A Crown for Prince Gabriel

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that was very majestic. It was founded several centuries ago. The king and queen will have a child. Lovingly, the king will take care of the queen until she gives birth. A few months later, a princess was born safely and has a healthy body. They gave the name of their daughter, Claire. Then, they made special porridge for Princess Claire until the age of three.

A few years later, Princess Claire grew up. The princess is twelve years old now. She always met with many people, including her peers. When she visited the neighboring kingdom, suddenly a feeling of monkey love emerged. She saw Prince Gabriel singing a song. She approached him. “What are you doing? Are you sad?” asked Princess Claire to Prince Gabriel. “I’m singing under a tree. I’m not sad.” Prince Gabriel answered. Then, they know each other and fall in love. But, one day, Princess Claire fell ill. The king and queen are very sad. Until they sent dozens of doctors to treat Princess Claire. However, everything did not work, God willed otherwise. Princess Claire died at the age of a teenager. Very sadly, the King and Queen said, “We are now left behind by our only daughter for ever. May our daughter be calm in the sight of God.”

At Princess Claire’s funeral, everything was quiet. Only the sound of sobbing mourners are not loud. Her friends, even all the people also mourned. Prince Gabriel was crowned after all had read the pledge of mourning. Until he was called a Holy Prince by a pledge. After the funeral, Prince Gabriel had to stay in the palace of mourning until he was married. He was not allowed to leave the grief palace until forty days after Princess Claire died. The people of this kingdom believe that teenagers who are left behind due to death (not orphans), are considered sacred and noble, and they are not allowed to leave the funeral home for up to forty days after death, and they must live in funeral home until the age of marriage.

After the death of Princess Claire, all the people continued to complain to the King and Queen. They were very sad to lose their safety figure, even the late princess’s school.

That night, Ernest, Gabriel’s best friend, sang a song that was considered as a pacifier for people who were grieving for Gabriel.

“The leaves fall to the ground
Until dark brown and withered
That is death can not rise again
Say patiently to my brother

You are a light to me
The invader of my body and soul
I hope you become
Light to our Lord

O God, I can not help his sadness
O God, give light to him to comfort his heart
Raise him as my lamp of hope
Raise him as a leader wherever … “

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