A Genie's Wish is Fulfilled

Rob Reid August 12, 2018
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One day a boy was wandering through the forest and came upon a Genie’s lamp. He picked up the lamp, dusted off the dirt, and all of a sudden smoke started pouring out of the aperture. As he stepped back, he noticed a shape was forming in the haze of smoke, it was a Genie. He didn’t know if he should run, hide or stay absolutely still. A soothing voice filled the air. The Genie called to the boy and told him he is there to serve him, and will grant him 3 wishes. The boy was stunned, speechless, and finally realized the good fortune he stumbled upon. The boy thought long and hard about his wishes and what they should be. He proceeded and requested one wish be for health for himself and his family. The second wish he asked for financial security for himself and his family. And lastly he asked the Genie, “Genie I am very grateful for the 2 wishes you have granted me. My final request is to give my 3rd wish to someone else. Upon hearing this the Genie laughed and told the boy he has been waiting thousands of years for someone to pass his ‘test’ to transfer his powers too, and found that person in the boy given his act of generosity and altruism. He told the boy from this time on, he will be able to grant wishes to anyone he desires. Upon hearing this, the boy was overcome with emotion and thanked the Genie and ran home. He approached a child in a wheelchair and granted his wish to walk, he then proceeded to visit a person who was dying and granted his wish to be cured. He came to realize that while having his wishes fulfilled brought much joy, granting them to others was by far more rewarding.

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