Graciana and Her Arranged Engagement

North Uldra March 26, 2022
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There is a young girl named Gracianna, she is Faye’s first and favorite granddaughter, her grandmother among the five, or currently her four other grandchildren because her second granddaughter who is the same age as Gracianna, Rita has passed away. Gracianna is famous for her beauty and perfection by people all over the city. Because of that, Faye invited one of the handsome men to propose to Gracianna. Hearing the news, she was introduced to one of the handsome men who had been invited to her grandmother’s house as her fiancé. In fact, Gracianna was not at all in love with the man invited by her grandmother and thought of rejecting the man. “Excuse me, Grandma. Why did you invite that man into my house? For what?” Gracianna asked her grandmother because she was dissatisfied with the engagement. “Gracianna, my love. You have to have a fiancé to marry someone. Don’t be afraid, you can introduce your fiancé to the whole family. This is to carry on a new generation for our family later,” Faye answered the question of her beloved granddaughter who was ready to get engaged . Despite her trepidation, Gracianna introduced herself to her fiancé.

Gracianna’s younger sister Elia explains to her grandmother that her sister’s fiancé-to-be has fallen in love with her late cousin Rita. But her grandmother did not want to hear an explanation from her granddaughter and instead started the engagement ceremony immediately. The man Faye invited forcibly said an eternal promise before putting the ring on Gracianna’s finger even though the man didn’t know Gracianna at all. Gracianna also resented the man by telling him to get out of her house. During the engagement ceremony, Gracianna’s sisters and cousins ​​tried to drive the man who was making an eternal promise to leave their house, but unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful so the man had to repeat the eternal promise to Gracianna.

However, when the engagement ceremony is over, as usual, after being engaged, a male fiancé must give flowers to his female fiancé as a sign of gratitude. But that didn’t happen to the man who had proposed to Gracianna. Instead of being given to Gracianna, the flowers were taken to the cemetery to be placed on the mound of the late Rita’s grave as a sign of the man’s sorrow as well as a rejection of Gracianna. Not only that, Faye’s entire extended family also went on a pilgrimage to Rita’s grave following Gracianna’s ex-fiancé.

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