When me, kenzi, Caleb, and Hayley met hayden, Johnny, Carson, , Connor and Jayden.

Kelani McClendon December 20, 2018
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    (Annie woke up from her crib and Mrs. Katie carried annie to her barny chair)

    Mrs.Katie: Good moring my wittle bean!
    Annie: Gaga!(Claps hands and giggles)
    Mommy: You hungry wittle bean?
    Annie: (Shakes head yes)
    Mommy: Well, ooh theirs milk and rice!, you want that?
    Annie: (Clapps)
    Mommy: Ok, here comes the train! (Feeds annie)
    Annie: (eats)

    (Mr. Billy came with annie’s twin sister kenzi)

    Daddy: Hello my two beautiful girls!(puts kenzi down)
    Mommy: Hello billy, so whats todays plan?
    Daddy: Well, Jimmy wants to bring Hayden to the park so that all of them could play, and the rest wants to meet at the restauren!
    Mommy: Aww, thats nice, Hey bill?
    Daddy: Yes?(Makes faces at the twins)
    Mommy: Caleb, you forgot our son!
    Daddy: No i didnt, he’s right here….Oh man caleb!?

    (Mr.Billy picks caleb up and takes him to where the twins are)

    Mommy: Thx billy!
    Daddy: Np, Aww hello wittle girl!(Rubs her belly)
    Mommy: So, what name should we give the bby girl?
    Daddy: Well, your not a fat prego, so we have time!
    Mommy: By the time the girls and Caleb are at age 3 and learns how to talk, well, we need to tell them that they are having a baby sister.
    Daddy: Ik, hey, How about we teach them 3 how to talk and walk!
    Mommy: Fine, I mean they are turning 2, so lets do it!
    Daddy: Yes!, you grab annie and I’ll get Caleb and Kenzi!

    (They tought them how to walk and stand(They are 17 months old) and talk and soon after they know words)

    Annie: Da-Da?
    Daddy: Yes, Da da
    Annie: Daddy?
    Mommy: Aww!, Annie’s frist words!
    Kenzi: Ma Ma?
    Mommy: Yes, Ma ma
    Kenzi: Mommy?
    Daddy: Awe!, Mackenzie’s frist words!
    Caleb: Ma ma, Da da?
    Both: Yes?
    Caleb: Mommy?, Daddy?
    Both: YES

    (Annie, Caleb and Kenzi played hid and seek)

    Annie: Caweb!, Gimmie!
    Caleb: No!, I had it frist!
    Kenzi: But mommy gave annie that!
    Annie: Caweb!!!
    Caleb: Fine!, here!

    (Mrs.Katie and Mr. Billy came in)

    Mommy: What’s all of this rocket?
    Annie: Caweb stole my teddy bear!
    Daddy: Caleb give it back!
    Caleb: I did!, Mackenzie took it!
    Mommy: Kenzi!, Hand it to annie!
    Mackenzi: Fineeee! Here annie!
    Daddy: Annie, what do you say?
    Annie: Thankie Mackenzie!
    Mommy: Now, Girls let’s go and get ready to meet some friends!
    Kids: YAY FRIENDS!

    (Annie, Kenzi and Mommy went into the twins room)

    Annie: I wanna wear that!
    Mommy: Your flowery Long Sleeve?
    Annie: Yes!, and my jeans and my hair band!
    Mommy: (Chuckles) Ok, someone is excited to meet some friends today!
    Annie: (jumps on bed) I wanna meet them nowww!(Whines)
    Mommy: Julianna Grace LeBlanc!(Chuckels) Get down!
    Annie: Finee, arent you happy Kenzi?
    Kenzi: Uhm, Mommy, can I wear this 2?
    Mommy: Ofc sweetie!

    (Annie, kenzi and Mrs.Kate and Mr.Billy went into the car and drove off to the park to meet Hayden and Mr.Jimmy)

    Mrs.Katie: Jimmy!
    Mr.Jimmy: Hey Billy and Katie!

