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The Mail-Coach Passengers

10 min read

It was bitter cold, the sky glittered with stars, and not a breeze was in the air. “Bump”- an old pot was thrown at a neighbor’s door; and “bang, bang,” went the guns; for they were celebrating the New Year. It was New Year’s Eve, and the church clock was striking twelve. “Tan-ta-ra-ra, tan-ta-ra-ra,” sounded […]

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Wurrunnah's Trip to the Sea

9 min read

When the two Meamei were translated to the sky from Wurrunnah’s camp, failing to recover them, he journeyed on alone. He was now a long way from the spot he had started from, which was near Nerangledool. He had passed Yaraänbah, Narine, and had reached Nindeegoolee, where the little sand-ridges are, to where the Earmoonän have gone […]

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Yet They Call it Lover's Leap

2 min read

In the lower part of the township of Cavendish, Vermont, the Black River seeks a lower level through a gorge in the foot-hills of the Green Mountains. The scenery here is romantic and impressive, for the river makes its way along the ravine in a series of falls and rapids that are overhung by trees […]

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