When I met my besties pt5

Kelani McClendon December 30, 2018
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    (Annie woke up in hayden’s arm and got up to go downstairs to get a tissue and some food)

    Annie: (sniffs) Hi Mommy.
    Mommy: Aw, Hi baby, how do u feel?
    Annie: Eh, where’s daddy?
    Mommy: He went to work early, he has plenty to do.
    Annie: Oh ok, what time do you have to leave?
    Mommy: Um, in 2 mins, why?
    Annie: Can you take me, kenzie, and Hayley to nonnies?
    Mommy: I’ll call her and see, but annie, she lives far away from our area!
    Annie: How far does she lives?
    Mommy: About 20 mins away.
    Annie: Oh, when is she moving near us?
    Mommy: Well, she did say today the moving truck is comin.
    Annie: Yay!, at what time?
    Mommy: In about 4 mins.
    Annie: Yay!, is she gonna live across the street from us?
    Mommy: Well, the house is very close to us…..so…yes!
    Annie: Yay!!!!, can we go over her new house?
    Mommy: I have to leave in 3 mins annie!
    Annie: Ik, but…..THE MOVING TRUCK NONNIE!!!!
    Mommy: Clam down annie, go get your brother and sisters.
    Annie: OKIE! (Coughs)
    Mommy: And get dressed!!!

    (Annie ran into calebs room)

    Annie: Caleb!, Caleb!, Cccccaaaalllllllleeeeeebbbbbbb!!!!!
    Caleb: What annie?(Rubs eyes)
    Annie: Nonnie!
    Caleb: What about nonnie?
    Annie: She is at the new house rn!!!!!!!!!
    Caleb: What?, really?
    Annie: Yep!
    Caleb: Awesome!!!
    Annie: Wanna go and see her?
    Caleb: Sure, let me get out of my Pj’s…(Get out of bed)
    Annie: But, your only wearing Pj pants….
    Caleb: Ik!, I dont want nonnie seeing a 13 year old boy like this!
    Annie: Kk!
    Caleb: Go and wake up Hayley and kenzi!

    (Then Kenzie and Hayley Brages in Calebs room)

    Kenzi: Did you guys see it too?!
    Annie: Uh, Yeah!!!!!!
    Hayley: I can’t belive that nonnie is living across the street!!
    Caleb: Ya ya, Now can you 3 girls Please leave my room!?
    Kenzi: Jeeze, your sooo mean!
    Annie: Ikr!
    Hayley: 13 year old boys…..
    Caleb: Ugh!, Leave plz?
    A+K+H: Ok!!

    (Annie, Hayley and Kenzi ran into annies room and ploped on her bed where hayden was asleep)

    Annie: Ahhhh!!!, Im sooo happy!
    Hayley: Same!!
    Kenzi: Ahhh!, I’m so happyyyy!
    Annie: Maybe, we should just go and vist her!
    Hayley: Ooooh!, a home – welcomeing!!!, I like it!
    Kenzi: Me too!
    Annie: Ok, you girls get dressed, and we all go to nonnie’s, on it?
    K+H: On it!

    (Kenzi and Hayley closes the door and leaves to their rooms, Annie went into her closet and picked an outfit out and Hayden woke up)

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Yellow hoodie Crop
    Pants: White ripped jeans
    Shoes: yellow sandals
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake Glasses and phone)

    Hayden: Baby?( Sits up and rubs eyes)
    Annie: Moring Babe, how’d you sleep?
    Hayden: Good, Where are you going…
    Annie: Out to nonnie’s new house across the street.
    Hayden: Oh ok…(Gets up and opens annies crutins)
    Annie: Wanna come with?
    Hayden: No, Im just gonna get ready for the day.
    Annie: K, I’ll be back in 20 mins!
    Hayden: K (Goes and kissed annie’s cheek)
    Annie: Aww, Love you 2 babe!, want me to close the door?
    Hayden: Um, yeah..
    Annie: Ok, see ya!