    (The grouped hugged)

    Mr.Jimmy: Aw, who are these 3 little cuties?
    Mrs.Katie: This is My twin daughters Mackenzi and Julianna But Annie and my son Caleb!
    Mr. Jimmy: Well this is my son Hayden!, Hayden? HAYDEN?
    Annie: (Giggles)
    Mr. Jimmy: Whats so funny?
    Annie: Are you lookin for you sown?
    Kenzi: Anwie! Be niwce!
    Caleb: Kwenie Anwie sees Hayden over there!(Points at hayden on the Monkey bars and hangong)

    (The kids runs up to him)

    Annie: Hello!
    Hayden: (jumps down) Hi!
    Kenzi: Hello, this is my twin annie, and my brother Caleb!
    Hayden: Hi, Im Hayden!
    Caleb: Nice to meet you!
    Hayden: You 2, What do you guys wanna do?
    Annie: (yawns)
    Hayden: Is annie tired?
    C+K: Yep!
    Annie: I am Not!
    Hayden: Ok, then why did you yawn?
    Kenzi: Annie loves saying reason!
    Hayden: Cool, wanna play r p s s?
    C_K_A: Yea!

    (they played rock paper siscor shoot until annie feel asleep on Haydens shoulder)

    Hayden: (Whispers) Kenzi? and Caleb?
    kenzi: Yes hayden?
    Hayden: Annie is asleep.
    Caleb: I’ll go get mommy!

    (Caleb runs to the grown ups)

    caleb: Mommy?
    Mommy: Yes Caleb?
    Caleb: Annie feel asleep on Haydens shoulders.
    Mommy: Aw, she must be having her nap time.
    Daddy: I’ll go get her.
    Mommy: No, Billy its fine!, Hayley isn’t even born yet!
    Caleb: Hayley?, Is she our other friend?
    Daddy: No, she’s your Baby sister!
    Caleb: Yay!
    Mommy: I’m coming Caleb!

    (Mrs. Katie came to the sand box and got annie from Haydens shoulders)

    Hayden: When is annie gonna wake up?
    Mommy: probalay in like 3mins.
    Kenzi: When are we going to the ice cream palace
    with the summeralls?!
    Mommy: In a few.
    Hayden: Yay!, ok byee!

    (Mrs.Katie took annie to her stroller and layed her down and gave her a blankie and covered annie up)

    (45 mins later the kids went to the ice cream palace and the moms met the kids and the kids played)

    Jayden: Hi!
    Annie: Hi, Im annie!
    Jayden: Im jayden, wanna be besties?
    Annie: Sure!, this is my twin sister kenzi!
    Jayden: Hi!, im jayden!, wannabe besties?
    Kenzi: Sure!
    Caleb: And im here!
    Jayden: How about all of us be besties forever?
    Everyone: Sure!

    (They Laughed and ate Ice cream)

    Jayden: Should we have a slumber party?
    Everyone: Yes!
    Jayden: Ok, whos gonna ask their mommy?
    Everyone: Not it!
    Jayden: Annie!, your it!
    Annie: Why am I it?(Pouts)
    Hayden: Aww is wittle annie sad?(Bby voice)
    Annie: No…
    Johnny: Annie? your mad!
    Annie: Fine!, I’ll ask my mommy!
    Everyone: YAY!!

    (Annie went up to their parents and asked them)

    Annie: Mommy, Daddy, Mr.Jimmy, Jimmy, Hunter,
    Dylan, and rest of adults!
    Mommy: Annie, you want something, whats up?
    Annie: Can me and my besties have a sleepover????
    Daddy: It’s fine with us, and them!
    Annie: YAYAY THANKIE!!!!

    (Annie runs to the chair and table and sits down)

    Carson: What did she say?
    Annie: They said yes!
    Hayden: Awesome!
    Annie: I happy!!!
    Caleb: And it will be Hayley’s first slumber!
    Annie: Our Little Baby sister!
    Kenzi: When is she gonna get born?
    Annie: I dont knowwww..

    (Skipping to the whole group is 7 years old ( Hayley met them ans she is 6 years old))

    Annie: Mommy!
    Mommy: Yes annie?!
    Annie: Hayley just vomited!
    Mommy: Oh no!, Hayley!! Hay!
    Hayley: Yes mommy?!
    Mommy: Are you feeling ok?
    Hayley: Yes, just something I ate!
    Mommy: Ok, Caleb!, kenzi!!!!
    Kenzi: Yes?
    Mommy: Time to Hangout with Jayden, and Hayden!

