Stanley Arumugam February 17, 2019
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Once upon a time
In a city far away

An old man was slowly walking
While his crazy cat was barking

When he got up to the top of the hill
His crazy barking cat was sitting still

They both could not believe what they saw
A dog riding a donkey shouting – Hee haw

Then the crazy cat told the old man
That he had a super great great plan

Suddenly the cat jumped off the cliff
Leaving the old man scared stiff

Before you could say Jack black
The crazy cat suddenly flew back

Hanging on a giant yellow balloon
He told the old man I’m coming soon

The cat flew over hills and roads
He flew over cows and toads

One day he saw the river Nile
So he took out his big fact file

Which country was he in today?
If you know – please shhh…don’t say

Yes…yes … he shouted looking down
I’m in country Egypt in a small town

And there climbing the pyramids he saw
The old man, his dog and donkey hee haw

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