: Ikr!
    Hay: Its gonna be ok, I promise.
    Princess: Thx hay, do you feel better?
    Hay: Yeah, thanks Baby.
    Princess: Np.
    Hay: What time is the party?
    Princess: when I get back!
    Hay: Ok!
    Princess: Gtg bye Hay I love youuu!

    (Annie went into the car and after she was done she texted Jayden)

    Anns: Heyyy!
    JayBae: Heyy you!
    Anns: Wyd?
    JayBae: Helping your Dad, Hayley and Caleb set up, you?
    Anns: I just came back from the dentis
    JayBae: How did it go?
    Anns: Good.
    JayBae: R you coming home now?
    Anns: Um, yeah, me, my mom and kenzie are coming back rn, why?
    JayBae: No reason just asking.
    Anns: Ok, see you in 1 min
    JayBae: Your coming now?
    Anns: Yeah, we just pulled up in the drive way.
    JayBae: Ok, byeee
    Anns: Bye Love youuu!

    (Annie, kenzi, and Mrs.Katie got out of the car and went inside)

    JayBae: ANNNIIIEEE!(Runs and hugs)
    Anns: Heyy! (hugs back)
    JayBae: KENZIII!(Hugs)
    Kenzi: Hey!(Hugs)
    JayBae: Let me see your teeth!
    Anns: (Opens mouth) See!
    JayBae: They look sooo cuteee!
    Anns: Thx!, where’s hay hay?
    Kenzi: And caleb?
    JayBae: They’re playing footnite and Hayley is in her room with her friends.
    Anns: Lets go to Hay Hay’s!
    J_K: OKIE!

    (Annie knocks on Hayleys door)

    Hayley: Hold on Tusamy and Pipes!
    (Hayley goes to the door)

    Hayley: ANNIE AND KENZIE!(Hugs)
    Annie: Hey Haychickapay!(Hugs and lets go)
    Kenzi: Hey!(Hugs and lets go)
    Hayley: How did the dentis go?
    Annie: Good, where’s the boys?
    Hayley: They’re in Calebs room playing Fortnite.
    Kenzi: Awe!, well have funn!
    Hayley: Okie byee!(Closes door)

    (Annie, Kenzi, and Jayden Headed to Calebs room and Jayden went in frist)

    JayBae: Hey boys!(Opens door)
    Boys: Hey. (Keeps playing)
    JayBae: Um, annie txted me and so did kenzi..
    Johnny+Hayden: What did they say?
    JayBae: They arent gonna be home..
    Hayden+Johnny: WHY?!(Gets up)
    JayBae: Idk…
    Hayden+Johnny: Lets get something to drink!

    (Hayden and Johnny and Jayden went out of Calebs room and saw annie and Kenzie Sitting there and playing on there phone)

    Hay: Princess!!!(Picks annie up and spins her)
    Princess: Hey Babe!(Hugs)
    Hay: I missed you!
    Princess: I missed you 2
    Hay: (Keeps holding her up)
    Princess: (Giggles) Hayyyy put mee downnn pleasseee(Whines)
    Hay: Nooo
    Princess: Whyyyyy? (Whines)
    Hay: Bc, I missed you sooo muchhh!(Baby voice)
    Princess: Aww!, I missed you twooo
    Hay: (Puts her down) I Have a suprisee 4 youu!
    Princess: Can I get it nowww?
    Hay: Nope, you have to wait!
    Princess: Okie!(Sits down)

    (with Jenzie)

    John: Hey..
    Kenzi: Hi.
    John: Kenzi, can you plz talk to me?
    Kenzi: Why would I..
    John: Ok, Kenzi, I didn’t really mean to kiss her!
    Kenzi: But yet, you did.
    John: Look!, Kenzi, Im really sorry..
    Kenzi: You hurt me, I don’t think you can make me feel better..
    John: Mackenzie, please, just let me explain.!
    Kenzi: To be honest, I really dont wanna hear…
    John: I understand..
    Kenzi: Thanks, Im gonna get ready for the party.
    John: Yeah, me to..
    Anns: I’ll come with!
    Hayden: I’ll go with John!

    (Kenzi and Johnnny goes their own way and Hayden and annie talk)

    Princess: Babe…
    Hay: Yes?
    Princess: I feel soo bad for Johnny and Kenzi.
    Hay: Same, maybe she will let him explain…
    Princess: Maybe, Bye love you!
    Hay: I love you more!
    Princess: That is impossible!
    Hay: Oh yeah leBlanc you wanna go?
    Princess: Bring it!
    Hay: Ok….(Tickels annie)
    Princess: Stooooppppppppppppp!(giggles)
    Hay: (Laughs) Ok, ok fine.
    Princess: Your lucky I love you.
    Hay: And I love you to (Kisses her)
    Princess: Aww Hay..(Kisses back)

    (They both pulled away and annie went into her room)

    (Annies Batheing suit:
    Bathing suit top: Blue design
    Bathing suit bottom: Blue design
    Hair: Messy bun
    Shoes: Flip flops
    Acessories: Sunglass, speaker, and phone)

    (Kenzi’s bathing suit:
    Bathing suit top: Pink design
    Bathing suit bottom: Pink design
    Hair: Out
    Shoes: Flip flops
    Acessories: Sunglass and phone)

    (Everyone got ready and went downstairs to Go in the hot tube)

    (In the hot tube)

    Anns: Hey guys.
    Kenzi: Yes?
    Johnny: Yeah.
    JayBae: Huh?
    Connor: Yeah.
    Hayden: Yes?
    Caleb: Yeah.
    Hayley: Yes?
    Piper: Hii!
    Tusamy: Yes?
    Annie: Do you guys wanna hear some music?
    Everyone: Sure!