    (Everyoen got out and hangout with Jayden and Hayden)

    Annie+Kenzi: Jaaaaayyyyyyyyddddddddeeeeennnnn!
    Jayden: Annnniiiiiiieeeeee!, Keeeeeeennnnnnnnzzzzziiiiieee!
    Annie+Kenzi: I missed you!
    Jayden: Oh my gosh same, how is homeschooling?
    Annie+Kenzi: Good!, how is hschooling too?
    Jayden: Amazing!
    Hayden: Hey Girls and Caleb!
    Everyone: Hey Hayden!
    Hayden: Wanna play?
    Annie: Um, actually me, kenzi and Jayden are plaining to catch up!
    Hayden: Ok..(Stares at annie) (annie stares back)
    Kenzi: Ooohh looks like crushes are here!
    Hannie: Shut up!

    (Hayden and Caleb talk first)

    Caleb: How is home schooling?
    Hayden: Good, you?
    Caleb: Great!
    Hayden: Um, caleb?
    Caleb: Yes?
    Hayden: I like annie, and I think she likes me.
    Caleb: Aww Hannie!
    Hayden: Ik, how do I tell her?, I mean were only 7!
    Caleb: Just tell annie that you like her by texts, I mean annie ALWAYS Answers!
    Hayden: Ok….Should I now?
    Caleb: YES!

    (Hayden pulls out his phone and texts annie)

    Best Friend💜: Hey Annie!
    Bestie4life💙: Hey Hayden!
    Best Friend💜: Um, annie.
    Bestie4life💙: Yeah Hayden?
    Best Friend💜: Annie, I, I Like you….Alot.
    Bestie4life💙: ~Read~
    Best Friend💜: Annie?
    Bestie4life💙: ~Typing~ Srry Jayden was talking.
    Best Friend💜: It’s fine…
    Bestie4life💙: hayden.
    Best Friend💜: Yes?
    Bestie4life💙: I……I like you too.
    Best Friend💜: Oh, so wanna be my Girlfriend?
    Bestie4life💙: Yes Hayden!
    Best Friend💜: K, Love you Babe!
    Bestie4life💙: Ily2, lets tell our parents!
    Best Friend💜: And friends!
    Bestie4life💙: At dinner tonight!
    Boyfriend(Hayden)💙: Ok!
    Babe💜: Bye see you at the swings?
    Boyfriend(hayden)💙: K, byeee ilysm💜
    Babe💜: Bye ilysm2

    (Annie told Jayden and kenzi)

    Annie: Jaydennnn, kennzziiie..
    Jayden: Yesss?
    Kenzi: Your happy, why??
    Annie: Hayden. Just. Asked. me. out!
    J+K: Ahhh!, Hannie!!! (Squeals)
    Annie: (laughs) Ok, clam down, im happy to!
    Jayden: Wait, when are you telling your parents and the gang?
    Annie: Well, we were hoping dinner at the summerall’s tonight.
    Kenzi: Yeah!, I mean everyone is gonna be there AND its the prefect time!
    Annie: Ya!
    Jayden: Ok, text me later and tell me the plan!
    Kenzi: Same here!
    Annie: K, I’ll text hayden!

    (With Caleb and hayden(Before annie txts Hayden)

    Caleb: Did you?
    Hayden: Yeah!
    Caleb: Awesome, when are you telling the gang?
    Hayden: At my dinner party!
    Caleb: Awesome!
    Hayden: I’ll text annie rn!
    Caleb: K!

    (Hannie txts eachother)

    Annikian💜: Hey Babe❤
    Hay💙: Hey Babe💖
    Annikain💜: I talked to the girls, and they are soo happy!💕
    Hay💙: So was Caleb!😹
    Annikian💜: Idk why they are happy about us being together.😹
    Hay💙: Ikr!, Caleb said ” OMG HANNIEEE” and then scream like a girl!
    Annikain💜: 😹 that’s Caleb!
    Hay💙: ik!😹
    Annikian💜: Were going to the swings, see you, ilysm byee💓💓
    Hay💙: Ilysm2 byeee💖💖💖

    (They all met on the swings and they saw Johnny, carson, and connor walk
    up to them)

