Don’t Judge Appearance

Dora Keit March 3, 2021
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Once upon a time a little hedgehog lived in a forest. It was very good and kind. But none wanted to be a friend with it. Why? Because the needles frightened them. The hedgehog was very upset.
One day when he was walking he met a little fox. The fox cried.
-What happened with you? – the hedgehog asked.
– I’ve lost and can’t return home. – the fox answered.
– Where is your home?
– Near the big oak.
– Oh, I know where it is! I can help you. Let’s go with me!
So the fox and the hedgehog went together. During the way they talked a lot and soon they came to the big oak.
– I see my home! – the fox shouted. -Thank you for help! But in the dark I didn’t see who are you? Say me.
– I am a hedgehog.
– Really? But I thought you were terrible! I was afraid of your needles. Now l am very embarrasst. You have turned out to be so kind! Let be friends!
– Of course! Now you know you cannot judge someone by his/her appearance.

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