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The Lost Grave of Paine

2 min read

Failure to mark the resting-places of great men and to indicate the scenes of their deeds has led to misunderstanding and confusion among those who discover a regard for history and tradition in this practical age. Robert Fulton, who made steam navigation possible, lies in an unmarked tomb in the yard of Trinity Church—the richest […]

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Little Thumb

20 min read

Once upon a time there was a maker of bundles of sticks and his wife, who had seven children, all boys. The eldest was but ten years old, and the youngest only seven. They were very poor, and their seven children were a great source of trouble to them because not one of them was […]

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The Wood Sprite

3 min read

One day the daughter of a pope, without asking leave of her mother or her father, went for a walk into the wood, and utterly lost her way. Three years went by. Now, in this wood, in which her mother and father lived, there was a bold hunter. On every holy day he used to […]

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