    Carson😎: Hey guys!
    Hayden😎: Sup bro!
    Annie😇: Hey Carson!
    Jayden😄: Hey!!
    Kenzi😛: Hey!
    Caleb😎: Sup!
    Connor😎: Hey!
    Johnny😎: Hey!
    Annie😇: Cool skate board john!
    Johnny😎: Thanks!
    Kenzi😛: Can I try?
    Johnny😎: Sure!
    hayden😎: Hey anns!
    Annie😇: Yeah.
    Hayden😎: I can teach you how to skate board!
    Annie😇: (giggles) Do you even HAVE a skate board?
    Hayden😎: Yeah!, wanna be a student and i’ll teach you?
    Annie😇: Ok!!!!!
    Connor😎: Hey Jayden!
    Jayden😁: Yeah?
    Connor😎: I could teach you how to board also!
    Jayden😁: K!
    Caleb😎: This. Is. Gonna. Be. Funny.
    Hayley😁: Can you teach me carson?
    Carson😎: Sure!

    (With Kenzi and Johnny)

    Johnny😎: Ok, so first get on the board.
    Kenzie😁: K! (Gets on)
    Johnny: Now, use your left foot to push off.
    Kenzi😁: I dont wanna fall john!
    Johnny😎: Your not trust me!
    Kenzie😁: Fine!(Rides off)
    Johnny😎: See your doing it!
    Kenzi😁: Yayyyyy!(Rides back and get off)
    Johnny😎: Congrats Mackenzie, you offically won the skate boarding test.
    Kenzi😁: Awe thanks!, I am happy to win it? (Giggles)
    Johnny😎: your sooo adorable when you giggle.
    Kenzi😁: Aww thanks!
    Johnny😎: Hey um kenzi.
    Kenzi😁: Yeah?
    Johnny😎: I like you, will you go out with me?
    Kenzi😁: YES!(Hugs)
    Johnny😎: Should we tell the others?
    Kenzi😁: YASSS!
    Johnny😎: K, at dinner ok Kenz Kenz?
    Kenzi😁: Okie, I wanna ride again!
    Johnny😎: Ok, Plz be careful!
    Kenzi😁: I will! (Rides and comes back and rides

    (With connor and Jayden)

    Connor😎: Ok, now, get on the board.
    Jayden😄: K, (gets on)
    Connor😎: Now, push off eith your left foot.
    Jayden😄: (pushes off and connor stands there)
    Connor😎: GOOD JOB!, NOW COME BACK!
    Jayden😄: Ok! (Comes back)
    Connor😎: Hey Jayden.
    Jayden😄: Yes connor?
    Connor😎: Will you go out with me?
    Jayden😄: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!(hugs)
    Connor😎: Werido, Ilysm Jay Jay!
    Jayden😄: Awe same, Ooh lets tell the others at dinner!
    Connor😎: Ok!

    (With Carson and hayley and caleb)

    Hayley💖: Caleb!
    Caleb😎: Yea hay hay?
    Hayley💖: Mommy gave me something!
    Caleb😎: Like what?
    Hayley💖: A PHONE!
    Caleb😎: Awe congrats haybug!
    Hayley💖: Thank youuu, I wanna text my besties!
    Caleb😎: Did mommy meet them?
    Hayley💖: Yes!, it was yesterday, we had a play date!
    Caleb😎: Awesome!
    Hayley💖: Im gonna go and text my besties!
    Caleb😎: K, wanna swing?
    Hayley💖: OFC!
    Caleb😎: How about carson goes with you!
    Carson😎: Sure!
    Hayley💖: K, lets goo!(Runs)

    (Caleb sees a girl with brown blonde hair)

