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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a king named Midas. He was a wealthy and powerful king, but he was also very greedy. He always wanted more and more gold and riches. His daughter, Princess Ariadne, was a kind and beautiful girl. She was loved by all the people of the kingdom. However, one day, something terrible happened.

Princess Ariadne was cursed by a wicked fairy. The curse was that everything she touched would turn into gold. Her father, King Midas, was devastated by the curse and couldn’t bear to see his daughter suffer. He decided to entrust the care of his daughter to the fairies of the forest.

The fairies took Princess Ariadne to a tower deep in the woods, far away from the kingdom. They raised her there, keeping her safe from the world outside. Princess Ariadne grew up in isolation, with only the fairies for company. She missed her family and her friends, but she knew that she was cursed and didn’t want to hurt anyone.

The news of the cursed princess spread throughout the land, and soon an evil king heard about her. He wanted to kidnap her and make her touch all his treasures so that they would turn into gold. One day, while Princess Ariadne was taking a walk in the woods, the evil king’s soldiers captured her and took her away to his castle.

The evil king kept Princess Ariadne as his slave, forcing her to touch everything in his castle so that it would turn into gold. Princess Ariadne was miserable and longed for her freedom.

One day, a young knight named Alexander heard about the cursed princess. He was determined to save her and rode to the evil king’s castle to rescue her. When he arrived, he found Princess Ariadne in a small room, surrounded by all the gold she had created. He approached her slowly and gently, and when he touched her hand, he felt nothing but warmth.

Princess Ariadne was overjoyed to see the young knight and knew that he was the one who would break the curse. She closed her eyes and let him kiss her on the lips. As their lips touched, the curse was broken, and everything that had been turned to gold turned back to its original state.

The evil king was defeated, and Princess Ariadne was finally free. She returned to her father’s kingdom, where she was welcomed with open arms. From that day on, Princess Ariadne and the young knight, Alexander, were inseparable. They fell in love and were married, and they lived happily ever after.

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