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    “Oh no!! I’m so stupid” the great wizard shouted in disgust as his feet sunk into birds dropping, a sense of self loath and under achievement overcome him and weighted on his shoulders.
    In order to open the shutters for a large black bird to fly out, he wobbled on his heels towards the window, being careful not to smudge the birds dropping.

    He then let himself out, sat at the doorstep and quietly wiped his feet with a towel, He could use magic but this was more therapeutic. At last, he calmed down, forgave himself for his stupidity and was ready to embrace the morning.

    His name was XZORAMAXIMUS THE THIRD, Max for short, part of a great line of wizards. Max’s father XZORAMAXIMUS THE SECOND just transcended to the second stage of wizard hood life cycle, the invisible phase. His grandfather XZORAMAXIMUS THE FIRST transcended to third stage of wizard hood life cycle, the Solid-Matter phase -he is now the great big purple mountain in the Xalion solar system. XZORAMAXIMUS THE THIRD, known to all as Max is living in a little cabin on a small floating island, somewhere between the deep blue sky where the clouds are resting and earth below. He is extremely busy this morning needing to go & see his grandfather, concerning his fire & lightning spell.

    Max stepped outside his little house, stretching his arms breathing in the sweet fresh morning air, basking under the gush of bright sun light.
    Just as he was about to reach the edge of the stretch a great deep woody voice broke the silent. “…Lovely day, isn’t it? You finally woke up… I have been awake for ages. I couldn’t sleep from that entire noisy silent”. “Good morning weed” answered the wizard looking into the face of another member of the island, a very unhappy tree “I’m glad to see you on such a pretty day”.
    “It’s alright for you” moaned the tree “you are going on all these exciting trips, while I’m left all by myself in this deserted island & another thing this, my name: ‘Weed’, you promised to find me a real name… I’m no longer a sapling, & you did promise that I’ll be named after the long line of wizards trees” the tree’s voice quite down into a sigh “I told you yesterday I had to go & see XZORAMAXIMUS THE THIRD”

    The wizard watched as the branches sank in a glum. “pleaseeee don’t goooo, Max” he cried, pleading, shedding great big tears of sap, tightening his branches around the wizard. “Now, now, don’t be sadden, the sooner I’ll go the sooner I’ll return and any way I thought you wanted a name” said the wizard as he patted the tree’s trunk “ watch out not to get your branches tangled up again”. Weed straightened himself, shook the sap of his branches, dried the rest of his tears and wiped his nose “all right than” he said in acceptance.

    Our Max walked away from the mourning tree to search for his third companion on the island, the one that likes to web his webs on the rose bush. “Had a busy night I can see” said Max “a bit too busy!, I told you a million times not to let your webs overflow to the clouds” “sh..”, said the spider “don’t make so much noise, my web is just perfect for catching some juicy flies, may be even a mosquito” whispered the spider .
    “But this is no good!” Exclaimed the wizard, ignoring the spider request for silent. “Your webs tangled in the clouds surrounding the island, if we don’t remove your webs there’s going to be great friction between the clouds, which means a great thunderstorm”. By now the wizard was mumbling to himself waving his hand about clearing the web “the poor tree is terrified of getting hit by a lighting, what with all these clouds around, and I won’t be here to protect him” his voice became louder again “make sure it won’t happen again!” He ordered the spider & walked back to the house, mumbling to himself something about getting ready to go.

    The bird was pecking by the door step, “now… you.. bird” the fowl lifted her head for a moment “I’m going away in a minute, I shall leave the window open so you can come and go as you please, there won’t be any need for you to leave your droppings in, there will also be plenty of food and drinks inside so don’t try to eat the spider”. “Trust me“twitted the bird “I will also try & cheer up the tree till you come” said the bird as she flew up the wizards shoulder. Max smiled at the feathery creature, thinking to himself that at list she and the spider do not worry about their name.

    He lowered the bird to the ground “…now the feeding spell”, he walked towards 2 wooden bowls on the floor he held the first in his hand and said. “May this bowl will never empty from the precious liquid of life” a flow of lighting from the wizards hand touched the bowl “let there be water” & the bowl got filled with the freshest water in the world. He then lifted the other bowl “may this bowl will never empty from feathered-creatures food” a flow of red lighting from the wizards hand en-wrapped the bowl “feathered -creatures food” said the wizard to the filled bowl.