    Caleb: Hey.
    ?: Hi.
    Caleb: My name is Caleb!
    ?: Im Madison Lewis, well Mads.
    Caleb: Nice to meet you(Shakes hand)
    Madison: Same. (shakes hand)
    Caleb: Why are you here alone?
    Madison: My bf broke up with me. why are you here?
    Caleb: My 3 Baby sisters and their child hood friends.
    Madison: How old r you?
    Caleb: Im 10, you?
    Madison: Im 10 2, I have a triplet, but they live with my dad, I just live with my mom bc she supports me.
    Caleb: Oh, do you have friends?
    Madison: Yeah!
    Caleb: Whats their names?
    Madison: Dylan Conquire, Caden Conquire, Lauren Orlando and Ruby tuner!
    Caleb: Cool, I wanna meet them!
    Madison: Maybe you will tomorrow, if you come here.
    Caleb: Yeah, were coming back to the park!, my sisters are hanging out with their friends tmr!
    Madison: Awesome!
    Caleb: Can I stay her-(Annie comes up to them)
    Annie: Caleb!!!!
    Caleb: What’s wrong annie?
    Annie: Its freezeing and all of us wanna go home!
    Madison: Then walk home little girl!
    Annie: Hey!, watch it!
    Caleb: Annie!, mads I’ll see you tmr!
    Madison: K, byee Calebbear!
    Caleb: Bye!
    Madison: Byee Loser and Ili girl!
    Annie: Idk who you are!
    Caleb: Come on lets get the gang and goes home!

    (They all headed to annies house)

    Annie: Mommy!
    Mommy: Yes annie?
    Annie: Can me, and Hayden go to my room?
    Mommy: Why?, I just made lunch!
    Annie: Hayden needs a charger.
    Mommy: Ok, fine, but be here before caleb yells!
    Annie: Okay mommy!

    (In annie’s room)

    Hay💙: Wow, your room is nice princess!
    Princess💜: Thanks
    Hay💙: Where’s your charger?
    Princess💜: It’s over here!
    Hay💙: Thanks!
    Princess💜: No problem Babe!

    (they go downstairs)

    Mommy💖: Ok, everyone time for lunch!
    Annie💜: Yay!(gets a message from daddy)

    (Daddy texts)

    Daddy💖: Hey annie!
    Annie💕: Hey Daddy!
    Daddy💖: Tell your mom that I wouldnt be able to make it to the summerall’s almost christmas dinner.
    Annie💕: Why?
    Daddy💖: YouTube meeting and other things!
    Annie💕: Ok, byee love you daddy!💓
    Daddy💖: Love you to bye💓

    (Annie runs into the kitchen)

    Annie: Hey Mommy.
    Mommy: Yes annie?
    Annie: Where is everyone.
    Mommy: they all went home to get ready for the dinner party.
    Annie: Ok, oh and daddy cant make it.
    Mommy: I understand annie, go and take a shower.
    Annie: Ok, can I text someone before?
    Mommy: Ofc, you have 15 mins before, and also your 7 annie!
    Annie: (Laughs) I know mommy!

    (Annie runs upstaris and texts Jayden)

    Anns❤: Hey Jay Jay!
    Jay Jay💛: Hey Anns!
    Anns❤: R you ready for the dinner?
    Jay Jay💛: Ofc!, and annie.
    Anns❤: yea jay jay?
    Jay Jay💛: I have a suprise and you and kenzie will be the first!.
    Anns❤: Okay, what is it?
    Jay Jay💛: Me and Connor are dating…
    Anns❤: Aw!
    Jay Jay💛: I am gonna tell the others at dinner tonight.
    Anns❤: K
    Jay Jay💛: I was hoping if me, you, and kenzi can share the news..
    Anns❤: Oh yeah, Kenz and John, sure!, did you talk to kenz?
    Jay Jay💛: Yeah i did!
    Anns❤: Ok, see you bye jay jay!
    Jay Jay💛: Bye!

    (Annie took an nap and mrs.katie woke annie up and vloged)

    Mommy: Hey guys, so right now, annie is asleep in her room, Kenzi is sleeping on the couch, and caleb is also sleeping n his room, but I have a suprise for the kids, so Paige is coming and Tomorrow we are having a christmas party because the kids are finished with home schooling semester, so daddy is heading to pick Paige up and I am waking up the kids and we have 20 mins before the dinner with the summeralls, so lets head to annie’s room frist, Hi Piper!, you came from annie’s room?, is she asleep? (pets piper) ok here is annie, wheres the light oh here it is(turns it on and faces annie) Annie….