    (Annie closes the door so that hayden can get ready)

    (Kenzi’s outfit:
    Shirt: Red crop top
    Pants: Ripped jeans
    Shoes: Red sandals
    Hair: Straightened
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Sunglasses and phone)

    (Johnny woke up)

    Johnny: Baby Girl? (Rubs eyes)
    Kenzi: Hey Babe, how did you sleep..
    Johnny: Good, where are you going?
    Kenzi: I’m heading to nonnie’s new house across the street.
    Johnny: Ok. (gets up and opens kenzie crutins)
    Kenzi: I’ll be back in 20 mins, wanna come?
    Johnny: Nah, Im gonna go and get dressed for the day.
    Kenzi: K! (Kisses johnny cheek and leaves)

    (Annie and Kenzi meet up downstairs by the door)

    (Hayley’s outfit:
    Shirt: Pink Crop Hoodie
    Pants: Shorts
    Shoes: Pink flip flops
    Hair: Half up half down bun
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone)

    (Annie, Kenzi, Hayley and Caleb Goes outside and heads to nonnie’s across the road)

    Nonnie: I got it Ricky!

    (Opens the door and sees Kenz, Annie, Hayley and Caleb)

    Nonnie: Aww!, My Baby’s!(hugs)
    A+K+H+C: Hiii!(Hugs back)
    Nonnie: What are you doing here?(Lets go)
    Annie: Well, Mommy told us that you’d be moving here..
    Kenzi: So we wanted to suprise you!
    Hayley: SUPRISE!
    Nonnie: Aww, how sweet for you 4, wanna come in?
    Annie+K+H+C: Sure!!

    (They go in and sees the house is already decorated)

    Annie: This house is soo nice nonnie!
    Nonnie: Aww, thank you annie!
    Kenzi: Yah, How did you put all of these things up?!
    Nonnie: Well, Your Pop Pop helped me, most of it…
    Hayley: Cool!, where’s pop pop?
    Nonnie: He went to work, but he sends his love..
    Caleb: Cool, so, what are you gonna do since pop pop isnt here?
    Nonnie: Well, I need to finish some things, but head to the mall!
    Annie: Ooooh!!!!, yahhh!!!
    Nonnie: (laughs) So, how are you guys?
    Annie: Good!
    Kenzi: Amazing!
    Hayley: Awesome!
    Caleb: Eh…
    Nonnie: How is everything eh caleb?
    Caleb: My gf has been a total jerk to my twin sisters, and I didn’t rlly see it..
    Annie: Im so sorry again Caleb..
    Kenzi: Yeah, me to.
    Caleb: Its ok, I should have listened to you 2, even tho I didn’t, I love you 3 and will always care 4 you..
    A+K+H: I love you too!
    Nonnie: See!, everything will be fine caleb!
    Caleb: Thx.
    Nonnie: Now, annie how is everything good?
    Annie: Hayden and I are dating, and we are doing really good!
    Nonnie: Nice to hear annie!, now Mackenzie, how is everything amazing?
    Kenzi: I feel better, and I have a bf name Johnny, which u meet.
    Nonnie: Yes I have, and I am glad that you 2 are fine, I have heard of the twin sickness, and once your mother told me, I was findin a way to come over.
    Hayley: But, Hayden and johnny invited themseleves to help….
    Twins: Shut up!
    Nonnie: (laughs) Oh, clabe, there’s nothing to be taling about.
    Annie: (gets a message from hayden) Ohhhhhh!
    Everyone(Except annie): What?
    Annie: Hayden wants us to meet at the park rn, but I’ll tell him not today..
    Nonnie: Oh no, no, no, thats alright, you guys go, annie?
    Annie: Yes?
    Nonnie: Mackenzie?
    Mackenzie: Yeah?
    Caleb: I’ll take hayley there, see ya!
    Twins: Bye!
    Nonnie: Goodbye!

