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The Eagle and the Magpie

1 min read

The eagle, through the air a queen, And one far different, I ween, In temper, language, thought, and mien,— The magpie,—once a prairie cross’d. The by-path where they met was drear, And Madge gave up herself for lost; But having dined on ample cheer, The eagle bade her, “Never fear; You’re welcome to my company; […]

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Thor's Wonderful Journey

12 min read

One morning Thor asked Loki, the fire-god, if he would like to go forth with him to Utgard, the stronghold of the giants, where he was going to try, with his mighty hammer, to conquer those fierce enemies of Asgard. Loki was glad to go with him, and the two gods started forth in Thor’s […]

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The Horned Women

5 min read

A rich woman sat up late one night carding and preparing wool, while all the family and servants were asleep. Suddenly a knock was given at the door, and a voice called, “Open! open!” “Who is there?” said the woman of the house. “I am the Witch of one Horn,” was answered. The mistress, supposing […]

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