Gelato And His Quest

Coy Davis September 18, 2018
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The Brave Gelato and His Quest
Once upon a time in a tiny town just off the mountain range. There was a prince and princess that the kingdom. It was Saturday evening; the smell of dinner filled the air. They ate and left his mess for the servant, Gelato. He was tall and strong. Medium body build and always a heroic attitude. Off they went to their bedroom and was fast asleep. The servant finally manages to clean up the dinner mess. He went to his own place and past out on the kitchen table, exhausted.
The kingdom’s silent air was interrupted by a noise on the front door. The door easily opens and lets out a slight scream. There were little masked green people. Who had two missions, get the prince and princess, trash the house. They put knockout potions on the rag and covered the princes mouth next was the princess. They simply put it over her mouth pressed down and that was it. They wrapped them up and stuffed them in a tiny wagon and went into the dark night.
The next day Gelato walks in and see the place destroyed and they are missing. He spent the whole day investigating the house carefully. The only things he found were a goblin hair, tiny glove, and two rags damped in something. He concluded the Goblin Gobbsters have kidnapped them.
The next morning, he set out to get the dark magic mirror. He went through the valley of doom to find the only monk who has it. He asked random strangers walking by. They all said, “only the best can make it!” while they pointed up the rigid mountain leaning to the left. He packed a few things like some water, heating stuff, and quite a lot of food. He climbed the rocks one by one, carefully trying not to slip. He climbed it and was short of breath. “Are – are you the monk with the magic mirror?” Gelato questioned him. The monk not saying a word or and staring into the abyss. “Please! I really need this mirror!” He cried. The monk slowly moved to his right and lifted the mirror not with his hand, but his mind power and gave it to him. Gelato was confused but, took the mirror and used the zipline down the mountain.
He goes back to follow the wagon trail. He followed it until it stopped by some trees that were all broken and there was a hole that lead into a dark hole. Gelato not knowing what he could get into. He jumps in, only using a candle light. He heard music coming from a certain area.
It was the princess and prince tied up and about 300 goblins. He screams “NOOOOOOO!!” it echoed through the dirt walls. All of them went silent and turned to him. They growled and ran towards him, he panics and takes the mirror out. The goblins look at each other in the mirror and notices how bad they look. They one by one went crying into their own room. Leaving the leader all by himself with Gelato. He throws it like a frisbee and the goblin dodges it causing it to go through the dirt. Causing the ceiling to slowly collapse. He grabs the prince and princess unties them, they go running out.
Meanwhile, Gelato is holding all the goblins back from trying to get out. The Prince screams, “Come on!! You can make it.” Gelato no expressions on his face, looks at him and the hole closed in. The prince and princess were crying and trying to get him out. There was no use. They went back through the kingdom and made a statue of Gelato. In the act of heroism. He risked his life for them to survive. Remember always lock your door!

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