When I met my besties pt6

Kelani McClendon December 31, 2018
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    ( Annie woke up in Haydens arms and got a txt from Case and Mom)

    (Txting Case)

    Case: Hey anns!
    Anns: Hey!
    Case: How r you?
    Annie: Good, you?
    Case: Great!
    Annie: Why so great?
    Case: I got a girlfriend, I have friends and Im popular!
    Annie: Awesome, wait, are you coming back?
    Case: Uh, No, But I’ll call you rn!
    Annie: Why?, Haydens asleep!!
    Case: K….Just pick up!
    Annie: Tell me why frist!
    Case: Bc, I want you to say Hi to my friends!
    Annie: But hayden is asleep rn!

    (Case calls annie and annie picks put but shes on speaker)

    Annie: Hello?
    Case: Hey!
    Annie: Hey!
    Vicotoria: Oh my gosh Hiii!
    Annie: Um, hi?,
    Victoria: Im Victoria!
    Annie: Im annie…(Gets off of hayden and stands by the window)
    Case: She’s a talker, and soo happy!
    Carine: Hey babe?
    Annie: Case….whos that?
    Case: This is my girlfriend, Carine!
    Carine: Hi!
    Annie: Hey.
    Josh: Yo!
    Case: And this is Josh!
    Annie: Um, hi! (looks at hayden rollin around the bed and still sleeping)
    Case: He is datin Victoria!
    Annie: Cool.
    Case: Ok, guys ill see you outside!

    (Case’s friends leaves and annie and case talks)

    Annie: You have nice friends!
    Case: Thanks!, so wyd?
    Annie: Idk, I just woke up!
    Case: (Chuckles) What is hayden doin?
    Annie: He’s sleeping, Im about to wake him.
    case: Ok!
    Annie: So, wyd?
    Case: Im about to head to the mall with my besties!
    Annie: Nice!
    Case: How is your twin and everybody?
    Annie: They are good!
    Case: That’s cool.
    Annie: Yeah!
    Case: Anyways, do u like Carine?
    Annie: Yah, shes cool, why do yu ask?
    Case: I mean since your my friend and all, I just wanna ask.
    Annie: Oh ok!, I like her, like I said!
    Case: Awesome, bc, I wanted her to vist there…
    Annie: Uhhh, idk……were kinda busy.
    Case: Im kidding anns, She HATES L.A so, not even a chance!
    Annie: (giggles) Oh, ok!
    Case: Yeah, and she hates ppl who lives there!
    Annie: Wow, she sure is something..
    Case: Shes my everything..
    Annie: Y- nevermind, I hope your happy!
    Case: I am!
    Annie: Ok ok jeeze! (Sees hayden getting up and walks to annie)
    Hayden: Hey Baby..(Wraps arms around annie and lays head on her shoulder)
    Annie: Aww!, morin Babe!
    Case: Anns?
    Annie: Hold on Case, Hayden woke up.
    Case: Ok, call u in 2?
    Annie: Um, no, we can still talk, just give me 5 mins!
    Case: K!

    (Annie forgot to mute Case and leaves her phone on the charger and talks to hayden)

    Hay: Who was that?
    Cutie: Thats case!
    Hay: Oh, why did he call you?
    Cutie: So that I can meet his friends, and His girlfriend.
    Hay: Ok.
    Cutie: Aw, you hot?
    Hay: (Nods) Yes.
    Cutie: Let me put the fan on.
    Hay: Noooo!(Whines and holds annie tight)
    Cutie: Hay, let me put the fan on!
    Hay: (Bby voice) No! No! NOOOO!
    Cutie: (bby voice) Awe!, Is wittle Hay hay mady waddy?
    Hay: Yess…
    Cutie: Aw, then come here! (turns around kisses hayden)
    Hay: Yay! (Kisses Annie back)

    (They pull away, annie forgot to leave case on mute so Case can here everything)

    Cutie: Hayyy..
    Hay: Yeah?
    Cutie: Can we get ready for the day…
    Hay: Um, sure. Were headin to the Ice cream and starbucks, but Babe, its 11, we have time!
    Cutie: Ik, But, Pweaseee?
    Hay: (sgins) Fineee!

