The Rabbit and the Crow

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Once upon a time a rabbit lived all alone. Some times he felt very lonely. One day when he was lonely he picked up his drum and went outside to sing. He sang:

A crow was flying near by and heard Mr. Rabbit singing and beating his drum. He flew down at once:

“That drum annoys me, Mr. Rabbit. You shall not beat it,” said Mr. Crow. Then he caught Mr. Rabbit’s right arm, pulled it out and ate it.

Next day Mr. Rabbit came out of his hole and beat the drum with his left arm as he sang his song.

The crow heard him again. He flew down and pulled out Mr. Rabbit’s left arm and ate that up.

“I told you not to beat that drum,” he said.

On the third day Mr. Rabbit beat the drum with his right foot, and Mr. Crow flew down and ate his right foot up. And on the fourth day he ate up the rabbit’s left foot.

So the fifth day Mr. Rabbit came out to sing. He beat the drum with his head. Immediately Mr. Crow heard him and flew down. He bit off Mr. Rabbit’s head and ate it; and then he picked up what was left of poor Mr. Rabbit and carried him up to his baby crows in the nest.

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