Fàilte an Duine Rich

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A rich man sat up late one night, counting his coins in his home up on the hill.He looked upon the shining coppers with greedy glee. “What a crafty man am I, to have the power to make people give me their money, all in accordance with the law. It’s too bad that old cailleach idolater had to ruin my joyous mood. “ The rich man, you see, was a tax collector for the great king of the Scotts. He always came for the poor first on his runs, taking great pleasure in their distraught faces they made upon seeing him. When he was to give his earnings for the day, he would pilfer a gold coin or 2 for himself. He was a truly vile man. Because of this vileness, no women wanted him, but this bothered him not. If he was with his money, he was a happy man. On his run a week ago, he came across an old woman he had never seen before. “Old Hag, in the name of the great king of the scots I order you to pay the king’s tax. “ The old woman pleaded with the tax collector saying,” I only have this one silver left, and it’s my only way to buy food for the winter. Would you please wait until next week for my son to come by? Then we could pay all that we owe to the king.” “I’m sorry old woman, but the king cannot wait till next week for your payment. I will take that silver from you and leave it like that. You should be grateful that I accepted such a measly offering”, he said. He took her silver and continued on his way, ignoring her cries and pleads. “ You vile, vile man. I curse you. I curse in the name of Cailleach. May you never have a place for you to return too. May your things turn away from you. May your life be utter hell. “ Ever since that fateful day, the hags words had never left his thought for long. “ Well, it’s time for me to retire “, he sighed to himself. He snuffed his candle out and went to bed. When he rested his head on his pillow, he was immediately thrown out of the bed. “You vile, vile man. I will never again hold someone as vile as you. You shall never sleep in this house again !”, spat the bed, its voice like creaking lumber. The man was astounded and frightened by the anger of his bed. His bed just cursed him like that old woman had. “ I must still be in dream “, he thought. “ I just need to sit to recollect my thoughts .“The miser stumbled towards the chair in the darkness and soon found his hands upon it. Upon resting himself upon it, it too threw him out. “ I will never hold one as vile as you. You shall never rest and collect your thoughts in this house again.”, the chair said in a voice like warping wood. The rich man was once again astounded and frightened by the vicious words of the chair. “ I wish this dream would last not one second longer. I am so distraught by this foolery. I shall go to the only thing that brings me joy in this house. “, he cried. So he made his way to his study, where he kept all the coppers, silvers, and gold coins he owned.He pulled out his chest, opened it with a big heave, and tried to grab his coins, but to no avail. Every time he grasped the coins they would slip between his finger. “ You vile, vile man. I shall never again be touched and adored by you. You shall never have coins in your possession again !”, spat the coins, in a voice like grating metal. This last blow broke the man’s feeble mind. He went into a mad rave, spit frothing from his mouth. He threw himself from his highest window and died. When the village finally found him, his body was torn asunder by wild animals. The villagers remembered how cruel the man was, and left him there to rot. After how rich the man was, A local boy ran into the house, finding the coins of the miser. They then shared the allowance between them all, and they’ve lived happily ever since.

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