    (With the twins and nonnie)

    Annie: Whats wrong nons?
    Kenzi: Yeah, why did you call us back?…
    Nonnie: (signs) Julianna and Mackenzie?
    Twins: Yes…
    Nonnie: Pop pop, he, um, died….but I dont want you girls to get sad or anything.
    Twins: Ok….but, how did he die?!
    Nonnie: From a heart thing, It runs in his family, luckly your family doesn’t contian it.
    Annie: But….pop pop’s is gone, forever…
    Kenzi: Annie, we have to be strong for both Brennan and Pop pop, plz?
    Nonnie: Your sister is right, without your strong and bravery, your friends will turn on you, even the one who you Lovw the most…(Looks at kenz)
    Annie: How am I supposed to be strong?, Mackenzie and I are twins….
    Kenzi: I’ll just have to be with you, and see how your doin..
    Nonnie: That’s correct Mackenzi!
    Annie: Ok….Is there anymore serects I….or we should know?
    Nonnie: Well…one more.
    Kenzi: ANNIE! Stop!
    Annie: Fine, I gtg anyways, caleb is there, and I dont wanna be late…
    Nonnie: Ok, but you 4 are princesses and prince!

    (Annie and kenzi turns around)

    Twins: WHAT?!
    Nonnie: Yep!
    Twins: HOW?!!?!
    Nonnie: Your mother and father met at an castle near by, after that they had a royal family, but they moved…
    Twins: Why did they move away??
    Nonnie: So that you 4 can have a normal life!
    Twins: Are our friends royals?
    Nonnie: Yes, they are, and so are they’re parents..
    Annie: Oh, then why did we need a normal life?
    Nonnie: Bc, you 4 and your friends, needs to be together, not being royal’s!
    Kenzi: Phew!, good!
    Annie: Wow…
    Kenzi: Annie, we should rlly get going…
    Annie: Oh yeah right, bye nonnnie!
    Nonnie: bye!

    (Annie an d kenzie walked to the park and talked about it)

    Annie: Do you rlly think that we are princesses?
    Kenzi: Well, I mean yeah..!
    Annie: But, what if , when we turn an older age, rule the kingdom one day?
    Kenzi: Yeah!, I would love ruling the kingdom, some day, wouldnt you..
    Annie: I mean, not really…
    Kenzi: Why not?
    Annie: Then we would have a whole lot of things royality..
    Kenzi: Yeah….maybe thats not the BEST idea.
    Annie: True, I mean I am into singing now..
    Kenzi: And so am I, maybe we shouldn’t ask nonnie to give us the palace.
    Annie: Yeah, true, maybe not…
    Kenzi: But some day right anns?
    Annie: Defintly some day, but not right now, or tomorrow.
    Kenzi: (signs) Are you ok?
    Annie: Yeah, why wouldnt i be?
    Kenzi: Since Pop pop’s death….
    Annie: No, im fine, it was his time anyways.
    Kenzie: (Laughs) Wow, bravery annie!
    Annie: Thanks.

    (Annie and kenzie walked up to the peps and didnt see hayden)

    Jayden: Annie! Annie! Annie!(Runs up)
    Annie: Um, hi?
    Kenzi: Wahts wrong?
    Jayden: Its hayden, LOOK!
    Annie: What?, whats going on?
    Jayden: Hayden is cheating on you himself!
    Kenzi: WHAT!?, Hayden would never do that!!
    Jayden: Well, he did!
    Annie: Is this a prank or something…
    Jayden: NOT a prank annie!
    Kenzi: maybe you should seee for yourself!
    Annie: Ok..

    (Annie sees hayden and Lizzy talking and holding hands and Hayden sees annie with a tear and she backs away)

    Annie: H-hay-hayden?