    (They listen to music and talks)

    Anns: Wow. (Looks at sky)
    Hay: What up babe?
    Anns: The sun…its sooo beautiful!
    JayBae: It is…(looks at the sky)
    Connor: (holds jaydens hand) Your beautiful, in anyway.
    JayBae: (looks at connor) (Smiles)
    Johnny: Kenz…
    Kenzi: Leave me alone! (Cries)
    Johnny: Kenzi…

    (Kenzi leaves and sunbathes by herself)

    Johnny: I gtg…

    (Johnny follows kenzi)

    John: Kenz…
    Kenz: ?
    John: Can I explain..
    Kenz: Go ahead.
    John: I didn’t mean to kiss her, we were just doing a play and I was reminded by u, thats all!
    Kenz: How would you be reminded of me?.
    John: Your sparkley cute brown eyes are always remembered by me..
    Kenz: So, your saying that Ruby, the WORSET Has the same eyes as me?!
    John: No!, never.
    Kenz: Then, what do you mean by reminded?
    John: I meant, when I was looking at you, in the aduions, all I saw was you..
    Kenz: But yet you still kissed ruby.
    John: The teacher made me, I couldn’t get an A-, and I just wanna be with you.
    Kenz: I know that you want a A and all, but I do want to be with you….
    John: Look, I never cheated on you, Just bc of some play, I didn’t want us to end..
    Kenzi: I know, I didn’t either, I just got so up tight when you did that, I thought that you Loved me..
    John: I do love you Kenz, and I will always love you!
    Kenzi: I will always love you too John, and I promise not to be jealous.
    John: Good, and Tbh, you are cute when your jealous…
    Kenzi: Aw thanks, I dont try..
    John: (Chuckles) I missed your sassy tone.
    Kenz: And I miss your chuckles, (Giggles)
    John: I would DIE for that giggle any day, but I love you Baby Girl, I always will.
    Kenzi: Aww, I love you to Babe.
    John: Wanna head back to the hot tube with the rest, or stay here?
    Kenz: Um, Hot tube.
    John: Come on then..
    Kenz: Im wayy to tired to walk.
    John: You can take a nap here.
    Kenz: Really?
    John: Yeah, you had a long day.
    Kenz: Thanks.

    (Kenzi feel alseep in the warm hot sun and Johnny went back to the gang)

    Annie: Hey John!
    Johnny: Hey!
    Jayden: Did you and Kenzi make up?
    Johnny: Yeah, we did.
    Hayley: Where is she?
    Johnny: SunBathing.
    Annie: Oh, you know what I should to.
    Hayden: Nooo whyyy?!
    Jayden: Me 3!
    Caleb: Why?
    J+A: Bc, were tired.

    (Annie and Jayden grabbs there sunglasses and head phons and phones and sits on a beach chair and relaxe, untill mary kate and daniel comes in)

    Mary Kate: Hey Guys.
    Hayden: Hey Mary Kate and daneil.
    Mary Kate: Hey Hayden!, wheres annie, Jayden, and kenz?
    Hayley: Hey Mk, and Daniel!
    Mary kate: Heyyy hay!
    Johnny: Um, hi?
    Mary Kate: Ok, Hey everyone!
    Everyone(except annie, kenz, and Jayden): Hi!
    Daniel: I am gonna suprise annie and the other byee!
    Mary Kate: Same, bye!

    (They headed to wear annie and the girls are)

    MK: Annie, kenzi and Jayden!(Tap)
    Annie: Yes?, Oh. My. Gosh!, MK!, and daniel!!
    Daniel: Hey!
    Annie: Ahh!!(Hugs)
    Jayden: Annie, why are you yell- MK AND DANIELLL!(joins the hug)
    Mk: Heyy!
    Jayden: I missed you!
    Mk: Same!
    Kenzi: MARY K AND DANEIL!(Joins the jhug and everyone lets go)
    Daniel: How are you 3?
    A+K+J: Good.
    Mk: Thats great!
    Jayden: What are you doing here?, I thought you cancel..
    Daniel: We did, but then wrestling at my school is canceled for today.
    Kenzi: Aw, when is your next wrestling game or match???
    MK: Her’s is tmr!
    Annie: Oooh! Daneill!
    Daniel: Wow thx, what do you do kenzi?
    Kenzi: I sing, and I dance now!
    MK: Awesome, what about you annie?
    Annie: I sing , Gymnastics , and dance!
    Daniel: Cool, you Jayden?
    Jayden: Same as Mackenzie’s but Gymnastics like annie.
    MK: you girls wanna come inside?
    A+K+J: Sure!

