2090, Year of Confiscated Minds

Cice Rivera February 11, 2020
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2090, Year of Confiscated Minds
by Cice Rivera

Harmful bacteria has destroyed the world as we know it.

The year is 2090. India is a deserted place ruled by confiscated minds. Once glorious, the Taj Mahal is now iced over.

Stable private detective, Lady Sallina Gibul is humanity’s only hope. Sallina finds the courage to start a secret revolutionary organization called The New Federation.

The fight is jeopardised when Sallina is tricked by sinister police officer, Sir Gregyn McCallim, and injures her hand.

Armed with oxygen tanks and diligence, The New Federation try their best to save mankind, but can they defeat ruthless confiscated minds and restore the Taj Mahal to its former glory?

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