The Girl and Her Mother's Dream

Amina Khamis July 3, 2017
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Once upon a time there lived a girl who loved all of the animals she saw. It seemed like magic how she could feel whatever the animals felt. That day her mother saw on her dream that her daughter was ran over by a flock of animals . She was caught up with so much fear that she quickly went to an oracle. The oracle was very scary but she swallowed her fear and for the sake of her daughter’s life she went into the oracle’s hideout.
The oracle told her that her daughter is bound to save the animals from extinction by the monster to come. She is bound to die in the monsters hands and she would be the greatest hero. She as of now possesses spiritual powers to be able to feel whatever the animals feel in danger or in happiness.
The oracle told her to take her to a sanctuary which people with abilities like hers were found. The mother was really disappointed and she could not let go of her lovely daughter. She was all she had and now she had to leave her for the universe.
She went on home and prepared her daughter for the battle ahead her. She took her to the school where many people had different abilities. Some could fly, walk on fours and talk to animals.
Many years pasted and the animals started dying people in the village started talking about a monster who fed on their cattle and even is attacking most of the villagers in the forest. The mother knew that her daughter’s life was coming to an end and she started praying for her daughter to not show up. But how could she not come and that was her final battle like the Savior, she had to save her people from the monster at large.
She finally showed up and removed all the villagers back to the sanctuary, and proceeded to the forest. The battle took so long as the monster took so long to die. As if her daughter was linked with the monster she quickly dropped off down the floor . Suddenly an angel descended down from the heavens. She looked at her and told her, “My child, you were so brave even though at a young age you had to face an impossible battle. I have been instructed to give you wings so that you can fly all over the world and save all the animals we shall give you life and you shall live on forever.
Her mother was very happy but her daughter had turned to an angel and she could not hold her anymore. Thankful she was for her being alive and save the whole world from monsters like the one.
Her daughter’s body was left laid down the floor as animals came on stepping on it. She then understood the meaning of the dream she had and she was happy about the outcome and they lived on happily ever after. Knowing that they had a guardian angel watching over them.

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