    (MK, Daniel, Annie, Kenzi and Jayden heads inside and grabs something to drink and talk and laughed)

    Mk: Annie.
    Annie: Yes?
    Mk: How is hayden.
    Annie: Good, why?
    Jayden: I mean, he did see your insta…
    Kenzi: And snap, Is everything ok?
    Annie: Yeah, he is actually….Jealous….
    Daniel: How is Hayden jealous, I mean you 2 have been together for a while.
    Annie: Its fine, I talked to him, and FYI that is Mk’s bf from like when I was 2!
    Girls: True.
    Mk: Hey!, wanna go to the mall?
    A+K+J+D: Sure!
    Kenzi: Ooh, annie, kenzi and Jayden, lets go get change!
    Annie: K….later, wanna jump in the lake?
    MK+D+K+J: Sure!
    Annie: Kk, lets go!

    (The girls put their drinks down and heads to the lake while the boys are talking)

    Annie: Ok, so, who’s gonna jump in first?
    Jayden: Difently not me..
    Kenzi: Uhm, my answer is no.
    Mk: Nope,
    Daniel: Srry..
    Annie: I mean, I would love to go in but its ju-(hayden walks behind her)
    Hayden: Booo!
    Annie: AHhhh!(jumps in)
    Kenz: Hah!, annie feel for that trick!
    Johnny: Bo!
    Kenz: AhhH!(Jumps in)
    Jayden: Ha!
    Connor: Boo!
    Jayden: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Jumps in)
    Annie: Haydennnnnnn…….
    Hayden: Awe, what is the matter bby?
    Annie: Im soaked!(Splashes hayden)

    (After that the girls came out and the boys gave the girls towels then it was time to eat)

    Dad: Time for some bar bick q or BBQ!
    Annie: Daddy!, don’t say that, I mean you can say bbq.
    Dad: (chuckles) Really annie.
    Kenzi: I mean, srry daddy.
    Dad: Ok ok, come and eat!

    (Everyone sat down and ate and the night sky shooting star apprent)

    Hayden: Hey Annie..
    Annie: Yea hay?
    Hayden: Look up..
    Annie: (looks up) Its….its a shooting star….
    Hayden: Well, make a wish..
    Annie: Why?, if I have everything I need right here. (holds hayden hand)
    Hayden: (smiles and holds annie hand) I Love you Julianna..
    Annie: (giggles) I love you to Hayden Taylor Summerall.
    Hayden: I would kill myself for that beautiful Giggle..
    Annie: Aww. (Annies eyes sparkles)
    Hayden: Those eyes, I can watch them every day If I have to.
    Annie: (Looks at hayden)
    Hayden: (loooks at annie)
    Annie: (Both of them lean in and kissed)
    Hayden: (Hayden pulled away and annie leans on haydens shoulders)
    Annie: I never want us to change..(looks up at hayden)
    Hayden: We wont. (looks down at annie)
    Annie: Promise. (cuddles)
    Hayden: (smiles) I promise.
    Annie: Good, I love you hayden. (Yawns and sleeps on his shoulders)
    Hayden: (whispers and kissed her head) I Love you too Baby Girl.
    Connor: Jayden..
    Jayden: Yes?
    Connor: I have a suprise for you..
    Jayden: Like?
    Connor: Um, just give me a sec plz..
    Jayden: K, is everything ok Cons?
    Connor: Yeah totally!

    (Kenzi and Johnny talked and Johnny gave kenzi a ring and Hayden did not give annie the ring yet and connor did give Jayden a ring, and annie wakes up in her bed and Hayden isnt their he is playing and having fun)

    Annie: Hm..where am I?
    Annie: Where’s Hay..
    Annie: And why is it soo cold..
    Annie: Im gonna change into comfy clothes and head down ig..

    (Annies outfit:
    Shirt: Black crop
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Socks
    Hair: messy bun
    Make up: Nun
    Jacket: One of haydens hoodies Thraser
    Acessories: Phone and fake glasses)

    (Annie heads downstairs and sees everyone dressed in something cozsy and was waiting for annie)

    Mom: Look who is up!
    Annie: hey!
    Jayden: Omg!, what too you so long?!
    Annie: Wow, thanks Jay!(Giggles)
    Hayden: Wanna watch a show with us sleepy?
    Annie: Yeah sure, wheres daniel and Mk…
    Kenzi: They left!
    Annie: K, what show are we watching?
    Johnny: Idk.
    Annie: Uh, ok?

    (They watched some T.V and Annie and the girls feel alseep on the boys and Hayden Carried annie up to her room(Ps annie is wearing her Pjs)

    Hay: Night Baby Girl, I love you. (Kisses annies forhead)
    Baby Girl: (Half awake) Hay..
    hay: Yes Babe?
    Baby Girl: Can you stay in here plz..
    Hay: Sure.

    (hayden cuddles with annie in bed and both falls asleep)

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