    Annie: (groans) Uhm…
    Mommy: Its time to wake up!
    Annie: (wakes up a little) Mommy.
    Mommy: hey sleepy, hurry and take a shower.
    Annie: ok,(Cuddles in her bed)
    Mommy: Want me to put the heater on?
    Annie: Yes..(Cuddles)
    Mommy: K, you have 5 more mins in bed(turns the heater on)

    (Mrs.katie leaves and heads to kenzies)

    Mommy: Ok guys, so im gonna go to kenzi’s rm. kenz…
    Kenzi: hmmm. (rolls over)
    Mommy: time to wakey wakey eggs and bacon!
    Kenzi: Ok…(wakes up)
    Mommy: I’ll put the heater on for you.(puts heater on)

    (Mrs.Katie leaves and heads to Caleb’s)

    Mommy: Caleb…
    Caleb: Hmm…(rolls over)
    Mommy: Caleb wakey!
    Caleb: (wakes up) Can I cuddle in my bed?
    Mommy: Sure, let me turn the heater on
    Caleb: K.

    (Mrs.Katie left and headed to watch a movie)

    (Annie texts Hayden)

    Hay💙: Hey Anns!
    Anns💜: Hey!
    Hay💙: Did you just wake up?
    Anns💜: Yeah, you?
    Hay💙: Yeah.
    Anns💜: What time is the party?
    Hay💙: In like 24mins, idk im only 7.
    Anns💜: 😹same.
    Hay💙: Im gonna head back to bed, bye!
    Anns💜: Bye!

    (Annie get up and picks out this
    Shirt: Balck and white heart sweater
    Pants: skinny jeans
    Shoes: black ankle boots
    hair: French braids
    Acessories: blush fake glasses & phone
    Hoodie: panda hoodie)

    (Kenzies outfit:

    Shirt: love sweater
    pants: Black skinny jeans
    Shoes: Ankle boots
    Hair: messy bun
    Acessories: fake glasses and phone
    hoodie: gap

    (Everyone had their confy outfit,( Then Eevryone headed to Hayden’s place
    and the kids played in Haydens room while the adults talked)


    Hayden: So…….me and annie have something to share.
    Jayden: So does me and Connor.
    Kenzi: Yea, so does me and johnny.
    Caleb: I dont know whats going on here.
    Hayley: Same.
    Carson: Me either, and were all 7!
    Annie: Jayden?, Kenz?….needs to share something together…
    Boys+Hayley: Ok…
    Jayden: (Tears up) Me and Connor are dating now, and I didnt want to tell my sibling Hayden, bc hayden is like a brother to me, and I know that we all just met but I feel like we are all family. And tbh I dont want this friendship/ Sibling realationship(Cries) Im sorry..(Runs out crying)
    Annie: Jayden…Um, me and hayden are dating and I-(looks at hayden) I have to go see if jayden is fine, brb(runs out)

    (Annie hears jayden crying in the guess room)

    Annie: (knocks) Jayden.
    Jayden: (sniffs) Yea?
    Annie: Can I come in….please.
    Jayden: Yeah.
    Annie: (comes in and sits nxt to Jayden) Whats wrong?
    Jayden: (cries) I dont want to loose our friends…
    Annie: Aww Jay. (hugs) You won’t loose us, we are all just happy with eachother, nothing can be different!
    Jayden: (sniffs) I know.
    Annie: Hey, we are all still that loving werid and funny gang and we will stick together like we always did when we were babies.
    Jayden: Thanks anns, you mean alot!(hugs)
    Annie: I know I do, wanna go back?
    Jayden: Ofc I do, anyways lets head back.

    (they went to haydens room)

    Annie: Hey guys, wheres um Hayden and the boys?
    Hayley: They went downstairs to ask for somethin
    Jayden: Like what?
    Kenzi: Idk, it seems like they wanna suprise us…
    Annie: Uhm, I’ll call hayden and ask, stay here!
    Girls: Ok!

