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Alfred Roy December 14, 2018
Mythology, Supernatural
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I don’t know how it began. There was no beginning for it. I was confused about it. I was confused what was happening. I was confused where was I. I felt like I have been in this place. But I can’t recollect it. I was alone there. It was a plain. But both sides were filled with water. There was no one. It felt like an empty world. There was a road. A road stretched long up to the hills. And then to the mountains. When I look to the landscape. I can see that road up to the mountains. There is no where else to go. Just this road. This mud road. It was red as blood. The sky was dark. Not just the sky. Every where I look there was the same darkness. Except this road. It was glowing. It wanted to take me somewhere. I just felt like walking. I don’t know why I started walking. It was like someone else was making me walk. I couldn’t control myself. I tried but I couldn’t. As I moved forward, it become more scary. Fear was growing within me. It was like I was followed. Like I was being watched. Like someone is waiting for me in far. I begin to tremble. My heart was beating up. I was obsessed. I was walking straight. Like a machine. I don’t want to turn back. Or look anywhere. Even though there was someone far in front of me who was scary. But he was far away. Far away at the beginning of the difficult road. He stood there as a gate to the hills and mountain. He was very tall and large. So he didn’t scare for this time. But I could hear them. The one’s behind me. I can hear and feel them. There are closing in. The one’s from sides. From the water. I can feel their eyes pointing to me. They are piercing me through. I can feel it all. As I am walking. They are coming close and close. That is leaving me no choice. To look back. And confront them. So I looked back slowly. What I saw was shocking. There was three men walking to me. They on had two hands for all. Both man in the sides had only one hand each and the man in the middle has no hands. And in those hands there were two mighty swords. Which was covered with blood. They were bonded together as single organism. As a single man. They are running towards me. At that moment I don’t know what to do. They were closing in. As they close in I found who they was. They were me. All of me against me. I just run forward. As it was the first thing came to my mind. I just ran forward. I tried my best to beat them. But they always had the upper hand. At first I ran fast. But I slowed down. Then they took me down. I fell down to that road. My face was crushed to the road. They were holding me down to the road. That moment I felt that road. It was not just mud. It was powered blood. I could smell the blood. They turned me over. They began to drive those swords through me. Me killing me. At that moment. They came the one’s from the waters. They were not many. Seems like not everyone who watched me didn’t came. They helped me. They saved me to be exact. They teared me. The one with two hands and three heads. They helped me to win over me. They looked like something I have never seen. They didn’t scare me. They gave me a hand to get up. I felt them like my friends. But when I grabbed one of the hand. It changed. It grabbed me strongly. When I looked up into there faces. There were sharp pointy tooth with it. Every one had them. I opened up there mouth so large. I was scared the most. I couldn’t even move. They were holding me down. I was strapped in. All of a sudden one of them started to attack the others. It had a loving face for me. That face asked me to go on. As others started attack the one helped me. They left their grab. I got one thing to do. Run as fast as I can. So did run as fast as I can. But I knew that there was someone waiting up for me. The big one. But I don’t wanna go to that danger. I can’t go back too. So I moved forward. I had a plan. As I moved forward I could see him more clearly. He was just standing there. In front of that bridge to a forest. I moved forward with a strong mind. When I reached in front of that bridge he was at the opposite side. He saw me and ran towards me. I too ran towards him. When he closed so close to me. I jumped off the bridge. To that river. The river was very strong it carried away and sided me in to the shore. I struggled a lot. It was night. I moved into that forest in hope that nothing will happen wrong. It was so dark in the forest. I tried to find the road which I was travelling through. I walked a lot. Suddenly I heard some noises. They were distorted. I couldn’t figure out what was it. But I heard one word clearly. Someone was asking for help. I could hear people asking for help. There were many asking for help. So I ran to many so that I could find someone else in this world. I ran through the trees. I ran as fast I can. To that source of sound. There was a man lying down. I turned him over. He was my brother. He was lying in blood. He was choking. He said one thing. Where were you? Suddenly a something big moved behind me. I turned back there was nothing. Nothing at all. I turned back to my brother. But he was not there. He was gone. There was no trace of him. There was someone else calling out my name. I ran to that. It was very familiar sound. I found her there. She was my friend. I always cared for her. She told me that you could have said to me that you loved me. I was like shocked. I hold her up. And helped her to walk. She walked with me. Her eyes was filled with tear. She lead me to the road I looked. I asked her. Why did you call out for my name. She said. So that I could be with you for sometime. And when she said that. She was fading away. In to that darkness. I came up to that road and I saw hill and a house in the top of the hill. That moment I realized the truth. The road was to my home. It was just like home. Clam and quite and beautiful. Some one was behind me. I looked back. It was the big taller man from the bridge. He found me. I was out of plan. I got no plan. I looked into his eyes. And he had the same eyes as my father. And when I look up to the hill. I saw mom up there. I all of a sudden when I look back to the monster. I saw my dad.

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