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Once upon a time there was a princess named Gelena. She was quite courageous, risky level super adventurous. She was ravishingly gorgeous also. She was only daughter to her parents. Though she was pampered daughter, yet disciplined and well-organized too.
Alas! Her life was not so perfect and smooth. There were some turbulence in her life among which the most crucial one was the divergence between her mother Queen Vasemne and father King MaCannlly Jeorcfe. Although her mother was very affectionate, her father was very rude and discourteous to her most of times. It affected her mind to large extent and reflections on her psychology could be evaluated from her attitude. She felt as if there is no significance of love, bonding and friendship etc. rather it was a reason of misunderstandings and fights. So she had decided to never fall in love and marry anyone.
She devoted all her time and attention to prepare herself as the ‘throne proprietor’. Her life was not just restricted to all about preparing herself to be the next emperor but also devoting herself to studies, and searching ways to bring peace in life of others. Her only best friend in her life was her mother. She had another very precious person in her life that made her life mesmerizing and wonderful. He was none else but her childhood best friend Parquito. He was son of senior most Admiral General Philips Andrew of military forces’ in his fathers’ Army.
They studied in same school and were bench-mates too. Both being from royal background made them even closer friends and surprisingly both were equally adventurous and quirky kind by nature. Parquito knew how to make Princess Gelena battle with her fears. He knew she is strong and determined by heart but she still resists while beginning something new and adventurous. One of the incidents occasionally made Gelena feel the purity of their bonding. Many times, She would be reminiscent how Parquito managed to slam the fear of hers for riding a horse.
It was winter time and Parquito asked Princess Gelena to bunk classes for one day and go to top of hills to enjoy fresh snowfall. Princess Gelena was bit anxious and nervous. Parquito could guess her worries. He looked at her and said
” So, the royal warrior and would be royal leader is afraid of riding horse……….HaHaHa”.
Princess Gelena gnashed her teeth with annoyance as he had miffed her self-esteem. Strong heartedly, she sat on the horse and started riding it.
While riding fresh air was striking on her face, her hairs wafting away. She felt relaxed and the world suddenly turned out to be so wonderful. Little fresh snow would descend over would l her face every time she would look upwards.
Making snowman, throwing snowball at each other and enjoying hot chocolate cup made their day so awesome that they planned to ride to top of hills every winter.
The time passed slowly and gradually they passed out school. And now it was their time to get admission in high school.
As She wanted to pursue her studies in economics while Porquito wanted to pursue in Health Sciences So, higher studies made them pave way to different universities.
Their life was going normal. Both got new friends and got involved in their high school activities and lifestyle. By the time Princess Gelena got acquainted to one of her associate named Steve. He occasionally came to her in the evening and they both would chat for long hours. Slowly she started liking his personality. Steve always use to appreciate the beauty and grace of Princess Gelena to flatter her. Far away from parents, Princess Gelena no more felt lonely when Steve used to be around her. Gradually she became quite attached to him unaware of the fact that Steve was not interested in her but rather he was more interested in her vast assets and her throne.
He just wanted Princess Gelena to fall in love with him, so that one day he would marry her and ultimately through his relationship with her would one day haul out throne from her. He manipulated the things in such a way as to make Princess Gelena become accustomed to his charisma .
Then came winter break. Princess Gelena went back to Palace to enjoy her winter break. She met her parents and all her friends. But her eyes were in search of someone else. Her mom knew, what she was looking for and so she told Princess Gelena that Parquito won’t came to her welcome party as she had not responded to his correspondence and so he was offended because of it.
Princess Gelena in hearts of heart knew that her childhood best friend could never be offended of her at any cost. She took her horse went to the top of hill where they both used to have fun during childhood days.
And the guess she had was perfectly not the speculation but precisely genuine reality . Parquito was there; she hugged him and apologized for not retorting back his communication.
Parquito replied “You don’t need to apologies, although you didn’t respond, your essence and memories were always there in my heart.”
Princess Gelena looked upon Parquito with glittering eyes as if her heart was screaming “Still falling for you”.
Parquito took her to her favorite Bastino Mall to have her favorite hot chocolate milk and they both started talking about their school time childhood memories while sitting in the cosy place of the side cornered table.
And again it became their everyday treasure to ride to top of hills. Princess thoughts about Steve vanished away in some unconscious mind. She enjoyed Christmas with Prince and his family along with her own family. Prince gifted her painting of her portrait. It melted the heart of princess into love and wonders. Day after Christmas princess dressed up and came for breakfast and was surprised to see Steve at her castle. She sat with him in her lawn and all of sudden out of frustration Steve started fighting with Princess Gelena of not responding to his messages. All of sudden Princess Galena felt as if man hammers were striking on her mind , the childhood glimpses of her parent’s clashes flashed through her memories while Steve was still raging in fury and ill-treating her. She got nervous and ordered her bodyguards to get him out of castle and warned him to never come in her pathway and declared that they were no more friends.
For next two-day Princess won’t step out of her castle. Parquito got tense and asked princess’ mom to know the matter. Princess mother one night went to Princess Gelena room and saw that she was staring at moon in sky. Princess mother asked her out ,”What happened , my Child.” Princess told her mother about the incident which was still distressing her brains. She went into tears. Again She didn’t want to have any friend. Mother Queen passing her hands swiftly through her tresses said her ,”
My child, everyone in the world is not same, There are very few people in the world God has gifted us in our life who genuinely care for us. Due to certain bad incidents in our life we start running away from each and everyone just because the deep seated panic about the bad relationships we have visualized since childhood inside u,s refrain us from having faith even on ourselves. This happens only with good hearted people. If we start alienating ourselves from others in this manner, one day the people around us would leave us and then we will be left broken hearted all alone. We will get completely depressed. So, instead of running away from bad elements of community we must accept the reality and we should appreciate their honesty and love of those people who are excellent and caring by nature.”
Her mother told Parquito‘s concern for her .How he had been worried for two days for her.
Luckily next morning was New Year morning. The whole night Princess had pondered over what her mother had told her. She felt as if by becoming an introvert and living in the cocoon her own shell would not serve the purpose of life. Sharing happiness and good moments only can bring peace in life. Bad moments had to be sluiced away.
The whole night she had been comparing Parquito and Steve. Her childhood memories too were hounding her. But what her mother had said her was depositing an optimistic effect on her mind.
She wanted to gift something to Parquito on the New Year Day. She gave morning surprise to him by waiting for him for breakfast in his citadel. Parquito was surprised and cheerful to see princess after two days. Princess was wearing golden beautiful gown and she was looking like a fairy. Parquito hugged her, princess took a step back and bowed on her knees and proposed prince for marrying her.
Parquito was in tears of happiness and joy. For some moments he was just awestruck. He was always in love with her since childhood, Just because She was the princess, He was always apprehensive of telling her about his wishes. Just the difference was that the Princess realized about it quit late. But it’s never too late …. The moment one realizes reality is the perfect moment. Both got married and lived happily ever after.

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