A Liar is Not Believed When He Speaks the Truth

Dora Keit March 3, 2021
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Bunny Fred was a mischievous kid. He was funny and liked to joke. But these were often bad jokes.
One day Fred decided to make fun of an old beaver. He dug a hole and covered it with branches. Then he hid behind a tree and began to shout:
– Help me! Please help!
A beaver was passing by. He heard screams and ran to the bunny. But what has happened? The old beaver fell into the hole. Fred jumped with joy.
– Why are you laughing?- The beaver asked. – Is it funny that I fell into this hole?
– Is not it so? How do you find my joke?
– This is a very bad joke!
Another time the bunny ran to a bear. He said that the squirrel jumped from branch to branch and fell into the river. The bear rushed to the river. But, of course, there was no squirrel there. Fred caught up the bear and asked:
– How do you find my joke?
– The Joke?! – the bear growled. -This is a very bad joke!
And so every time! Fred couldn’t understand why none liked his jokes. They are so funny!
And then Fred got into real trouble! He was walking through the woods, when suddenly someone came out from behind a tree and stopped him. Do you know who it was? A wolf!
– It’s good I have met you! – the wolf said.
– Why? – Fred asked.
– I am so hungry. Would you like to tag me?
– How?
– Become my lunch! – the wolf answered and jumped at Fred. The little bunny started to run away. He called for help, but no one came. The forest beasts stopped believing bunny. The wolf caught up with Fred and ate him.

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