Baba Yaga and Mëlina

Awa Fraser December 9, 2019
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In the early 900s, within the city of Dargavs, Russia, there lived a young woman who was 22 years of age with black hair and piercing blue eyes named Mëlina Macieji . She worked as a candlemaker and she was known throughout the town for carving animal shaped candles. Now her father an elderly man 55 years of age wanted to hire someone to make him a table forged from a Hematite stone. Great quantities of this stone were found in the forest where Baba Yaga resides. Out of desperation, Eryk sent his daughter into that same forest the next morning. Once Mëlina saw Baba Yaga in the midst of a completing a spell in the plains of that forest she exclaimed,” O grandmother of the air, my father requests one of the stones from your forest. Please grant his request, and in return, I shall pay you whatever price you desire”. Baba Yaga lifted her wand and the stone flew straight to Mëlina’s father. Then the old witch replied, “Now my price is that, you shall serve me for three years of your life. What is your name my child?” Out of fear, the young woman replied, ” I am called Mëlina, and I will serve my time so that I can resume my life” From that day on Melina cooked and cleaned for Baba Yaga. Also, she learned many spells and became Mëlina, the witch of Moors. When the three years ended, she vowed that she would use her powers to defeat evil spirits, sicknesses, and hunger (for those were the occurrences found in her town). Mëlina flew back to Dargavs and restored health to her ailing father. Then she married a nobleman, (who recieved magical assistance from her on account of him healing his mother’s shriveled leg) and although she couldn’t produce any children, they had all they wanted and lived happily for a long time (which was about 70 years). After her husband’s death, Mëlina returned to Belarus (her country of birth) and lived there for the remainder of her days on Earth.

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