    (Hayden catches up with Annie)

    Hayden: ANNIE! WAIT UP!!!(runs)
    Annie: What now hayden? (Stops)
    Hayden: Hey hey, dont cry, plz dont.
    Annie: Why should I listen 2 you?…(stands there)
    Hayden: Bc…I care sooo much!
    Annie: Hayden! stop with this!, Your cheating on me with a girl!?, and I thought that YOU were protective!
    Hayden: I am!
    Annie: Haha!, very funny summerall, bc protective doesnt mean to get hurt, or at least CHEAT on the on person you love..
    Hayden: Annie!, Let me explain!
    Annie: Look, hayden, I dont wanna her nothin, if you like her so much…then date her…
    Hayden: Annie!, I dis like her!
    Annie: Hayden, stop playing dumb, I saw it, you looked really happy…
    Hayden: Annie im only happy with you!
    Annie: Oh, really?, so happy is cheating?
    Hayden: No, annie, its not that!
    Annie: Then what?
    Hayden: Im happy with you..
    Annie: Whatever…(Runs away)

    (Annie heads and goes straight to her room and locks the door and sees a text from Mackenzi(Twin) and Jayden and the group Basically except for Hayden)

    (Gc Texting)

    Kenzi(Twinsisy): Annie, can you plz open the door?
    Annie(Twin): No..
    Johnny: Annie, im rlly sorry…
    Annie: Its fine, ig…
    Jayden: Ik, it hurts, but can you come to starbucks?
    Annie: Why?, Hayden’s new Girlfriend might show up.
    Connor: Annie…
    Annie: You know what?, Im done…I’ll see you guys there.
    Evrone: Ok..

    (Annie left her room and went downstairs and headed to starbucks)

    Jayden: Hi honey..
    Annie: Hi…
    Kenzi: How are you?
    Annie: Not good…
    Johnny: I ordered your fav drink.
    Annie: Thx john…

    (Hayden shows up and sees annie and looks at the cut on his arm, and then pulled down his sleeve and ordered)

    Chasier: Hello, how may I help you?
    Hayden: Um, hi, can I get one Frap plz..
    Chasier: Sure!, are you meeting with friends?
    Hayden: Um, no, im just alone..
    Chasier: Ok, that will be $10.00
    Hayden: Here. (Gives money)
    Chasier: Thank you, and whats your name?
    Hayden: Hayden, Hayden Summerall…
    Chasier: Ok, wait over there!
    Hayden: Thank you.

    (Haydens sits by himself and puts his hoodie up, annie was just talking and was sad most of the time, until the chasier called out Hayden’s name)

    Chasier: A Unicorn Frap for Hayden Summerall!
    Hayden: Um, thats me..
    Chasier: Here you go!
    Hayden: Thxs…
    Chasier: Hey…um hayden?
    Hayden: yah?
    Chaiser: There are a group of friends over there, how about i introduce you to them?
    Hayden: Its ok, but nah im good..
    Chasier: Ugh!, come on silly!

    (The chasier and hayden walks up to annie and the group and annie looked at hayden and Hayden looked at annie with sadden)

    Rylie: Hi guys!
    Everyone: Hey Rylie!
    Rylie: This is hayden, he doesnt have any friends, can he join you guys?
    Everyone: Sure!
    Rylie: Ok great!, I hate seeing ppl alone!, oh and annie?
    Annie: Uh, yeah?
    Rylie: Want another Pink drink?
    Annie: Sure!, thx Ryls!
    Rylie: Np!, and I’ll get some reflies for all of ya’ll!
    Everyone: Thanks!

    (Everyone was talking and laughing and annie was just sad and crying)

    Jayden: Anns, you ok?
    Annie: I….um…..i……I need some air.
    Kenzi: Oh, ok, want me and Jay to come with?
    Annie: Um…..no, I’ll be right back.
    Johnny: R you sure?, Its ok if you want us to go.
    Annie: No, no im fine, just need some air..
    Everyone: Ok.