    Finally, time to go! Cloth, cape, cane “right tree, its time” Max lifted his cane to the sky & shouted: “the power of time, the power of place, take me on the wings of space, to the place I need to reach, without prolonging by speech, take me now to the solar system of Xlaion.” Golden dust lifted the magician up to the sky, which opened a twirling tunnel; XZORAMAXIMUS THE THIRD changed into sparkling dust & disappeared into the tunnel.

    XZORAMAXIMUS THE THIRD has landed in Xaalion solar system.
    Max looked down at his feet, he was standing on dry log who looked up at him screaming.
    “Sorry “Max quickly moved away “I really am s….”
    “your squashing us, ahhh!!”

    The great magician panicked, pointed his cane to the sky: “with all the power and might, with all the gentleness and grace, lift up two inches” a warm wave of air lift him up a couple of inches. From his place from up in the air, he looked at screaming pebbles. He apologise, again.
    The pebbles looked up to him saying, “What are you doing here, no one can enter this planet, only beings in their third stage of life… or wizard? … Are you one? You do not look like one…
    “yes I am” answered Max “XZORAMAXIMUS THE THIRD. The pebbles burst into a rolling laughter the log joined them. “I’m glad you’re having fun,” said the wizard calmly.

    “Your right, sorry, it’s obvious …don’t know what came over me you’re obviously a magician. Look you make magic right now” there was awkward silent in the air now “…come to think of it you do look like a talented wizard”. The great Max burst into a rolling laugh, his hands where on his hips as if trying to hold him from falling. The pebbles and the log exchange looks, scared to say a word. They knew what it meant to cross a wizard, not first-hand, but the burnt rose bush beside them managed to cross some other wizard, and that’s why he isn’t just a dry bush, but a burnt one. Which means that soon he’ll be spending his third stage as ashes which means that when the time will come to move on to next stage he’ll probably will be minus some leaves.

    With no warning the wizard stopped laughing, a tense moment. His studied the surrounding, he then looked down fearing Pebbles & Log, pausing, stretching the moment, enjoying this moment of respect mixed with fear, finally he blinked his eyes & said “don’t worry about it, I’m used to that sort of reaction, I’m not going to waste my magic & time on you I have urgent matter to deal with, now! Can you kindly tell me were the purple mountain is & I’ll be off.”

    “sh,sh… the creatures hashed him, you mustn’t say his name out loud, he can hear everything… what do you need him for?”
    not waiting for an answer they carried on whispering to each other about the powerful purple mountain.
    the wise wizard knew there was no need to share his inner self with creature on the third stage of life, ignoring there question he said “so which way is the best way” looking down “oh and is there
    a way to get their walking or do I have to stay afloat” he had problem staying concentrated in one thing, so navigating and flying could be a bit disturbing, but of course he didn’t
    Wont these issues revealed to no other but to Xzoramaximus the first.
    “What’s all the whispering over there, just tell me if there’s a path to the purple mountain”.
    In a very faint voice, the pebbles spoke “you must promise not to tell, who showed you the way…”
    “Don’t worry I won’t say a word, just tell me” rushed the wizard.
    …”You see…” carried on the Pebble as if not noticing the magician
    Interrupting her. “He has ways of finding out things without even asking. He just looks at you…” it was hard to hear her whispers, her eyes rolled up to some invisible spot in space “who knows, he might be watching – now”. Suddenly her voice became loud “and I tell you one thing the last thing I want to risk is the rest of my time here as a pebble, he could turn me into pebble dust for the rest of my solid stage, you know what that mean” she looked up to the magician.
    “What…” said Max without a question mark.
    “The wind might blow some of the dust away and then when it’s time for my fourth stage I’ll be missing particles who knows what might happen ….and you should know that I was gorgeous in my first stage & if..”
    ”I can assure you that nothing will happen just tell me the way”
    “Some wizard you are” the Pebble burst into a stony laughter “Hear that log? A great wizard who can figure out his way”. The log answered in laughter, “Please???” said the wizard
    “It’s in you, said the log “every person well wizards actually have their own path to the wizard; everyone is connected to him in some way” the voice of the log echoed in his wooden chamber.
    “Right” said the pebble “I couldn’t put it better myself.”
    The wizard thoughts have drifted trying to find the connection; it was all a bit to spiritual for him he was just a simple wizard with no double meaning.
    His thoughts drifted to what where Pebble & Log in their previous stage tried to imagine them as humans or may be animals, he could not imagine the log as an insect, Pebble could be though.
    He felt wind blowing under his feet.
    “He’s not doing it right ”he heard the Log saying to the Pebble, he tried to concentrate harder, the voices turned faint, the wizard drifted into childhood memories of his father when a familiar voice from the distant past entered his head and guided him back to reality.

