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Help in Need

16 min read

Some twenty miles east of Gingdschou lies the Lake of the Maidens. It is several miles square and surrounded on all sides by thick green thickets and tall forests. Its waters are clear and dark-blue. Often all kinds of wondrous creatures show themselves in the lake. The people of the vicinity have erected a temple […]

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One's Own Children are Always Prettiest

1 min read

A sportsman went out once into a wood to shoot, and he met a Snipe. “Dear friend,” said the Snipe, “don’t shoot my children!” “How shall I know your children?” asked the Sportsman. “What are they like?” “Oh!” said the Snipe, “mine are the prettiest children in all the wood.” “Very well,” said the Sportsman, […]

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The Marmot and the Raven

3 min read

Once when a Raven was flying over some reefs near the shore of the sea, he was seen by some Sea-birds that were perched on the rocks. They began to revile him, calling him disagreeable names: “Oh, you offal eater! Oh, you carrion eater! Oh, you black one!” until the Raven turned and flew away, […]

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