A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Dora Keit March 3, 2021
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This story happened some years ago. The old woman whose name was Mrs Teals, moved into the big brown house at the corner of the street. She had a cat. Its name was Britny.
Bib and Bob have lived in the same house for many years. They were not glad to see Mrs Teals in their home, because they were afraid of Britny. One day, when Mrs Teals wasn’t at home, Bib and Bob decided to walk about the house. But oh no! Do you know whom they have met? Britny!!! They ran away and the cat tried to catch them. And at last she did it. Poor Bob got trapped! He cried and asked the cat to let him go. But Britny didn’t listen to him. She wanted to eat the little mouse. Bob thought it was his end.
But at this moment something fell on the cat. Bob didn’t believe his eyes. It was his friend Bib! The bravely mouse sat on the cats back and giggled. Britny became angry. She tried to throw the mouse off her back. But she couldn’t do it.
At that time Bob climbed the table. He pushed the cup from the table and it fell on the cats head. Britney lay down on the floor. Her head was spinning! While the cat was distracting Bib and Bob were reached quickly their hole.
Since that day they have never been afraid of Britney, because they knew if one of them had a problem another one would help him.

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