    “So there you are my precious, you finally found me…” a familiar voice of acceptance, compassion, family, love, warmth brought Max to awareness. Whilst his feet sank into soft powdery purple dust. He opened his eyes to look up into two large dusty eyes, which looked down at him in a familiar loving way, a very large nose tremor with every breath and the large mouth spat dust as he opened his mouth to speak, “I’m so glad to see you my little Maxi..”
    Maximus guarded his face from the dust “oh I forgot, about the dust my angel, usually it’s a good scary feature when other wizard come and visit me it adds to my grandeur, I never once thought it might hurt the creature of my loins”
    “it ok, make a change from the spray of smelly saliva from when I was child and you where still human, a very old one”
    The great wizard burst into a full hearty mountain laughter, which resulted in an avalanche of stones. “Watch out I’m getting stoned to death here” cried out XZORAMAXIMUS the third. “I’m so sorry my darling “answered XZORAMAXIMUS the first. “I forgot what it feels to be with loved ones, it’s so nice to have you visiting me, it’s being ages, you’re father for example he never come…ungrateful, he forgot all the things I’ve done for him, made him what he is today.” The great wizard stopped his stream of complaints, than asked in curiosity how does his grandson find the second stage of wizard-hood.. “Not that I need to ask,” he added “at my stage I can truck all my relatives even the one from the future”
    Max said “well, if you know everything, there’s nothing for me to say, no?!” he looked bewildered at the breathing mountain.
    The mountain smiled down at his grandson “you’re eyes, they haven’t change, and you have the same question mark stuck to your face as you had when you were 3 come to think…. “The mountain looked to the sky his mouth spelling out his ancient thought “yes, come to think of it you had the same look when you were 6 ..And 8 and …”
    “I don’t think my facial expressions have changed” interrupted Max.
    “Also not in your height…” the purple mountain burst into another dusty laughter he suddenly stopped his eyes wrinkled closer together, his eyebrows frowned and his voice got even deeper
    “Don’t let anyone teaz you or laugh at you because you will be the greatest wizard which was ever or will ever be born under the XZORAMAXIMUS legacy”
    Poor max, first laughed now could not open his eyes from the sprinkle of dust didnt know whether to cry from the humiliation or be happy because on the future ahead him, totally bewildered.
    “My poor child. I wish I could pick you in my arm, sit you on my knees, and shake the dust of you. Protect you from all evil, and keep you here forever, but us wizard have vocation to fill in life therefore I’ll do the next best thing I’ll help you & send you to your island, it’s the lighting & fire spells that you have problem with!”

    “Yes… oh & my tree, he really…” answered Max
    “Yes I know” stopped the great old grandfather “I know it’s annoying that I know what you want before you say it, sorry, he need a name, a great wizard like you can’t have a tree name Weed, it’s all started from the tree of life in the beginning of time which of course accompanied the original wizard”
    “Can I still call you Opa? or do I call you Xzoramaxmimus the great”. The mountain outlines softend towards the sitting man “I’ll always be your opa. You look hungry…and really skinny”. The mountain stared as the ground moved from underneath Max and the sand shifted to a form of sandy cushions all around him, supporting his back and arms. He sank in comfort suddenly realising how tired and sore he was, a rock rolled toward him just as he was about to get up the rock stopped and on it appeared as if from its inside plates with fruits and nectar ,is been a long time since he felt secured and loved unconditionally.
    The mountain sensed the emotional moment, said “there, there dear, rest for a while & eat” Max looked up to the mountain he tried to speak but the words came out unclear and accompanied with crumbs “this is brilliant I didn’t realise how hungry I’ve been” but the great mountain understood, he knew it all.
    They both sat there in silent the great mountain enjoying the comforting presence of each other. The day was coming to an end the sky changed their colour and were closing down

