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We are FairyTalez.com. We love fairy tales – no surprise – that is why we dedicated a whole site to it after all! Fairytalez.com is now the largest collection of fairy tales, folk tales, and fables online. We are constantly looking for classic stories to add to our library, so send us a note if you know a good fairy tale we are missing. We scour archives for great tales and share them not only here, but also in published books on Amazon. Visit our Author Page to see our ebooks and paperbacks.

Do you write your own fairy tales or folk tales? Share them with readers all over the world now! Log in or sign up to use our self-publishing feature to receive feedback, enter writing contests and more here at Fairytalez.com! Our story collections originate from all over the world, and we too are based all over the world, as shown here.


The site was originally founded in the Kingdom of Denmark in Europe (actually we have a queen and a democracy, but it is still called a Kingdom). This is the country where Hans Christian Andersen and the Nordic Mythology came from, and on the map it is the tiny peninsula just below our Little Mermaid. This is the office we are based in:

Vesterbrogade 74
1620 Copenhagen


Nowadays most of our stories are actually being researched and published from Cincinnati, US. The city has a strong German heritage, and you can see a glockenspiel homage to the Pied Piper and the Brothers Grimm from Germany in one of our parks. We have a lot of American folktales too of course, such as Native American folktales or more recent folklore stories of America’s various regions collected by Charles Skinner. Our American office is here:

6 East 5th Street
Suite 416
Covington, KY 41011
United States

The site is being developed in Pakistan, the land of Diamond Cut Diamond from our collection of Pakistani Fairy tales. The design of the site stems from Bulgaria, situated on the map just below the golden Lamia (a malicious Bulgarian dragon-like creature). You can of course also read our collection of exciting Bulgarian fairy tales on the site.


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Our stories are both classic and new fairy tales.
They are either copyright free or we have the rights to the stories.
We look forward to sharing all the wonderful fairy tales with you.

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