    (Hayden answered annie’s call)

    Hay: Hello?
    BabyGirl: Hey Hay!
    Hay: Oh hey babe, whats up?
    BabyGirl: Um nothing, its just(signhs) um you left kenzi and Hayley alone in your room.
    Hay: Oh yeah.
    BabyGirl: (tears up) Hay.
    Hay: Yes babe?, why do you sound teared up.
    BabyGirl: (cries) Wh-where are you?
    Hay: Me and the boys went with my dad at the store.
    BabyGirl: (sniffs)
    Hay: Babe, you ok?
    BabyGirl: (hangs up)

    (Annie cries and the girls sees)

    Kenzi: Annie, whats wrong?
    Annie: Idk, what Caleb thinks about me and hayden, and im kinda scared to ask him.
    Jayden: I mean annie, it is worth a risk to see what caleb thinks about hannie, if he ships it!
    Annie: I feel like I am betraying him as a sister.
    Hayley: No your really not, Caleb loves you sooo much, words cant describe it to me, you or even Mackenzi, but it’s in the mind and mouth.
    Annie: Thanks.
    Kenzi+Jay+Hayley: Np1

    (20 mins later the girls feel asleep, annie is sleeping on haydens bed and snuggled up, kenzi is sleeping on the bean bag and the other 2 are sleeping some where)(The boys came in and saw annie, kenz, Jay and Hayley asleep)

    Hayden: Aww, annie looks cute.
    Johnny: Kenzi looks adorable.
    Carson: Hayley looks cute
    Connor: (whispers) Ok, 1 your not whispering, and 2 you no compermising!
    Hayden: Yeah true, how are we waking the girls up?
    Caleb: Idk, I thought Johnny had a plan.
    Johnny: I did, and then now i kinda do?
    Boys: What?
    Johnny: Maybe kiss their cheeks and hope they wake up.
    Boys: Sure!

    (Frist hayden went over to annie)

    Hayden: Hey Babe..
    Annie: (still sleeping)
    Hayden: (kisses her rose cold cheeks) Anns.
    Annie: (wakes up) hm, hay?
    Hayden: Hey Babe.
    Annie: uhm, what time is it?, and why is it soo cold?(Sits up)
    Hayden: Its 5 almost 6 and almost time for dinner.
    Annie: oh, babe.
    Hayden: Yes babe?
    Annie: I tired.
    Hayden: Awe, well can we cuddle?
    Annie: (sleeps) Yeah.

    (Everyone falls sleep and Mrs.katie was talking to the adults(srry for not adding to the rest its just im going through a fight with my bf and I cant really focuse)

    Katie: how is the new baby trisha?
    Trisha: Oh she’s good, still in my belly.
    Jayda: Did you tell hayden or the boys yet?
    Trisha: No, Jimmy is gonna tell hayden sooner.
    Billy: I remember when we did not tell annie, Mackenzie or Caleb about hayley.
    Jimmy: I mean, I met hayley when she was 2 and everyone else did, and plus trisha has some news.
    Trisha: Oh right, I called the doctor and he says that I am having a boy!
    Katie: Ahh!, another boy!!!
    Jayda: That will be 5 boyss!!
    Billy: Congrats jimmy!
    Jimmy: Thanks, it’s 7 and getting late.
    Katie: Oh yea right, um, take them out to eat?
    Adults: Yea!
    Jimmy: I’ll get the kids!

    (Haydens dad came up and saw the kids sleeping)

    Mr.Jimmy: Annie, Hayden, Hayley, Carson, Kenzi, Jayden, Johnny and connor?
    Annie: (rolls over) Hm?
    Mr.Jimmy: Time to wake up!, we’re going out to eat!
    Hayden: (rolls over) Ok dad.
    Mr.Jimmy: Others?
    K+J+J+C+C+H: Ok.

    (Everyone went downstairs and went into the car after they were done eating they all went home)

    Annie: Night mommy!, night daddy!
    Mommy: Nighty night annie I love you
    Annie: Love you to(Closes door and head to bed but txts hayden)
    Kenzi: Night!
    Everyoen: NIGHT!

    babygirl: Hey Babe
    Hay: Hey Babe
    BabyGirl: Srry I didn’t get to say night 2 u.
    Hay: It’s fine, we all are sleepy.
    BabyGirl: Ik, I am difently.
    Hay: What are you doing tmr?
    BabyGirl: I have to go to the park with Caleb.
    hay: Why?, its cold outside and snowing!
    BabyGirl: He met a girl, and he wants me to say im sorry.
    hay: he knows your only 7, right?
    BabyGirl: Yeah, he does.
    Hay: are you still going?
    BabyGirl: No, I told caleb already, and he didnt really wanna see her tmr.
    Hay: Ok, I’m gonna sleep now, night babe!
    BabyGirl: Night.

    (Annie goes to sleep)


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