Worgleschnortskopf; Glow of new Begingings

andrew mcintyre November 29, 2021
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A silver sickle sharp moon cuts through the wispy clouds,
Upon this night full of expectancy and future hope,
Silence fell at midnight hour,
Nothing moved,
Nothing stirred.
Small lights began to appear,like fire flies awakening,
More and more appeared with singing,dancing and merry making,
Filling the depths of Wylde Wood with gaiety and joy.
Praise to the rising and waxing moon,
To the coming of the new season,
Fertile and full of growing seed,
Blessed by the suns blazing fire,
Bringing growth wealth of food.
Beltane fires showering the air with fragrant spark,
The old year gone but having left its mark.
Delphinus and Honeysuckle Nostorium,
King and queen riding on their unicorns os misty silver,
Wafting through the woods like fragrant scent,
Uplifting all their subjects filling them with love,
Like unto the wings of pure white doves.
New days beginnings dawning like a jubilee,
Fresh seed sown on fertile soil,
To grow skywards repaying toil.

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