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The Red Swan

42 min read

Three brothers were left destitute, by the death of their parents, at an early age. The eldest was not yet able to provide fully for their support, but he did all that he could in hunting; and with this aid, and the stock of provisions already laid by in the lodge, they managed to keep […]

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Christmas Day

6 min read

“Boys,” said Mrs. Howard one morning, looking up from a letter she was reading, “I have had a letter from your grandmamma. She writes that she is returning to England shortly.” The boys went on with their breakfast without showing any great amount of interest in this piece of news, for they had never seen […]

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The Lion Beaten by the Man

1 min read

A picture once was shown, In which one man, alone, Upon the ground had thrown A lion fully grown. Much gloried at the sight the rabble. A lion thus rebuked their babble:— “That you have got the victory there, There is no contradiction. But, gentles, possibly you are The dupes of easy fiction: Had we […]

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