Age rewind

Stephanie Jack July 12, 2017
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Once they was a town deeply hidden in the woods where many travelers had to cross to get where you want to go ,there stood a girl with her brother and her two parents who just ran away from the deamons that kept them in their webs , we don,t know what made them act out this way maybe a curse was cast upon them and who lived in the house, as the rumor spread among others in this gossip village. “mama why did we leave the rivers for, asked my smart nine year old daugther.It got quiet and nobody spoke a word as the trees stood in darkness by the earrie moon. “Sorry lilly but you and your brother weren,t allowed to see us ,by the mayor of summerville. The children of summerville were taken by nine and being kept as private collection to serach for a special jewel that can allow oneself to look young and be any age they want just by touch only children are allowed to find this jewel so everyone kids are taken by deamons really warlocks in disguise. Johnny and his wife are on the run from them.

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