    “Do you like it opa?” said Max relaxing in his grandfather nest “…being a mountain? Do you miss being able to walk, being a person”
    “It’s all about evolvement “said the mountain in a deep and wise voice “Once you transcend into different stages it’s like… moving upward, you can’t miss what you don’t need, the greatness, wisdom and mightiness give you the knowledge of far and beyond. You will find out that you don’t need all this human traits, they just hold you back” The Great Mountain noticed the expression of loneliness & great sadness in his poor grandson face, small puddles appeared around the mountain eyes.
    “Don’t be sad, great thing will come your way. If disaster cross your path it will be the seed of splendour”. Max just sighed with acceptance.
    The great mountain stretched causing slight commotion in the ground below Max but not enough to make him loose his seat, his voice became deeper and dark.
    “The Great Spell of lighting & fire the reason for this delightful visit the one that’s been carried out by the legendary Xzoramaxmimus wizards should be done in accordance with the movement
    of the arms and the slight closure of the eye. ”The mountain stopped for a minute, watching Max freezing in his place memorizing his words. All of a sudden a turbulence of purple sand opposite Max, and out of the purpled twirl appeared a hologram of Xzoramaxmimus as a young wizard. Looking at the Xzoramaxmimus the third. He stretched his right arm holding the cane the same cane that passed on to Xzoramaxmimus the third, the mountain was now silent the facial featured and the paddles of mud around the eyes vanished.
    The hologram continued, he pointed the cane towards one of the rocks on the ground with a twist to the outside & said:
    “The power light, the power cane” he squinted his eyes towards the rock and said:
    “take the bright
    to the sight
    and change the rock
    to red blossom”
    A lighting flew out of the cane crossed a spark from the wizards eye into the pebble which cracked open and a bunch red blossom popped out.
    Max observed trying to memorize the grip of right arm, the twisting and the squinting.
    The image of the great wizard continued, the cane was still in the right hand this time its just stretched directly to the red blossom, he opened his eyes wide frowning his brows than said the nearly rhymed spell:
    “The power fire,
    the power cane.
    Take the bright
    to the sight
    heat with light
    cane the red blossom
    to a pebble again”
    The eyes gave out rays of light, which joined a beam from the cane and formed a ball of fire that hit the blossom, which shrank into nothingness. The pebble closed into its previous position as if nothing happened.
    By now, silent and darkness fell, the sky were deep velvet purple, the stars were twinkling with a pinkish glow, and there was not a sound.
    The hologram disappeared the mountain came back to life, a deep mountain voice was roaring quietly, “it’s time for you to go my son”
    Xzoramaxmimus the third stretched his limbs dusted of the purple specks of his clothes.
    “The power of time,
    the power of place….”

    “Wait, I nearly forgot! “Cried Max “the tree what shall I name him?”
    “I” said the mountain quietly “didn’t forget. As soon as you reach you’re island it will come to you, here let me send you back myself”.
    The great purple mountain said nothing he did not need to, his mouth opened wide and he sprayed Max with sparkling fine purple dust until he could not see no more, when the dust settled
    Xzoramaxmimus the third was gone.
    Whilst he made his way on the magical sparkling dust, he could hear his grandfather’s voice so-rounding him “you know where I am always… for you….. Don’t forget, any pitfalls you will experience will lead you to brighter things.” His feet touched the ground.

    It day time back in Xzoramaxmimus the third Floating Island he was away for just 24 hours, 24 hours too long. He first noticed the sickening scent of burned wood. The magician opened his eyes to find everything black. He defiantly landed with a bang.

    Xzoramaximus little house was sizzled to the ground, the bird was standing on half charcoaled beam with the bowls of water and food on the ground face down, The courtesy of the spell for never ending food and drinks ended in a disgusting mash of water & bird food.
    The sun rays felt stronger than ever, he realised there was a sudden shorten of shade, no raffle of leaves, no constant sounds of complaint….. The tree!?!? He looked over to tree used to be, to find a sad looking stamp. The poor tree was burnt to the ground, the scale of the disaster hit poor old Max, his heart sank he walked towards the burnt tree stamp “weed?” he cried in a quest “weed, are you in their?” There was no sound. The sad tears that choked him cleared the path to anger. He knew what had happened and he knew who was responsible, he walked to the edge of the island were the remained of the rose bush was, where was the spider? All he could see was the remain of burned spider web dwindling from the rim of the island.
    “WERE ARE YOU!” his voice roared “I KNOW YOU ARE THEIR” let’s face it – there was no option of running away.
    Max reached for his face with his left hand, with a quick spell he transcend the sight from eyes to his hand. Than stretched his hand with another spell to reach below and beyond the island “I’LL PULL EACH LEG OUT ONE BY ONE!” he shouted as his hand finally spotted the spider trying to bury himself deeper, he grabbed the bug and shrank back to its usual size returning the sight to his eyes.
    The anger consumed the magician he didn’t want excuses and answers and to forgive the spider, which by now rolled to a ball in the magicians hand who just tossed it far into the surrounding clouds.

