A Tale of the Pegasus

LM Juntarciego February 2, 2018
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Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom faraway where princes and princesses live happily ever after and where ogres, fairies and other mystical creatures alike live in harmony, all is well in the world, except for one little thing.

Horses in the stable of the palace grounds are all unhappy and jealous because of the presence of one beautiful Pegasus. They feel under appreciated because of his incredible ability to fly. Feeling extremely envious, they all made a plot on how to get rid of the Pegasus.

One day, when all horses and the Pegasus were sent out on their daily excursion outside the castle, a brown horse lured him into a barn saying that one of his friends got injured by an arrow. A huntsman accidentally shot the horse while aiming for a stag nearby.

The Pegasus, eager to help, flew at once. A black stallion was there waiting and ushered him inside towards the stacks of hay but was surprised to see that no one was there.

“Where is the injured horse?” inquired the Pegasus.

“Oh, Pegasus, so goodhearted and so naive you are. Do you really think a huntsman would mistake a horse for a stag?” laughed the black stallion.

“If that is not the case, then why was I asked to come here?” asked the Pegasus.

“This is why.”

The black stallion untied a knot on the post and in dropped a trap for the Pegasus. Seeing empty gasoline canisters scattered on the ground, the Pegasus knew what they intend to do.

The black stallion whistled and torches flew in through the windows one by one. He didn’t look back and merely walked towards the door while fire engulfed the hay surrounding the Pegasus.

But alas, the door was accidentally locked. It mattered not how much the black stallion pushed the door, it wouldn’t budge. Panic started to rise in him. This wasn’t part of the plan. He looked back towards the Pegasus struggling to free himself from the trap.

The Pegasus, brave as he was, wasn’t scared of the fire. He kept calm and continued to methodically free himself from the trap until the ropes loosened. He spread his beautiful wings and flew past the roof of the barn, destroying the ceiling and releasing himself from the terrible fate.

With his wings spread out wide, he looked down on the burning barn and was surprised to see the black stallion trapped. Without hesitating, the Pegasus swooped down towards the flaming inferno and rescued the black stallion. All the horses were surprised, they didn’t think he would save someone who tried to kill him.

But they were proven wrong for the Pegasus is a gentle creature, goodhearted and always eager to help no matter who you are. And from then on, friendship and respect has blossomed not only outside but also within the stables of the palace grounds.

Lesson: Kindness doesn’t choose

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