    (Annie left and went to get some Ice Cream)

    Mads: Hi, ugh!, you!
    Annie: Look, can we plz be friends…
    Mads: Sure!, srry for being mean…..
    Annie: Its fine.
    Mads: So, what can I get ya?
    Annie: Mint Choclate chip ice cream..
    Mads: Sure, hey, um, anns, whats wrong?
    Annie: (Breaks down) I….im a mess!
    Mads: Oh honey, wanna talk about it?
    Annie: Yes.

    (Mads and annie sits down and annie explains)

    Annie: Me and my twin sister Mackenzie was talking and laughing, until my best friend, she, saw hayden, cheat, on me, and I, did, to..(Crys)
    Mads: Oh honey, come here!(Hugs)
    Annie: I dont know what to do…..(Leans on mads)
    Mads: Ik, here’s your ice cream…
    Annie: (sniffs) Thanks for the bucket full!
    Mads: Np!

    (Annie runs home and Goes into her room and sees pics of hayden)

    (Then kenzi and Jayden knocked)

    Kenzi: Anns…
    Annie: What? (Sniffs)
    Jayden: Can we come in?
    Annie: Sure…

    (They open the door)

    Jayden: How r you?
    Annie: Not good….
    Kenzi: Well, we brought you some cookies…
    Annie: Thx..
    Jayden: Np, I see your looking at a pic of hayden…
    Annie: Yeah..
    Kenzi: Well, can you at least talk to him?
    Annie: (Looks up) Sure…
    Annie: (giggles)

    (Hayden walks in with his hoodie and pulled down sleeves)

    Annie: H-h-hay-hayden?
    Hayden: hey.
    Annie: R you ok?
    Hayden: Not really…
    Jayden: We’ll leave you 2 alone!

    (Hayden and annie talks)

    Hayden: Annie, listen, I didnt mean to!
    Annie: Ik you didn’t….but why?
    Hayden: This girl name emma, walks up to me while I was trying to call you, but then she held my hand and layed on me…
    Annie: Oh ok..
    Hayden: Annie, look, I never ment to do this…
    Annie: Its fine, Hey hay?
    Hayden: Yes?
    Annie: Can I see your arm?
    Hayden: Sure….

    (Hayden revales his arm being cut and brusied)

    Annie: What happened?
    Hayden: I ran through bushes, trying to find a bench.
    Annie: Im just gald your ok.
    Hayden: Me to…
    Annie: Hayden….?
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Annie: Can u promise me this?
    Hayden: Sure, whats up..
    Annie: Promise not to cheat on me?
    Hayden: I promise, you mean the world to me.
    Annie: (giggles) Wow.
    Hayden: I missed that cutie!
    Annie: I missed you 2 Adorable!

    (Hayden and annie kissed and they pulled away and cuddled and laughed and talk)

    Anns: Hayyyyyyyy….
    Hay: Yes Cutie?
    Anns: Can you call me cutie pweaseeeee?!
    Hay: Whhhyyyyy!, I like anns!
    Anns: (pouts & Bby voice) PWEEEEASSSSEEE!!!!
    Hay: Fine cutie!
    Cutie: Yayyyyy!
    Hay: (chuckels) You really like that name?
    Cutie: Yeah, its better than “Annie or anns”
    Hay: Well, your lucky I love you.(hold annies hand)
    Cutie: I love you to Hay! (hold Haydens hand)

    (Jayden and kenzie comes up and gets the cookies)


    JayBae: Anns..
    Anns: Yeah?
    Kenz Kenz: You Ok?
    Anns: Yes!
    JayBae: Ok, come on were heading to dinner!
    Kenz Kenz: Where cancy!

