Ecila in wonderland

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Ecila & Alfow in Wonderland

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Ecila. She lived with her dwarf friend named Alfow. They met each other in the woods when they were both homeless and starving. They built a small tree house just above the ground and collected fruit and water for when they were hungry and for winter.
Alfow has two evil siblings named Albert and Alberta who once tried to kill both Ecila and Alfow because they hated their friendship. Both of them were now hopefully long gone Ecila and Alfow said to each other but they shouldn’t. There was an old lady in the woods quietly listening to them. She wants bad for everyone that does not belong to this forest and spelled a magic curse on both Ecila and Alfow for next morning to come.

Ecila and Alfow both woke up to a beautiful morning and drank their morning cup of tea made out of berries and hot water. When both were fully awake they both went for a morning walk as usual. When they got home they saw Albert and Alberta exploring the little tree house and Alfow dragged Ecila down to hide. Albert said, ‘’Wait here don’t go near them without me calling your name’’ ‘’Ok, said Ecila with a quiet and scared voice’’.

Aflow ran to his siblings and tried to make them leave without anger in his light voice. Albert punched Alfow right in the face and smiled. Ecila came running but Albert and Alberta were already gone. She cried and thought that Alfow was gone. Until Alfow woke up in a big shock and gave Ecila a big hug.

Next day when the sun was fully up they had already packed their bags and were ready to leave. They walked for a good three hours until they had to take a break. Ecila said that three hours was not enough and they had to carry on for at least three hours. After a two hour walk, they saw Alfows grandpa’s house far away.
They were so happy that they ran the last bit. They knocked on the door and heard a cracky old voice that said. ‘’Come in’’ Alfow took a step in and when he saw grandpa he gave him a big hug. Unfortunately, he was very ill and could barely talk. Grandpa dwarf said to Alfow some untold truths that he has wanted to tell him for a long time.

Grandpa dwarf had been lying to Alfow about his race. He told him that he was half elf and half dwarf and it became a big shock for him. Grandpa dwarf also said that there was a key in his house that leads to an imaginary world but he didn’t remember where he put it. Ecila and Alfow had to search for more than an hour until they finally found a golden key shining through the dark in the attic. Alfow gave him a hug and said goodbye to him for the last time.

Ecila had no idea where to find the door of imagination. But soon afterwards she said those words the key started to fly in the direction of the what’s called ‘unknown woods’. Alfow and Ecila took with them their packed bags and started running after the golden key. They were lead to a small elf public bathroom stall which was locked and they decided to try it with the key and it unlocked.
They opened the stall and infront of them there was a imaginary world exactly as they were told. One foot-step in and an elf came by presenting himself. He said, ‘’welcome to elfwood’’.
Both of them were now inside ‘Elfwood’ and the elf closed the door and it disappeared like they never even came from somewhere else.
They explored pretty fast and got a little house for them to move in to. This was their first ever home with a fireplace, two real beds, small wc and a big kitchen. They both started packing up their clothes from each of their little backpacks that they have been carrying for days.

The days went by and Ecila and Alfow where now living peaceful and safe. Albert and Alberta would never find this place, ‘’would they’’ she said. Alfow promised Ecila that they were safe and the siblings are far gone.
The Queen of Elfwood wanted a royal ball and it would be tomorrow eight in the afternoon to late midnight. Ecila had nothing to wear so Alfow took her to an elf dress shop and they bought the biggest elf size they ever had but very beautiful one, it was covered in layers of soft white silk and a couple of rine stones at the bottom. It looked like a wedding dress but even better. Ecila was so happy and could have never dreamed of anything else.

Everyone in Elfwood was now gathered inside elf woods castle and the queen announced that there will be one princess and one prince at the end of the ball because the queen had no daughter or son. Ecila and Alfow went to the ball together as best friends not realizing that there were only couples.
Everyone looked at them like they were the most gorgeous of them all. They danced all night long and when midnight came they listened to the queen announcing who is prince and princess of Elfwood. The Queen announced, ‘’Ecila and Alfow!’’ with a very happy voice. They were shocked that a human girl and a half-elf/dwarf could be queens new princess and prince.

Everyone cheered and Ecila and Alfow walked up the stairs and were about to gently hug the queen. They absolutely thought that the queen was out of her mind but they went with the flow. Queen had one more surprise for them, ‘’Tomorrow morning there will behold a wedding for Ecila and Alfow to be queen and king’’. Now Ecila and Alfow knew that it was not a cruel joke it was more than real. They said that when they come home they would talk about and see if they could get out of this. But when they got home Ecila passed out in her bed and Alfow was too tired to care.

Morning came and the wedding was ready, the queen was worried that Ecila and Alfow are not going to make it in time so she called on a girl to go get them. When the girl got to their house she saw that they were sleeping in their beds. She immediately ran and knocked at the door but no one opened. She hopped from the back window and woke them up faster than ever and helped Ecila get ready. Ecila was too tired to know what was going on. Ecila and Alfow got married and were still very confused. They treat each other still like best friends and they are now planning for an escape from Elfwood happily ever after.

The end

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