    (Annie didnt change yet)

    Hay: I thought you were gonna change?
    Cutie: Nooo…
    Hay: Come on lets eat!
    Cutie: K, can you give me a piggy back ride?
    Hay: Yah!

    (Hayden gave annie a piggy back ride and both headed downstairs with Kenzi and Johnny, Caleb)(Case hung up on annie)

    Kenzi: Aww!, morin!
    Hannie: Morin!
    Johnny: So, what are we doing today?
    Twins: STARBUCKSSSSSS!!!!!
    Caleb: (chuckels) How about Ice cream?
    Boys: Yeah, girls, well twins?
    Twins: (looks at eachother and giggles)
    Hayden: I would never get tired of annie’s giggle as long as I love her and live!
    Johnny: Same, I just love my Baby Girl giggle
    Hayden: Its sooo adorable, and it make me wanna tickle her so that I can hear some more of her cuteness
    Johnny: Ikr!
    Caleb: You guys do know that they are MY sisters!?
    J+H: Yes, but they giggles are adorable!
    Twins(Both): Ok fine, Icecream and thennnnnn! Starbucks
    Boys: Deal!
    Twin 1(Keniz): Then.
    Twin 2(Annie): Lets.
    Twin 1(Kenzie): Get.
    Twin 2( Annie): Ready!
    Twins(Both): NOWWWWW!, well after breakfast..

    (Annie, Hayden, Kenzi, Johnny, and Caleb eats their pancakes and heads to their rooms to txt Carson, Connor, and Jayden)(The girls texts Jayden and the boys texts Carson and connor)

    (With the girls)

    My Twin Besties; Heyy!
    JayBae: Hey Twins!
    My twin besties: Wyd?
    JayBae: Nun, Im at the hospital actually.
    My Twin Besties: Why??
    JayBae: Remember when I said that my Ankle hurts?
    My Twin Besties: Yeah..
    JayBae: Well, this moring it was hurting me, so connor had to Carry me down, and Carson was helpin.
    My Twin Besties: Aww! #Cayden and Sbiling goals!
    JayBae: Ya, Ya, anyways my mom took me to the doctor to check it out.
    My Twin Besties: Ok!, so what did they say?
    JayBae: Its….Broken..
    My Twin Besties: Aww, so are you gonna be able to hangout with us?
    JayBae: What are we doing today?
    My Twin Besties: Ice cream shop and Starbucks hangout!
    JayBae: That sounds good, I’m in!
    My Twin Besties: Ok!, anyways!, meet us at our house!
    JayBae: Sure!
    My Twin Besties: Byee!

    (Annie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Pink tang top
    Pants: Ripped shorts
    Shoes: Pink sandals
    Hair: Straighten
    Make up: Natural
    Jacket: One of haydens hoodie
    Acessories: Fakeglasses, pink purse, and phone)

    (Mackenzie’s outfit:
    Shirt: Black Crop top
    Pants: Shorts
    Shoes: Black sandals
    Hair: Curled
    Make up: Natural
    Jacket: Johnny’s hoodie
    Acessories: Sunglasses and phone)

    (Hayden’s outfit:
    Shirt: white thrasser
    Pants: Black ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Natural Curls
    Jacket: Jean Jacket
    Acessories: Fake glasses and phone)

    (Johnny’s outfit:
    Shirt: Yellow sup shirt
    Pants: White ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Hair: Regualr
    Jacket: Jean Jacket
    Acessories: Sunglasses and phone)

    (Caleb’s Outfit:
    Shirt: White hoodie
    Pants: Ripped jeans
    Shoes: Black and white vans
    Acessories: Sunglasses and phone)

    (Annie opened her blinds and window and sat next to Hayden on the bed and turned on t.v, Kenzie opened her blinds and window and sat next to johnny on the bed and turned on T.V, So did Caleb)