    Poor Max turned back to what’s left from his house, the bird looked up to him from the ground, too scared to chirp.
    Xzoramaximus the third walked to were the tree used to stand; he touched the burned stump, great tears of sorrow finally rolled out of his eyes. The wizard was grieving over the loss of his friend the loss of his partner, the tears turned into a sob Xzoramaximus the third fell to the ground. Suddenly he could feel the stump moving under his hand which he quickly pulled away to wipe his face, a thin branch suddenly sprouted from the charcoal which, the woke up from the dead. “You’re alive!” the wizard squealed in joy “you’re alive”
    “Yes I am” said the crippled tree.
    “How could it be…I’m so happy!” The wizard now could stretch up in relief.
    “The only water to revive a dead ancestor of the tree of life is genuine saddened tears from the eyes of a great sorcerer,” said the revived tree.
    The wizard has reminisced his grandfather last words “don’t be sad, great thing will come your way. If disaster cross your path it will be the seed of splendour”. Which followed by the promise that the name to his tree will come to him as soon as he reach his island.
    “He knew” Max whispered to himself he knew it all along, he turned to the tree in a victorious smile “now to you great tree from the legendary tree life origins” he stretched his arms up looking at the heavens above he said, “I Xzoramaximus the third, the son of Xzoramaximus the second, the grandchild of Xzoramaximus the first here by to name my tree, the ancestor of the legendary tree chain, which originated from the original tree of life.” He looked down at the burned stump “the time has come and the name was found, you shall no longer be called weed, you shall be called Ebonimus the tree of Xzoramaximus the third which his rooted on the ever suspended island’’.
    He then lowered his hand as if the seal the deceleration.
    “At last” the tree whispered.
    The great wizard walked to the edge of island stretching his arm to the spot where tossed the spider to bring him back to the island.
    “What are you going to do to me…don’t squash me…” panicked the arachnoid.
    The wizard smiled forgivingly “today is a great day, today is the day the bond between a wizard and his tree is finalise in the eyes of the heavens above and the heavens below.
    As for you, you little bug, you are kept on a close eye no more forming webs which tangle of the island to the clouds one slight thunderstorm and you are a squashed spider, if you don’t approve you are welcome to leg yourself away from here”
    The spider lower his head to the ground and in a arachnid way he humbly agreed and went to find a cool place under a rock till things will turn back to normal.
    It is a new beginning for Xzoramaximus the third, he had to rebuild his island, he had to do it fast.
    The day a wizard get his tree named it means a new beginning for the wizard, the continuation of the wizard’s ancestor is on.
    When the tree was burnt to ground Max thought that the Xzoramaximus chain will get extinct, but it wasn’t to be.
    “There’s no time, no time” mumble to himself the wizard “must clear this island.. Must get ready” he nearly tripped over the bird has he walked over to the ruins of the house “ sorry bird.. have no time..” the bird looked bewildered at the possessed man “must clean” she flew and circled around the island and his man.

    By noon, Max realise suddenly how hot it was without the shade of his tree, sweat drops were running down his face, is dwindling hair was moist, his while gown was no more white, at the bottom
    it was black and stained from his travel, but the heat nearly scrambled his brain, “the cane” he said…”where is my cane” the island wasn’t so big, it can’t be far the poor wizard was overwhelmed
    Walked up and down than finally he stopped, yelled “CCCANE!!!” He then felt something beneath him rising. He fell to the ground with an ‘ouch’ the cane rose in front of him, the wizard stood up shaking himself from the dust “pull yourself together you silly old fool” he reached his hand letting the cane fly into his hand. He composed himself for a moment looking down to the ground, he than raised his hand to the sides of him and said:
    “The power of order,
    the strength of purity,
    the order of the rainbow
    I order cleanliness on earth”
    Twirls of light swivel from the hands and circled the island surrounding it with the bright colours of the rainbow, which created a sphere around the elevated island.
    The voice of the wizard carried on:
    “I summon the strength of the heavens
    bring me and the other member
    of Xzoramaximus the third floating island
    a temporary shade till Ebonimus
    will gain strength and power as before”
    The bright ball of colour had vanished, instead a great cloud appeared opened his gates washing the island till all the residue of coal washed off, afterwards the cloud changed back to its comforting cotton white appearance and stayed to protect them from the sun.
    Except for the marks left on Ebonimus. There were no signs to indicate that a fire occurred Even the wizards cape was now bright, dry and spotless. There was a scent of cleanliness and beginning in the air.

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