Dark Rose

Jane Doe April 20, 2021
Fable, Historical
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Once there was a girl, her name was Rosa, the Spanish word for Rose. Her mother always called her ‘Rosalita’, ‘Rosita’, among other variations of her name. She grew up in the jungles of Peru, she was the second youngest. Her oldest sibling,and sister was named Gertrudes, her oldest brother was named Josefar, and her youngest brother was named Odili. But Rosa’s best friend was her sister, only a year older than her, Nadina. Rosa was considered ugly in her small village that she grew up in. She spoke the ancient Inca language known as Quechua, and never had much of a childhood. She enjoyed climbing trees and was the toughest out of her group of siblings despite being the second youngest. One day she went to school, it was a Monday, it was also four in the morning. She got up with a sigh, changed her clothes and went out the door. It wasn’t the season for many fruits so she would have to fry some small fish from the river later. She ran over the mountains, it took about 2 hours to get to school. Rosa was eager to learn despite the fact that the kids at school called her ugly. She knew they were just jealous. Rosa was short, strong, skinny, had tan skin, dark brown hair that looked black and glistened in the sunlight, small ears, and big beautiful eyes. When she got to school she tried her best to learn and fit in but her parents were dirt poor and would never pay for her books, a school uniform, or proper school supplies, nor did they have time to take good care of their children. Rosa sat down during break, only to have other other kids put vix in her eyes and throw rocks at her. But Rosa was smart, and she never finished fights…. not right away, that it. She would get her revenge later. She ran home with her brothers and sisters and took a shower in the waterfall that ran through their backyard. when they were done, she had to work. So she began picking the cocoa beans as her father expected of her, knowing otherwise she would get a beating. Her older sister, Nadina was picking cocoa beans as well. For a few hours they picked in relative peace until Nadina shrieked; “Rosa! Rosa! Theres a snake here and its really big! Rosa, kill it!” Rosa wasn’t scared so she walked over to her sister and asked;”Where?” Here sister meekly pointed to the snake and Rosa thought; ‘I might have to cut that tree down just to get the snake out.’ so she did, and then she grabbed the snake with her bare hands and beat it against a stone. Her father was less than pleased when he found out, later that day. “How dare you cut down my finest cocoa tree you brat!? For this you will pay!” he shrieked. He made her strip down naked, and grabbed the whip, his face oiling with anger as he yelled at her and shouted; “Ungrateful brat!” as he beat her bloody with the whip, the whole while, Rosa’s mother was crying. But she didn’t dare stop her husband, for she strongly believed in the verse in the bible that said that the woman had to listen to their husband. When Rosa’s dad was done beating her, her mother bandaged her up, and begged her to obey her father, claiming that he knew what was best for her. Rosa disagreed greatly and said she would never listen to his absurd rules! Days went by and similar things happened until the weekends came. On the weekends she walked to the area where the other kids would sit in the shade. She took note of the way they sat with their legs out, and stood bravely with mens shoes on, saying; “Get out of my way” The other kids just laughed and shifted over to block her path deliberately now and asked; “what are you going to do now?” not thinking that someone so small could do anything. With a sweet smile Rosa smiled and merely said;”Nothing at all.” As she stomped as hard as she could on their legs and carried on, saying; “I’ll be on my way now, I hope you remember this.” And then she ran home. A few years later, still not quite a teen, nor adult, she had to go poop, obviously this is normal for human beings, however she thought going poop on the ground in the region she lived in would be dangerous. So she climbed a tree and went poop like that, however this time one of the dogs was under the tree, and plop, plop, plop, down went her poop onto the dogs head. The dog, seemingly happy to have something smelly on its head went off, with its tail wagging, and it walked into the kitchen, where Rosa’s dad was eating. He was disgusted, and while Rosa’s two oldest siblings were laughing their heads off, Rosa’s dad exclaimed;”This must have been the black girls doing!” More years passed and more things happened, some were happy and funny while some were sad sand scary, she became more and more aware of death around her including some Peruvian folktales about leprechaun like creatures, and foreigners that fell off the mountains and were never seen again. When Rosa turned fifteen, she had saved up enough of her own money and wanted to mover far away without telling anyone. She rode a bus to the big city and got a job, she finished her schooling and eventually found someone to be with. She learned how to ride a bike at age 20 and had a child at 22, found out her husband was cheating on her, got a divorce, could never see her child again, not that he wanted to see her anyways after his father brainwashed him to believe only certain things. Her sons name was whakato, and she missed him dearly, but had to leave him be. That day she walked off and until recently was known as ‘The woman in black’ and was sometimes mistaken for ‘La Llorona’ merely due to her weeping near the river. Then one day she met an american, and moved to America, where she had a somewhat grand life and a beautiful daughter before diapering one night, it is said that she was last seen boarding a flight to Spain to live with her daughter who refused to go with her. holding her favorite kind of flower. A black rose.

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