    (Annies outfit:
    Dress: Jean Dress
    Hair: Curls
    Shoes: Flats
    Make up: Glamourous
    Acessories: Head band rose, purse, and phone
    Jacket: Hoodie)

    Everyone went in to the car)

    Hay: Hey cutie?
    Cute: Yesss…
    Hay: You look adorable..
    Cute: Aww, thanks.
    Kenzi: Aww, you guyss, I ship hannie!
    Annnie: (giggles) Wow.
    Hay: Your so cute when you giggle like that.
    Annie: Awe!, thxs Hayy!
    Mom/Katie: So, annie?
    Annie: Yah mom?
    Dad/Billy: Did nonnie tell you kids yet?
    Kenzi: (looks at annie) Um, about what?
    Mom/Katie: About our family, and your friends fam?
    Annie: Uhhhh, noooo noooooo nooooooo, right kenz? (nuges)
    Kenzi: Yeah, pft, noooo wayy!
    Dad/billy: Good, bc we wanna tell you guys at dinner..

    (Annie and Kenzie texted eachother scarly)

    Anns: What are we gonna do!?
    Kenzie: Maybe, tell mom and dad the truth?
    Anns: I mean….yeah, but nonnie said to keep it a serect!
    Kenzie: Ik, what are we gonna do then?
    Anns: I have an idea!
    Kenzie: What is it?
    Anns: We let them tell us the major serect, and then after dinner when all of us goes to our house, well tell mom and dad the truth!
    Kenzi: Omg!, yeah!, and they wouldnt be mad!!!
    Anns: Excatly!
    Kenzie: Ok, so what do we do in the meantime?
    Anns: Why do you say that…
    Kenzie: Bc, im soooo bored!!!
    Anns: Lol, just talk to Johnny!
    Kenzie: Cant, he’s tired, and he’s sooo cuteeee!
    Anns: Ok, then fine text me!
    Kenzie: Goodie!
    Anns: Oh yeah, um, Mads is my bestie now…but she is still rude..
    Kenzie: How is she still rude?, and tbh WHAT?!
    Anns: Ik, its bad, but, Idk she helped me through a almost break- up!
    Kenzie: Ok, anns, I love you and all, and your my twin, but not to be mean, but she doesn’t sound like she’s tryin to help..
    Anns: Ok….wdym?
    Kenzie: If she was tryin to help you with the break up, wouldnt she call or text to check on you?
    Anns: I mean….
    Kenzie: What your tryin to say this ” she never asked me for my number or at least told me her number” then welcome!
    Anns: Well….I mean your right!
    Kenzie: So, your basically NOT her friend.
    Anns: Then what am i?
    Kenzie: Her worset enmey, and an easy way on how to get Caleb back!
    Anns: I know about the enmey, but yeahhh, since I’M caleb’s SISTER and YOUR his SISTER too, and So his HAYLEY!!
    Kenzie: She’s workin on you first, then me, and then the youngest…
    Anns: Hayley!
    Kenzie: You HAVE to stop being a nice twin for ONCE!
    Anns: Ik, i’m a nice twin sister and your the mean one, but I just cant!
    Kenzie: Annie!, Plz trust me!
    Anns: Fine!, but it takes me a long time for me to be mean, like old times….since im recovering.
    Kenzie: Annie, I believe in you!
    Anns: Thx, are we almost there?
    Kenzie: Uh, no we have 45 more mins!
    Anns: Aww!
    Kenzie: What?, Why did you say “aww?
    Anns: Hayden is laying on me and playing on his phone, and Im playing with his curls..
    Kenzie: Aww, Hannie!
    Anns: Thx!, I might take a nap..
    Kenzie: Ok!, see ya in 45 mins!
    Anns: ?, ooooh ok byee!

    (Annie feel asleep on the car window and Hayden layed annie’s head and hayden texted Johnny bc his phone is dead)

    Baby Sis: Hey!
    John: Hey Baby sis, whats up?
    Baby Sis: Bro!, its hayden!
    John: Ohhhh hey Bro!, why are you on annie’s phone?
    Baby Sis: Bc, my phone is dead.
    John: Oh, makes since..
    Baby Sis: Wow, thanks bro!