    Cutie: Hey Hayyy…(Cuddles with hayden)
    Hay: Yes Baby Girl?
    Cutie: I have somethin to say..
    Hay: Wassup Baby?
    Cutie: I Love you!
    Hay: Aww!, I Love you to!(kissed annies forhead), and you look cute in my hoodie Cutie!
    Cutie: Awe! (Giggles)
    Hay: Your giggles, I can hear them all day!
    Cutie: Aww!
    Hay: What show do you wanna watch?
    Cutie: Spongebob!
    Hay: Okie Cutie!

    (Jayden rings the door bell and Annie gets out of haydens arm and left her room to get the door)


    Annie: Hey Jay!, Connor!, and Carson!
    Connor: Hey annie!
    Jayden: Hi!
    Carson: Sup!
    Annie: I’ll go and get Hayden, kenz, and Johnny down!
    Jayden: Ok!
    Connor: K!
    Carson: Kk!

    (Annie went to her room and opened to see hayden watching t.v)

    Cutie: Hay!
    Hay: Yes Baby?
    Cutie they are here!
    Hay: Ok!

    (Hayden turns the t.v off the T.v and heads downstair)

    Hayden: Hey Bro’s!
    Carson: Hey Man!
    Connor: Wassup dude?
    Hayden: Nothin much.
    Annie: Ok…Um, my mom is callin brb?
    Jayden: Yeah, I should um….go with her..
    Hayden: Cutie?
    Annie: Uhhhhh……..yess?
    Hayden: Are you hiding somethin?
    Jayden: Pft!, whatttt!, nooooo noooooo!, we just um, need, uhh.(nuges annie)
    Annie: Well Just need My twin sisterr!
    Boys: OK?
    Girls: BYee!

    (Annie and Jayden walks in Kenzie’s room and Johnny walked downstair)

    Annie: Hey!
    Kenzi: Hey!, did u tell them yet?
    Jayden: No, they have no clue!
    Annie: I kinda feel, bad…
    Kenzi: Oh please annie, were just planing something!
    Jayden: Yeah, its not like we are cheating or anything.
    Annie: (signs) Fine!, anyways did you talk to mommy and daddy?
    Kenzi: Yep!
    Jayden: What did they say?
    Kenzi: They are working late tonight, but mom and dad already booked the place!
    Annie: Yay!!!
    Jayden: So, what time are we going there?
    Kenzi: Maybe, around 9?
    Jayden: Yeh!
    Annie: Ok, so we have plenty of time to hangout with our bae’s.
    Kenzie: Uhm!
    Jayden: And Hayley’s date is ready 2 right?
    Annie: Yep, but he doesn’t know, she is gonna text me later!
    Kenzi: Ok, I mean I am soooo glad that we are doing this!
    J+A: Same!

    (With the boys while the girls keep on talkin)

    Hayden: UGH!!!!
    Johnny: What’s wrong with u bro?
    Hayden: They are taking soo long!
    Caleb: Dude!, chill!, I know my twin sisters!
    Hayden: Fine, what are we supposed to do now?
    Carson: Maybe, get a bite to eat…
    Hayden: No, we cant leave here…
    Connor: Uh, I say just sit down?
    Johnny: Yeah!
    H+C+C+J: Okie!

    (They boys played on there phones and Annie, Kenzi and Jayden goes down and sees them, so they went up to them)

    Hayden: Hey My Beautiful Princess! (holds annies waist)
    Kenzi: JJJOOOOHHHNNNNYYYYY!(Jumps on him)
    Johnny: Hey Babe! (holds kenzie’s wasit)
    Jayden: CCCOOONNNEEERRR!!(Jumps on him)
    Connor: Hey Precious!(holds jayden’s waist)
    Annie: Why are you sitting?(Sits on haydens lap)
    Hayden: Bc, you 3 took to long!(Wraps arms around annies waist)
    Kenzie: well, we are ready!(Gets off)
    Johnny: R u sure?
    Jayden: Ya!(Gets off)
    Boys: Ok!