    (Hayden stopped texting Johnny, and plays with annie’s hair until she woke up)

    Cutie: Hmm?
    Hay: Hey Baby Girl. (Continues playing w/ annies hair)
    Cutie: Hi..(yawns)
    Hay: How did you sleep?
    Cutie: Good…(Rubs eyes)
    Hay: Aww your wittle cute face! (Baby voice)
    Cutie: (giggles) I cccccooooolllllddddd!(Plays along bby voice)
    Hay: You wanna wear your hoodie?
    Cutie: yyyyyeeeeesssss..
    Hay: Here you go. (Covers annie with her over size hoodie)
    Cutie: Thanks hay.
    Hay: Np Cutie.
    Cutie: I’m gonna txt Caleb’s ex….plz dont tell him?
    Hay: I won’t, but why would u txt her?
    Cutie: Bc, me and kenz texted and she’s fake!
    Hay: We all already knew that.
    Cutie: Yeah!, but she’s super fake!
    Hay: How?
    Cutie: Today, she asked me whats wrong from earlier, and I think she wants Caleb back!
    Hay: I mean, she kinda misses caleb, but how do u know?
    Cutie: I have t0 see for myself…
    Hay: Ok, are you gonna stay laying on my lap?
    Cutie: Yes, bc I am comfy!
    Hay: K!

    (Annie texts Fake girl)

    Dumb Girl: Heyy!
    Fake Girl: Oh heyyy!
    Dumb Girl: Wyd?
    Fake Girl: I was just about to call you!
    Dumb Girl: Oh ok!
    Fake Girl: How are you holdin up sweetie?
    Dumb Girl: Good!
    Fake Girl: Awesome!, Wanna come by?
    Dumb Girl: Oh, sorry, cant…
    Fake Girl: Why not?
    Dumb Girl: Me, Caleb and my sisters are with our besties!
    Fake: Aww!, thats nice!
    Girl: Ik!
    Fake: So,I’ll see you tmr?
    Girl: Ofc!, byee!

    (Hayden saw and asked Annie)

    Hay: So…
    Cutie: Ugh!, nothing!
    Hay: How do we find out that she is fake?
    Cutie: Well, your staying the night, so tmr, we’ll know!
    Hay: (chuckles) You have no idea, dont you?
    Cutie: No, Im wayyy to sleepy..
    Hay: Go back to sleep, i will handle it.
    Cutie: (yawns and sleeps) Thanks Hay..

    (Hayden got annies phone ans texted Fake)

    Eww: Hey Mads!
    Fake: Hey girl!
    Eww: Its me Hayden.
    Fake: Oh, hey!
    Hayden: Hi, anyways can you come over tmr?
    Mads: Yeah sure!
    Hayden: Ok, meet me at annie’s house!
    Mads: Sure thing!, what time?
    Hayden: Annie doesnt get up until 12, so 11 is fine.
    Mads: Kk!, hey Hayden?
    Hayden: Yes.
    Mads: Does caleb still loves me?
    Hayden: Dk, see you tmr?
    Mads: Ofc!, byeee!

    (They headed to dinner and everyone ate and had fun, until Annie, kenzie, and Jayden feel asleep, Jayden slept on Connor’s shoulder so Mrs. Bartles took connor and Jayden to her house.
    Kenzie feel asleep on Johnnys lap so Billy took kenzie to the car.
    Annie feel asleep on Haydens lap so Katie too both to the car Hayley was already sleeping and Carson went home)

    Hay: Night Katie and Billy!
    Both: Good night!

    (Haydens Pjs:
    Shirt: Army
    Pants: Joggers
    Shoes: Socks
    Jacket: Nun
    Hayden went to bed)

    (Annies outfit:
    Shirt: Black pj shirt with ” this is my Pj shirt”
    Pants: Jersy Pj shorts
    Hair: Messy bun
    Make up: Nun
    Shoes: Love pink ankle socks
    Annie hopped onto bed and hayden cuddled with Hayden)

    Hay: Night Cutie!
    Cutie: (yawns and sleeps) Night..

    (Everyone feel asleep)

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