    (They headed to the Ice Cream shop and ordered and sat their and ate ice cream and talked)

    Annie: Haydennn…(Looks at hayden)
    Hayden: Yeah?
    Annie: I sleepy..(Rests head on haydens)
    Hayden: Aww!, you wanna get off of my lap and lay on my shoudlers?
    Annie: No no no!(Bby Voice)
    Johnny: Awww!, Hannie!
    Kenzi: Yah, Hey John John?
    Johnny: yes?
    Kenzi: Can we go to the mall?
    Johnny: Sure!

    (Skipping to when Annie and Hayden goes home and Kenzie and Johnny is in Kenzi’s room and Hayden and Annie is in annie’s room cuddlin and Jayden and connor went to jayden’s house and so did carson and Hayley came home and Caleb was playing fortnite)

    (In Annie’s room)

    Cutie: (Yawns)
    Hay: You sleepy?
    Cutie: Yea…
    Hay: Aww, go to sleep!
    Cutie: (Cuddles and sleeps)

    (Hayden txts Dad)

    Hayden: Hey Dad!
    Dad: Hey Hayden!
    Hayden: How r u and hunter, Jimmy and dylan?
    Dad: Good!
    Hayden: Is Katie and Billy there?
    Dad: No, we went to a RYH meeting.
    Hayden: ?
    Dad: I’ll tell u when you come home.
    Hayden: Ok….Should I be worried?
    Dad: hayden!, No!, Your 13!, so is annie and the gang!
    Hayden: Ik!
    Dad: Anyways see you at home.
    Hayden: Ok, bye!

    (Hayden plays with annies hair until he noticeses that annie’s hand is shaking and turning red)

    Hay: Babe!(Shakes her lightly)
    Cutie: Hmmm..?(wakes up)
    Hay: R you ok Baby?
    Cutie: Yeah…….why.
    Hay: I saw your hand shaking and it turned red..
    Cutie: What?, What are you talkin about?
    Hay: Baby, Look at your hand 4 me..
    Cutie: Ok..(Looks at annies red shaky hand)
    Hay: Now do you see what im talkin about?
    Cutie: Yah, why is it like this…?
    Hay: Idk…Baby, did you have a nightmare?
    Cutie: I dont think so..
    Hay: Hm, I dont think you did either..
    Cutie: Babe?
    Hay: Yes baby..
    Cutie: I still sleepy.
    Hay: Ok, go back to sleep.
    Cutie: K, I love you..(Sleeps)
    Hay: (kisses forhead) LOve you 2 Babe!

    (Hayden looked through Instagram and Snapchat, but nothing, so he wanted to get something to eat so he took his arm off of annie and headed down and close ths door)

    (Haydens eats and goes back up to see annie still sleeping, so he cuddled with her)

    (Its 9pm and Hayden and annie is asleep and annie gets a call from mommy, annie wakes up and gets a message from Daddy)

    Daddy: Hey Sweetie!
    Annie: Hi Daddy!
    Daddy: Me and your mom are shopping with nonnie.
    Annie: Ok, Im hungry..
    Daddy: We ordered Pizza!
    Annie: Kk, bye love you!

    (Annie plays with Haydens curly hair and annie smiles bc he is so cute when he is asleep then she checks his phone and sees his cousin London and ruby(They arent twins) Annie didn’t answered, until ruby texted annie)

    (Ruby txting annie)

    Ruby: Hey!
    Annie: What do you want?
    Ruby: Well, why isn’t my Bae not answering?!
    Annie: Lol, very funny, Hayden is MINE and p.s he’s sleeping!
    Ruby: Ugh!, He’s not YOURS and will never be!
    Annie: Yep, Thats why I tell myslef that I Love my boyfriend Hayden!
    Ruby: Bye Loser!
    Annie: Buh bye!

    (Hayden wakes up to annie mad/ crying)

    Hay: Baby, whats wrong?(Wraps arm around annie)
    Cutie: Ugh!, I totally Hate ruby!!!!!(Cries)
    Hay: Why?, what happened?
    Cutie: She, she, she told me that you like her…
    Hay: (looks at annie’s brown eyes) Hey hey.
    Cutie: Yes…(looks at haydens brown eyes)
    Hay: I dont like ruby…I Love you!
    Cutie: Aww, I love you 2..
    Hay: Ik you do.
    Cutie: (giggles) Really?!
    Hay: Did I make LeBlanc Giggle?
    Cutie: (Giggles) Mayyyybbbbbeee
    Hay: (Kisses annie)
    Cutie: (kisses Hayden) 🙂

    (Hayden and annie kept on kissing and then pulled away slowly)

    Hay: Feel better?
    Cutie: Yea, thanks Hay.
    Hay: Np, I love you Julianna.
    Cutie: I Love you to Hayden…
    Hay: I know that I should wait until we hangout tmr, but….
    Cutie: But what?
    Hay: Julianna Grace LeBlanc….(kneels down on 1 knee)
    Cutie: Hay….what’s going on?
    Hay: Do you promise me, to always Love and Care about me?
    Cutie: Yes…….I do.
    Hay: Ok, and p.s this isn’t the ONLY thing I got yu..
    Cutie: Can it be a suprise plz?
    Hay: (chuckles) Sure!

    (Hayden puts the promise ring on annie and they cuddled until it was time for hayden to go home for dinner)

    Hay: Bye Baby Girl!(hugs annie)
    Cutie: Bye Babe!(Hugs back)
    Hay: I’ll see you tmr at the game?(lets go)
    Cutie: Ya!
    Hay: K! (kissed annie’s cheek)
    Cutie: (giggles) What was that for?
    Hay: Just 4 you to know that I love you, and I promise never to let ya go.
    Cutie: I love you to!

    (Hayden and Johnny went home (Johnny is already at home) and annie goes into the kitchen with he siblings)

    Annie: Hey!
    Hayley: Hi annie!
    Kenzi: Hey Twinzie!
    Caleb: Hey!
    Annie: So, did daddy tell you?
    Hayley: No…
    Kenzi: Whats up?
    Caleb: ?
    Annie: Ugh!, Pizza!, thats infront of all 4 of us!
    K+H+C: Oooohhhhh!
    Annie: Whatever!, lets get the pizza and watch some T.v!
    K+C+H: Yayyy!

    (Annie, Kenzi, hayley and Caleb took 2 slices of pizza and went to watch some movies a televison and then talked)

    Annie: I am sooo sad…!
    Kenzi; Oh my gosh annie!, Just bc she died?
    Annie: Uh, yeah!
    Hayley: Annie, she died and thats all!
    Annie: I know…but it was soo sweet and all!
    Caleb: You know that they are actors right?
    Annie: Yah, Hey!, stop teasing me!!!
    K+C+H: Sorry!(laughs)
    Annie: Ugh!, your soo mean!!!!(Throws pillow)
    Caleb: But you Loooovvvvveeee us!(Dramitic)
    Annie: SHUT UP!!!!(Throws another one)
    Kenzi: Ok!, ok!, lets get ready for bed bc we have a fun day tmr!!!
    H+C: Ok!!!!

    (Annie’s Pajams outfit:
    Shirt: Sleepover squad short sleeve
    Shorts: Pink Pj shorts
    Hair: Out
    Shoes: Yellow ankle socks)

    (Annie went into her bathroom and wiped make up off and then charged her phone, turned on the tv and texted hayden)

    (Txting Hay)

    Cutie: Hey Babe!
    Hay: Hey
    Cutie: Wyd?
    Hay: Relaxing, you?
    Cutie: Same.
    Hay: Im about to head to bed!
    Cutie: Ok, night I love you!
    Hay: I Love u 2!

    (Annie got off her phone and went to bed)

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